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Lost Cat in San Francisco, CA 94118














Brown tabby, he has white feet. Responds to Jack and is very food motivated.


San Francisco, CA 94118


4th Ave and clement sf


June 21, 2022

Damia F.

3 weeks ago

💖🐱🙏Dear guardian...glad you are not giving up!. We are all praying for you.... 'Lost cat Alan' on Pawboost was reunited after 129 days! His guardians wouldn’t give up and didn’t stop searching …hoping to give you a boost of energy and inspiration to not give up....... PRINT more flyers to post up on lampposts beyond your block and replace the ones on your block if the old ones are worn .... put new flyers in the "clear sheet protectors" with the opening facing down so they last …(previous post shows example - you can buy at fedex print store, target, staples or amazon)🙏💖🐱 TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS AGAIN - TODAY is the perfect day - plenty of daylight hours..neighbors often spot kitty but unless they KNOW you are still looking for your sweet kitty - they won't do anything to check their property or keep a look out. Yes, going door to door to remind your dear neighbors that your cat is still missing and you are needing their help to spot kitty more than ever - people have short memories - they DO need to be reminded. Talk to dog walkers on your street - they are outside at all times and have helped me spot lost kitties I was helping with many times....It's never a waste of time talking to neighbors ..the more eyes you have the better...ask them to take a photo and call text you any hour of the night - and not to approach Kitty or they might scare him. CONTINUE TO CALL FOR KITTY at night and early mornings 10pm-6am..set your alarm for 1am, 3am 5am and call calmly with stinky wet food...walk around the block and call for kitty as you walk BACK LEADING HOME ...NOT leading AWAY from home. ***PLACE A CAMERA *** motion activated with night vision - pointed at bowl with wet food (and water) near outside the door and review camera footage daily - you can't believe how many times a cat will return home and has no way of getting back inside and/or the owners stops going out at night so the cat disappears back into the night...or the cat just remains outside even with the door slightly open (in a survival mode) This has happened recently in multiple cases where a guardian catches their cat on camera after weeks of no sightings …then they either end up going out during the same time every night or they end having to humanely trap their cat because kitty kept running away from the owner. (once back inside the survival mode turns off and they are back to being purry cozy kitty) Place wet food out with a camera (that will snap images or video upon movement) you may see other cats, raccoons and other creatures eat the food..that's ok...keep refilling the WET food as he may turn up one of these nights - I’ve done this many times and always SO happy I did because the camera gives the hope you need! (raccoons LOVE dry cat food so wet food is better) you can buy motion sensor camera on amazon over night - connect to wifi...OR a wild life camera with playback feature (battery operated - no wifi needed) . Once kitty is spotted on camera or by your neighbor then you can sent a HUMANE CAT TRAP - which must be monitored every single second it is ‘set’. You can RENT a trap from the SPCA or borrow a trap - ask folks on Nextdoor (cat owners group) if anyone has a trap you can borrow (If you live in SF I have one to lend you) Sometimes cats are caught on camera eating and NOT coming inside even when the guardian has left the door open..some cats stay in a kind of survival mode (like a switch was flipped) which helps them survive but sometimes gets in the way with them returning inside on their own. It could take days/weeks to get them on camera but once they find this source of food they will return…and some nights it will be different cats or raccoons…they all watch each other from afar…once caught on camera you can set a trap and monitor it from a distance making sure you don’t trap another creature. WiFI Camera with night vision example https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07Z841XYD?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_TXPMEVSKHVVCW2PBGK0C WIldlife camera (wifi not needed) / requires eight AA batteries: You have to manually check footage https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B099F54JJ4?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_T6Y056KTG9ZEENJKTW79 CONTINUE TO CHECK your local animals shelters ONLINE DAILY and 24hourpetconnect, pawboost online daily for FOUND cats. VISIT IN PERSON the shelter’s closest to you every 5 days.. There are SO many FOUND cats brought in every single day. Some are not displyaed online this is why you have to physically go in and check. MANY lost cats are reunited long after a month. Many cats end up at a shelter after their guardian has unfortunately stopped checking and that is just heart breaking. Don’t stop searching...keep posting updates on Nextdoor and pawboost sending you LOVE , determination and sustained hope ..xoxo Damia Foti🐱🙏💖 650-339-6619 P.S. Print out this GOOGLE map of your block (if it is correct I was going by description) knock on all your neighbors doors and keep track who you spoke to and which homes to return to later (if not home)...the idea is to talk to everyone in person to best engage them to check crawl spaces etc and to take a photo if they THINK they see your baby - along with distributing flyers door to door and posting up flyers all around your block and and across the street on both sides of lampposts...If someone isn't home, use that blue painters tape to adhere the top and bottom of the flyer on their front door (won't damage) ...Call for your baby from the ESCAPE POINT throughout the day and especially TONIGHT once it's dark and quiet and sounds travel far ... tonight call for him as you walk around your block ...listen closely for meows in garage (if kitty got out from the front)...YOu will find your baby…be patient and know that he is ok ...spread the word IN PERSON and Post up those flyers TODAY - you can print at fedex print stores (send online for pick up) or go there ...you can pick up clear sheet protectors to place the flyers you post UP around your block (clear protector sheets - with the opening facing down) and you can get the painters tape (for taping to front doors) and clear packing tape to tape the flyers around lampposts...we are all wishing you LOVE and HOPE and determination...🐱💖🙏


Damia F.

