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Milo And Romeo is Missing in Burbank, CA

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Milo And Romeo










Black/white and grey/white


Burbank, CA 91504


Glenoaks and Brighton


June 15, 2024

Donna Z.

4 weeks ago

I am so sorry to hear about your loss Cat. There’s a website that is called some thing like how to find your kitty that will give you some chips but here are some of the highlights; posters posters posters everywhere for block area. Tape them to the sides of the mailboxes of your immediate neighbors and also don’t forget behind you. Be real clear with the information on the poster date last seen place last scene. continually check the shelters, and cross reference this site to see if anyone has found a cat that fits your cats description. They have filters to make it easier. If your cat is used to being inside they will not go far if it’s an indoor outdoor cat then increase your range of looking. Put your clothes outside your house with your scent on it to help your cat find his way home. If possible and there are no other animals inside when you are home keep a window or a door ajar so if your cat does find his way back home he can get inside your house. Don’t forget to look up I want could not find my cat because he had been chased 30 feet up into a tree probably by a coyote or a dog. Go out and call for your cat at predawn hours and at sunset when they’re most active tell your neighbors to check the garage and sheds and crawlspaces volunteer to crawl into their crawlspaces if they are not blocked off. Also have them check their security camera footage as well as checking your own. You might want to invest in a trail cam and place it in a way so if he does wander back to your property but can’t get inside your house you’ll know he’s been there. If you have A cat door set it on in only so if he does come in he can’t get back out again. There’s also a company called Find My that will do Robo calls for you for a small fee and will help you put posters up. When it rains go back and put more posters up if they come down go back and put more posters up the people you live around need to know that you’re not going to give up on this cat and keep it in the front of their minds. These are just some suggestions I pray you find your baby


Kathy W.

4 weeks ago

Why are there so many missing kitties 😭 How to find your lost kitty. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Also, beware of the scammers, since I no longer can see their posts, they've obviously blocked me from calling them out.


Ruth O.

4 weeks ago

Lost Cats‼️ Indoor only cats and limited outdoor access cats never go far. They go into survival mode and hide in silence. Most of them will not respond when they are in survival mode. 3 AM is the best time to find a missing indoor only cat. This is the time they become most active and responsive. Sit and quietly call for your kitty. Try to stay low, standing is intimidating to cats. Place some dirty socks and pillow cases outside. Your scent will attract your kitty. If you have a garage, place the items near the garage door and crack the door enough for her to get in. DO NOT leave food or litter box outside, it can attract predators and aggressive Tom cats. Because indoor only cats hide so well they are not as likely to be ed by a predator. Don't give up, it can take months to find a missing indoor only cat. Use a flashlight as late at night as you can to look in trees, under cars and in bushes. Try to look for the glow of her eyes. The best chance of you being reunited with your cat is to do a methodical search of the area. Most indoor only cats will be within 160 feet of your home. Survival mode lasts 5 to 14 days but can last longer. Once their hunger gets to a maximum they snap out of it but this is a dangerous time because they come out of hiding. The majority of cats will try to make a break for home on the 5th night. In addition to posted flyers, make mini flyers and hand them out to your neighbors. Some people don't pay attention to posted flyers. It's VERY VERY important that you look for her as late at night as you can. If you have other cats, watch them. If they are spending a lot of time looking out a certain window, that’s a good indication the missing cat is in that area. Wildlife and motion activated cameras are also helpful. a lot of people are successful trapping their indoor only cats. If you decide to trap, you must watch the trap closely, predators can a cat in a trap.


Vicki J.

4 weeks ago

Hoping for safe, fast return. Mwah! Mwah!



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