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Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

We here at PawBoost love making happy reunions for pet parents and their furry friends. Check out our superstar team of hard-working pet lovers that help to reunite pets with their families all over the world!



Clayton has been an animal lover from day one, growing up alongside his best friend Jake, the sweetest (and most doofy) yellow lab. When not working on PawBoost, he can be found hanging out on his front porch with a lap-full of his cat, Socks.


Co-Founder, Chairman

Tim brings a passion for tech, finance, and entrepreneurship with a good cause. He is our resident pet-sitter, foster parent, and (his favorite) dog walker.


Head of Marketing

Growing up, Katie always wanted a pet beagle. Her dreams finally came true when Duke won the NCAA championship, and her mom let her adopt a beagle as part of a bet!


Head of Mobile

Tom rescued his trusty sidekick and most vocal supporter. Together, they work on user experience.


Software Engineer

David’s favorite riddle is the bird song. He wants to use all his tech knowledge to help lost animals. When not working, he secretly dreams about having a pet fox.


Community Support Specialist

Lauren has always had a special spot in her heart for animals. Since she was young she has loved Siberian Huskies and now she has a Husky named Miya. And, of course, a crazy kitty nicknamed Nuggie Meow Meow. She is excited to share her love and care for animals everywhere.


VP Engineering

Dan is a longtime friend and fan of PawBoost turned employee. He loves wrenching on his car collection, traveling, climbing, and memes.


Community Support Supervisor

Maria is a foster parent and nature lover! She grew up in Brazil trying to take home every stray animal she found along the way. Now, decades later, she helps PawBoost reunite pets with their families.


Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Cody has always been fascinated by nature and technology since he was a boy, which makes working at PawBoost a dream job come true! He is passionate about snowboarding, fixing things, his cat Charlotte, and playing Disc Golf.


Marketing Specialist

Morgan’s childhood dog, a Cockapoo named Kemo, was her very best friend growing up! In addition to being an avid animal lover, Morgan enjoys playing video games and singing karaoke with her friends.


Community Support Specialist

Emma’s love for dogs and pets started around five years old when she was gifted a dog breed encyclopedia. This book inspired countless hours of learning about different canines and dreaming of what type of dog she’d own someday. Emma now is the lucky owner of a rescue pup named Ruca. She enjoys getting out in nature with her family, discovering new music, and staying active.

Reuniting Lost Pets with their Families Since 2014


  • how do I contact the person who found my pet?

    • Hi Alan! If the person who has found your pet has no available contact information on their “Found Pet” post, please email our customer support team at help@pawboost.com for assistance and they will connect you to the finder as soon as possible!

  • How can I speak to somebody that can help me from paw boost by phone my dog was on the site somebody posted him a couple days ago I reached out to them through the phone number that they provided I also sent them pictures and said I wanted to go see the dog they denied me that request they said I was not the owner and supposedly they found the owner to my dog my dog is chipped can someone please help me these people even deleted the post off of paw boost I have screenshots of the post phone number and Texts from this person. He has my dog still how can someone help me!!! We miss our boy so much

  • Doris C. Martin

    May 8, 2022 at 7:55 AM

    We want to thank you for your website. We had a lost cat, Dill, and he was found about 7 days after the first posting. We are so grateful to your organization because we feel that your putting our lost notice on FaceBook led to our finding him. Is there a way we can donate some money to your organization? Doris and Larry Martin

    • Thank you for your kindness, Doris and Larry! We don’t accept donations at this time, but we appreciate it and are thrilled that Dill is back home with you both. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for your website .

    Buster has been found!!!!

    He was found the day he left.

    A very good person in the neighbourhood did the right thing and drove him to a vetπŸŒˆπŸ˜€

    I am very blessed to have someone responsible find him.

  • Y’all found my moms dog! She’s ready to get her asap! So relieved.

  • This app is amazing. Our shihpoo Ziggy got out of the house and was missing for hours as we drove block after block calling his name for hours. During our search a woman recommended to post on Pawboost and Fb. Within 1hr my precious little man was found safe and being well taken care of. I am forever greatful for this app and it’s ability to immediately connect lost pets with their families. Pawboost your simply OUTSTANDING!

  • Great website and really huge THANK U FOR THE SERVICE U DO!!

  • Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Words cannot convey my admiration & respect. πŸ˜»πŸ•β˜˜οΈ

  • A huge Thank you to everyone at
    PawBoost. When my dog wandered
    off the last week of Nov.2022 I was
    frantic because she wasn’t wearing
    her collar. I posted a picture of her
    on PawBoost. Within 5minutes I got
    back a response with a different
    picture of my dog asking “Is this your
    dog? She was at Animal Control.
    I was able to get her back the folliwing
    day! Hugs and kisses to you guys cuz
    YOU ROCK!!!β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
    P.S.-a Super Thank you to the person who sent
    me the picture & info from Animal
    Control so I could get my swe eet baby

  • How can I make a donation to Paw Boost. Our dog was lost and because of your website we got him back after 3.5 weeks.

  • Thank you for making this website I’m very grateful for all the help in trying to bring back my baby girl Shadow to me it did get her home but sadly she didn’t make it back to me alive but I still need to say thank you because I probably wouldn’t have been able to get to know what had happened to her if not for you all so thank you please keep doing what you are doing we all need to know what had happened to our babies even in my case just to be able to have closer because I would have never stopped looking for her otherwise
    Denise (Shadow’s mom)

  • I am so happy hearing about all the lost pets being reunited with their true owners whom do really love and need them in their lives! Yea paw boost for caring about all those little and big fur babies out there that have no voices or paw boost would be hearing their thanks too! Anyway ThankYou for being who you are! From those about to rock , We salute you! Blessed be always…( I wish I could find my little lost doggie)

  • Miss my Kota .. great site! Keep up the great work!
    Yall deserve a medal πŸ…

  • Alejandra Osiakowski

    September 24, 2023 at 2:09 PM

    Today is September 24th 2023 I found my dog Chewbacca and I want to thank you for the wonderful job trying to help me and finding her she’s in my position now thank you very very much.!!!


  • Thank you for helping us!

  • Thank you guys to rescue my dog at the corner of my block. You all deserve a raise ! Blessings!

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