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Luca is Missing in Walnut Creek, CA

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This cat is my baby. He’s an indoor cat and I can’t stand the thought of him outside possibly suffering or afraid. We are so worried about him. Our dog, who Luca loves, misses him. I’ve scoured our neighborhood, talked to neighbors, and put flyers up all over. PLEASE help find Luca!


Approx. 8 lbs., 3 years old, Brindle coloring, curled ears, and a bobtail. Tall and slim. Black collar with a Purple Heart tag. Microchipped. NEED HIM !


Walnut Creek, CA 94597


Galen Drive/Hilltop Crescent


November 22, 2023

HappyCatLady .

3 weeks ago

Dearest guardian...i'm so sorry kitty has not yet been sighted..assuming you have a camera aimed near escape point and placing wet food in bowl so your phone receives any movement notifications and video clips to see who is eating...this is the hugest tool i've used the last 5+ years finding lost cats that aren't mine! The other is talking to EVERY neighbor ...asking those with RING cameras to check movement notifications at night. Indoor cats don't leave - they HIDE and hide and hide and they are the best hiders and only tend to look for food at must start over with flyering every door (tape an updated mini flyer to every door within 3 blocks of your location in all directions.... using painter's tape won't harm the door) keep track which neighbors you've spoken to and those not home and keep trying. REPLACE WORN OUT FLYERS on every lamppost 3-4 blocks out in all directions - place those flyers first inside CLEAR SHEET PROTECTORS with the opening facing downward so they don't get wet /ruined by weatherMAKE SOME HUGE SIGNS - 1 to post in front of your residence and 1 to post in front of another neighbor who will allow it 1 block away and another 1 block the other way...neighbors have short memories - pawboost is a very limited audience of those looking for thier cats and those who lost their cats - you want to reach yoru actual neighbors who might spot on a camera or at night while they are walking their dog...once sighted - if not at home then you must make that spot where you place wet food and aim a wifi camera or BATTERY camera (wild life) to see who eats the food...and rent a trap so you can get kitty used to eating partially inside the trap without setting the trap (you must be there when you set a trap) so the idea is to get kitty used to finding food inside without setting it - THEN you plan the sunset where you actually set the trap and place the bowl of wet food BEHIND the 'trip plate' and you wait 20 feet away in your car or use a baby monitor plugged into your neighbors home - watch the video to ensure you succeed - these videos are so helpful i've succeeded each time so far using the tips and tricks...🐱💜BEFORE TRAPPING: MUST-WATCH HOW-TO VIDEOS 1. Trapper Tips and Tricks! Presented by Neighborhood Cats : 2.Trappers Tips & Tricks Presented by Neighborhood Cats and the Community Cats Podcast : Sending you this message with only love in my heart. damia 💜💜💜


HappyCatLady .

2 months ago

💖💖Keep flyering and talking to neighbors and leaving WET food just outside where he got out - you must get a camera aimed or you won't know who eats the food - a camera reveals everything 💖💖 Lost cat REESY PUFF was finally spotted on camera - we aimed a mini blink camera where we placed wet food bowl at sunset and it took THAT long for him to come out of hiding. In the meantime I was flyering door to door talking to neighbors and posting up flyers and gaining access to backyards to check crawl spaces using a flashlight...once caught on camera we placed the food partially inside an UN-set humane trap to get her used to going inside without negative consequences - the camera revealed she was hesitant but went in to eat (she was hungry!!) so the next night we set the trap at sunset with yummy bait and waited and watched the ipad that was linked to the mini blink camera aimed at the trap door...she came within 4 hours and by 10pm she was home with her HAPPY guardian NIGHT BEFORE LAST NIGHT. 💖💖💖💖💖 Lost cat Pumpkin (lost 26 days until 1/1) was spotted on a neighbor's RING camera who had seen the flyer I posted on her door - she allowed me to set a trap and I monitored out of sight using a BABY MONITOR with a LONG extention cord leading to my car (you must watch a set trap every single second so you dn't trap a neighbors cat or wild animal!) Pumpkin was lost for almost a month and was trapped on JAN 1st! Don't give up - keep FLYERING up flyers and also go door to door taping them onto front doors so no one misses the photo and info. Keep putting wet food in at sunset with a camera aimed that will send your phone movement notifications and record movement. Sending you love and unwavering determination 💖💖💖💖💖


Mary A.

2 months ago

He’s hiding nearby, he don’t run away! Set a humane trap asap and continue to do so until you catch him!!


HappyCatLady .

2 months ago

🐱💜Dear guardian🐱💜My heart breaks for you …and glad you aren’t giving up on your sweet angel. Continue checking your shelter/s online daily and in person weekly..keep posting updates online ..REPLACE FLYERS posted up on lampposts in your neighborhood several blocks out from where kitty went missing. PRINT more flyers to tape directly onto front doors of every neighbor 1-2 blocks out in all directions (using painter’s tape) of your neighbors from where kitty initially went missing - REMIND neighbors your kitty is still missing and to continue checking their RING / security cameras. Neighbors will Not do anything if they see a cat outside - thinking the cat is fine - most likely an indoor /outdoor cat(cats are such amazing groomers and look ‘fine’ to the untrained eye) so FLYERs and TALKING to neighbors is KEY - ask them to check any storage space where they live - anywhere a cat can potentially hide or get locked inside. Continue to leave WET food and water in dish/bowl AM and SUNSET by the escape point with a motion activated camera AIMED at the food.($25 MINI BLINK CAMERA ON AMAZON) Never leave food in the can - it will CUT mouths and tongues. And If other hungry cats eat it then it’s not a waste. You are doing a good thing. There are so many lost/abandoned cats out there. And cats watch other cats so your cat might discover the food source too. I’ve had guardians finally spot their cat on camera after several months of being ‘lost’ which meant they had to do a stakeout and TRAP kitty using a humane trap and monitoring it nearby.. Continue to walk around slowly late night / early mornings calling sweetly for kitty …CALMLY call for kitty walking back toward home where you leave the food/camera...Search under cars and bushes while using a flashlight to catch the reflection of your cat’s eyes. Don’t give up. Lost cats are found after months being lost from determined guardians who keep taking physical action. Hang in there …it’s not easy…hang in there..sending you love , hope and unwavering determination 💜💜💜 🙏


HappyCatLady .

3 months ago

HappyCatLady 💓 MAKE 1-3 HUGE NEON POSTERS and /or a BILLBOARD To increase the chances that a neighbors calls for any possible sighting 💓 NEON POSTERS r In front of your home and near a busy intersection everyone tends to drive by in your neighborhood. the guardian of lost cat ‘Claude’ created 2 of these HUGE NEON POSTERS - 1 was placed in front of her residence and the other was placed at the nearest busy intersection...a neighbor noticed the poster and then spotted kitty a few days later and called the guardian. 💓 BILLBOARD Make a HUGE BillBoard using a TARP, duct tape and Blown up photo of kitty (kinkos or fedex) - to tie up either by freeway entrance or exit or if not near freeeway then at the busiest intersection near you to ensure everyone in the neighborhood is aware to call you upon sighting. 💓 Tip: Print 16”x20” of clear full body photo of your cat (crop the photo to remove as much background so it’s just your cat) Fedex Print stores charges $11 for one color copy, available overnight. Cut out your cat and glue/tape to each huge neon sign and for the Billboard.



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