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Reunited Cat in Calgary, AB T2K 5Y5

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REUNITED - reunited after 71 days, 12 hours






Please help find my beloved cat Mutah! Missing since Sept. 16 from 35 GRIER PLACE NE near McKnight Blvd and Edmonton Trail 🙁 He lived outside as a stray for years before I took him in so I am trying to hope here. It is very likely it is him if a cat you find looks like I describe AND breathes heavily (noticeably). He is about 7 years old and pretty big. He was kind of fat but even if he lost weight he is big and looks older. He doesn't look "kitten-ish" if that makes sense. He has SHORT hair so his tail is NOT fluffy. He is ALL BLACK except a few white hairs underneath between the hind legs. He has yellow-green eyes, a small face, and a large, wide head. His eyes have this sleepy, gentle, soft sort of expression most of the time. The photo I've included most recently captures his face well I think. If you think you see him, please take a clear photo? If you catch him and he is returned safely there is a significant cash reward. (I can't believe I have to say it but the "significant cash reward" is for whoever returns my cat safely, not someone who thinks they can pull a fast one. I've worked online for decades in information technology, so this is not my first time around the bbq!) I miss him terribly and search and search but it is as if he vanished into thin air. Some children called THREE TIMES saying that they saw him behind A&W on McKnight and Edmonton Trail, but it takes me 5-10 min to walk there and when I arrive there is no one but I believe that they are seeing him or a cat like him. If you live near there or Thorncliffe please check under patios or in grges and sheds, under parked cars, etc, ESPECIALLY if your child has mentioned finding a black cat near the s there? I think the one who called lives around there! Please help me bring my fat little guy !


Calgary, AB T2K 5Y5


September 16, 2023

Mutah's Owner/Finder Says

My heartfelt thanks! So many people tried to find my beloved little black cat when I thought no one would really care. I put up posters everywhere and posted online and checked Animal Services, vets, and any other lead where someone found a black cat. For 2 months, deep down I thought I would never see my little guy again, but never gave up because I couldn't bear it. My cat didn't even know WHERE he lived, since he is indoor and we live in an apartment. The balcony is 5' off the ground too, and he has never been on it. We HAD to take our cats out to a vehicle because work was being done on our house, and Mutah was scared and wiggled away! I can't even believe he is back still. I searched outside everywhere but then a wonderful lady named Dawn I'd already met (to see another black cat she found) then found Mutah in her yard! She never gave up and got him to come inside! I could hardly even believe it after so long. It is a miracle and I am so grateful to everyone who called, searched, watched on Facebook for cats like Mutah to appear, all of you are so incredible! It is easy to see why - anyone who knows Mutah absolutely adores his sweet, outgoing personality! Black cats look a lot alike but each is truly one of a kind! He has the most loving personality and comes running for hugs. I feel such love towards you. You clearly know how important and cherished my cat is from your own love towards your cats, dogs, and other sweet "children" you have. My thanks from the very depths of my heart

Vivianne F.

1 month ago

Sabrina Markon I was hoping it was him. So sorry to hear. I am praying that you find Mutah soon! My cat disappeared for almost two years and we got her back and she was caught in a trap because someone cared enough to find her family!


Sabrina M.

1 month ago

Becky Hughes Yes I'm doing that and I put out blankets where I was sleeping and he was on them too. It is the worst that he doesn't really know where our door is because we are in an apartment. First floor balcony but it is raised about 5' off the ground 🙁 I put things underneath it hoping he will find them and hear us above him.


Dawn S.

1 month ago

Sabrina Markon ❤️


Becky H.

1 month ago

Try putting his litter box outside so he can get his scent if he's lost


Sabrina M.

1 month ago

Julia Redford My thanks <3



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