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Bowtie is Missing in Danville, CA

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Black and white


Danville, CA 94526


Greenbrook and Merrilee Pl


May 15, 2024

Beth S.

4 weeks ago

Lost Cat tips Please do the following things. Put all of these items OUTSIDE: 1. His or her litter box (used/dirty). 2. Wet, smelly canned cat food or tuna or sardines and also water. 3. A piece of your "worn" clothing with your scent. 4. Your kitty's bed or blanket with their scent. Probably hasn’t gone far and may come around at night. If your kitty is normally an INSIDE cat, then he/she is likely VERY CLOSE to your home. Indoor cats usually find a hiding spot very close by. Check under yours and your neighbors decks, bushes, wood piles and sheds. The BEST time to find them is at night with a flashlight and their eyes will "glow" back at you. Your kitty is so scared, he/she might not respond to you calling them, so you'll have to use your eyes instead of your ears to find them. 5. If he/she is microchipped, call the microchip company and make sure your contact information is correct 6. Hang lost cat signs with REWARD clearly written on them. Also hand them out to all your neighbors. 7. Call your local police and report him/her as missing 8. Post in the Lost and Found section and Pets section in Craigslist. 9. Check This website provides found cats that are currently at Animal Control, the Humane Society and the APA. The website updates throughout the day so check back often. ALSO, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SEARCH EVERY SHELTER AVAILABLE IN THE LIST BY DATE, DO NOT SEARCH BY BREED OR SHELTER. Be sure to check the FOUND BY PUBLIC section as well. 10. Share in your group. 11. Visit your local shelters in person, do not call and ask if your cat is there. The people who work there makes mistakes all the time. They even make mistakes on the and miss the micro-chip, so be sure to check the shelter in person. 12. Share on your local buy sell trade Facebook pages. 13. Tell your local mail carrier to watch out for him/her. 14. If you have a garage, leave your garage door open a little (all day and overnight) or put out a box or plastic tote with blankets for shelter in case he/she comes back at night.


LauraLee G.

4 weeks ago



Suzan R.

4 weeks ago

General Information: Cats (if they are indoor cats) are usually close to home. Be sure to check all possible hiding places in your home. Hang clothes with your scent on it high up outside so that the familiar scent can travel and guide the cat home. Scent only - no food. Check with your neighbors to see if the cat is in their yard or accidentally stuck in their garage OR if they have a Ring camera (if applicable) to see if he/she was spotted on camera. Post fliers with your contact information on it around the area he/she is missing so if he/she is spotted the person can tell you his/her location (for those not on Social Media). Keep an access point open for him/her to slip back in your home. Look in bushes or hiding spots around your home as if this cat is unfamiliar with being outdoors he/she is most probably scared of all the new sounds and smells and he/she will make himself/herself safe by finding a hiding spot. Check trees as the cat could use the tree as a refuge. Sometimes the best time to find your cat is when the noise level is low - after hours - or early morning hours. Take a flashlight and look for the shining eyes. Finally there are scammers out there that claim to have your cat and you can get it back for a price - beware of them. Good luck.


Nancy G.

4 weeks ago

God bless beautiful Bowtie to get home safe and well ❤️🐾🙏🏻


Lauren E.

1 month ago

I lost my kitty Nicholas at an Irvine apt complex 15 years ago. At that time I could find no information on how to find him. After I found him, after three days, I put these tips together to help others find their lost babies. TIPS TO FIND YOUR CAT: 1. Kitties usually stay close by their home, they hide in a bush or some small dark place and just sit and wait. Even if you call them, they may not come because they are freaked out and scared. 2. A cat's world is centered around scents. They will not be familiar with the outdoor scents because they have never been there before. To help them smell their way home, put things outside that smell like home, like you. A used towel, dirty shirt, dirty shoes. Leave the items out and sit with the door open as much as possible. If the kitty comes back in the door just remain calm and talk to the kitty normal until you can close the door behind him. 3. Do not put food out, you will attract other animals that may keep your cat away. You can walk around with smelly food or shaking treats, but don't leave it outside. 4. Walk around the neighborhood calling your kitty normally. Don't use a panicked voice, it will scare the kitty more. Best to only have people whose voice your kitty would normally come to. They will not come to a kind stranger helping you search. The kitty will catch your scent and hear your voice, and follow it back to your house. Most cats are within 200 cat yards. Which means if there is a fence, you couldn't get over, you would go around, but the cat could go right over. So keep that in mind when checking out 200 yards. 5. Pass out fliers to neighbors and talk to everyone, especially kids and dog walkers. It is a great idea to offer kids $20 if they find your cat and can tell you where he is. Kids love money and a challenge. 6. Check closed garages. Listen for meows when you call. 7. Use a flashlight under bushes and dark places, even during the day. The light will reflect off their eyes. This is how I found Nicholas, in a bush I walked by at least 20 times and didn't see him until I used the flashlight. 8. Sleep with the windows open, you may hear them crying at night. Lost kitties feel safest coming out late at night-early morning. 9. Check the shelter every day. 10. If your lost cat has a cat friend at home, take the cat or dog you have at home out in a secure carrier or on a leash and walk around with him or sit with him outside. Hopefully the other lost cat will hear and smell him. Dogs are good at finding lost cats. 11. Social Media - Facebook, Nextdoor, CraigsList, and PawBoost Lost & Found. 12. Vets have told me that indoor kitties that get lost are too scared to come out of hiding, even for food. It could be at least 10 days before your kitty gets hungry enough to come out of his safe hiding spot, so don't give up too soon. Once kitties do come out they will make a big circle around the area trying to find something that smells like home. So the more you walk out from your house and back, like a wagon wheel formation, the more your scent out there for kitty to follow when he gets brave. 13. If you have a garage, leave it cracked open, kitty may find his way back in. 14. Be careful of scammers. There are terrible people out there that pretend they have your cat but can never find time to meet up with you to return the cat. They are trying to make you frantic to give them money. 15. Check trees too, just found my cat 20 feet up a tree, couldn't get down.



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