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Gwen is Missing in Richmond, CA

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El Sobrante - Carriage Hills North area We dearly miss our sweet Gwen who we infuse with love daily He was born feral but is bonded with us and his two tabby brothers. Please check grge/shed as he is curious and likes to explore. He is Microchipped and was wearing a reflector safety collar w/tag. Please help him return to his family. ❤️


Grey and white tabby, long hair. Skittish with people and afraid of cars. Will likely run if approached. Four white paws and full fluffy tail.


Richmond, CA 94803


Wagon Wheel and Buckboard, Carriage Hills North neighborhood


June 9, 2022

HappyCatLady .

2 months ago

💖🐱Dear guardian 💖🐱 glad you are not giving up 🙏 Continue to take action in person. 1. CONTINUE leaving wet food and fresh water bowl AM + PM where kitty escaped - lost cats search for a food source - you must be a consistent food source even if you're feeding other lost/stray hungry cats. Continue to use your motion activated wifi camera pointed at WET food and water bowl replenished AM + PM. If you don't have a camera aimed 2. I emplore you to buy one (the $35 mini blink on amazon works great) So many cases guardians were ready to give up then they finally put the camera out there (whether wifi to your phone or WILD LIFE camera with batteries no wifi) and after some days / weeks they will Spot their cat eating on camera - after being gone for weeks or months. .Spotting kitty eating the food on camera changes everything - then we know the next step is to use a humane TRAP to capture their cat because kitty is in survival mode, HIDING from all humans - even from the guardian they love. 3. REPLACE worn out flyers that are posted on both sides of LAMP POSTS around your block and POST UP FLYERS on both sides of lamppost SEVERAL blocks out in ALL directions from your residence (or where kitty escaped from). 4. I encourage you to talk to your neighbors AGAIN in person to remind them your kitty is still missing and that you need their help to keep an eye out. 5. Deliver updated FLYERS to every single residence every apt within every building starting with your block and expanding outward several blocks in all directions. Tape the flyer directly onto front doors or down the side of mailboxes neatly folder and use painter's tape (won't harm) Every day I get texts from people who find their cats while calling /searching at night long after a month. 6. Continue to call for your cat at night / early morning … make any noise kitty is familiar with whether it's keys jingling or treat bag crinkles or simply your calm voice may seem hopeless to do this but I am telling you everything you do helps! 7. Check nearby shelters ONLINE DAILY and IN PERSON weekly (some cats are NOT posted online at the shelters!) Cats are survivors and once back home, they return to being cozy. FLYERS all over the neighborhood and going door to door to talk to neighbors is KEY in spreading the word to the exact people who COULD spot kitty! 8. ADDING AT LEAST 1 HUGE NEON SIGN in front of your residence is highly encouraged in order to get a possible sighting. A BILLBOARD even better! Sending you LOVE, HOPE and unwavering DETERMINATION 🐱🙏💖 damia The biggest mistake I have learned in the last 5 years finding lost cats is people thinking the cat is getting taken care of somewhere when the cat is doing it's best to survive and they stop taking more huge posters. no talking to neighbors again..they stop searching at night .. you must do the opposite! Your sweet kitty needs to be spotted and the best way is to lure with wet food and get another neighbor to do the same - must have a camera aimed or you won't know who is eating the food. Even cats that have been with their guardian 15 years WILL HIDE FROM EVERYONE ..Lost cat Tommy was found after 4 months - the guardians finally started aiming a camera at the wet food they were leaving out every AM and PM and finally spotted her a week later then trapped her using a humane trap I lent. Other folks Created BILLBOARDS using vinyl and tape and huge photos of their cat - and kept FLYERING 1 block at a time…kept talking to neighbors on each street getting more than 1 person to check RING cameras and leave wet food and water out AND THAT - was what ultimately got their cat spotted . Don't give up. I’m so sorry for all the stress and worry...kitty is out there..needs your consistent action sending this message with only love in my heart - damia 💜💜


Sarah M.

2 months ago

Found it safe! Contact on messenger now. I can send a picture and location there and take it back.


Haya J.

2 months ago

Found it safe! Contact on messenger now. I can send a picture and location there and take it back.



3 months ago

Would you send photo and let me know your location? I don't have messenger.


Terry D.

3 months ago

Margo Dean, this beautiful cut isn't far from you, right? Perhaps you can share with neighbors?



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