4 weeks ago

Dear guardian..it's still pretty quiet out and early - go outside right now and gently call for your sweet kitty in a calm calm voice 🐱💖🙏.....DON’T LOSE HOPE.🐱💖🙏 'Lost cat' JiJi was found after being lost for 4 MONTHS! Cats don't go far they remain near......Continue to call for Kitty - ESPECIALLY at night 10pm-6am..set your alarm for 11pm, 1am, 3am 5am and call from escape point ...walk around the block and call for kitty as you WALK BACK LEADING HOME - NOT leading AWAY from home.... Every morning I am notified that a cat guardian's cat came forward after weeks of doing this.... If your neighborhood isn't already plastered with flyers , PRINT more flyers and add or replace flyers - IMPORTANT: knock on neighbors doors AGAIN and REMIND them that your sweet kitty is still missing and ask them to check around especially at night especially..ask neighbors with RING cameras to check the footage in case kitty is spotted...whatever you do, do NOT lost hope...keep searching and spreading the word with your neighbors door to door - they need to be reminded kitty is still out there and many many cats are found long after they are lost - we are still early in this… PLACE A CAMERA (motion activated with night vision) aimed at WET food in bowl every day and night. ( you can buy amazon) ..OFTEN cats remain near but are in such survival mode - they will even act scared of their human's voice and won't come inside and need to be coaxed...Lost cat 'Luna' was spotted on camera after being 'lost' for several weeks, her human was shocked to learn Luna was visiting the backyard regularly late night and would come back inside (she was leaving the backdoor open for her) We thought she was stuck at a neighbors which happens all the time...and it was the help of the camera which helped her human learn about the different cats that would visit and other animals...she eventually spotted her 'live' in her backyard (she did a stake out just inside with a baby monitor) and was able to lure her back inside with food after several hours late night. I'm not saying this is your situation ...I'm saying that you can't rule anything out… WiFI Camera with night vision example https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07Z841XYD?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_TXPMEVSKHVVCW2PBGK0C listening to a podcast re; finding lost cats (episode 450 on 'The Community Cats podcast) and their advice about taking action right away and consistently....and along with late night/early morning calling out etc is getting permission from each neighbor near you to physically go into their yards to search and call for kitty (by yourself) to search under porches and anywhere they can possibly hide! Studies have proven Indoor cats remain near HIDING IN SILENCE and are mostly found within a few houses away from escape point and outdoor/indoor cats mostly within a 1 block radius...indoor cats that area scared remain near and in hiding until threshhold of hunger will make them come out of hiding to look for food though they will still continue to hide from humans...so it's important for their human to search daily/nightly and not to give up no matter what. They mentioned that sometimes when cats aren't coming back they may be ill and need medical attention so taking action to actively search in neighbors property is so important They also say that cat owners give up way too soon and cats end up at the shelter months down the road by getting trapped by a caring person - and those cats are NOT reclaimed because owners stop checking the shelters...We are all rooting for you and your sweet kitty...xoxox GAIN ACCESS TO NEIGHBORS YARDS: Knock on your neighbors doors in ALL directions to ask for permission to check yards and around the premises so YOU can call for kitty today and tonight and early morning...scared cats will NOT come forward right away and they are excellent hider s! You have to keep trying this and explain to neighbors that cats protect themselves by hiding - even from their guardian - until THEY feel safe to come forward.... This is why I advise cat guardians to try different ways of taking action...talking to neighbors..flyers...online...setting alarm late night to call for kitty...sometimes collars fall off ..check the shelter weekly … everything you do helps...you can buy a wild life camera or a camera that sends live feed to your phone motion sensitive- you an buy on amazon 1 day shipping...wishing you sustained determination and hope.... (Borrowed the following from a caring neighrbor Kaz on Nextdoor): In addition to what you're doing keep checking Animal Care & Control’s photo inventory of found cats in case someone has found the cat and turned it in. https://www.sfanimalcare.org/stray-found-cats/ Also, make sure that the cat’s microchip information is up-to-date. If you don’t have the cat’s microchip number, check with your vet who should have it in the cat’s records. In addition to updating wherever your cat’s chip was originally registered (or even if you don’t remember where you originally registered the chip), register your cat at the free Found Animals chip registry, https://www.foundanimals.org/microchip-registry/owners and the free pet chip registry, https://www.freepetchipregistry.com/ with your current contact information in order to increase the chances that if your cat is picked up, they can contact you. (I say increase the chances because sadly there are multiple databases for different chips and they are not all interconnected.) We had a sad story on Nextdoor about a lost cat ‘Gonzo’, who was found by ACC, but because the chip linked to outdated information, ACC couldn’t reach the owner, and they ultimately euthanized him because of medical issues. Sending you HOPE and LOVE and continued determination and perseverance damia (www.happycatlady com)🐱💖🙏 !! WARNING !! New Scam Alert. Scammers will text you saying they’re affiliated with Pawboost and that they HAVE YOUR CAT and that YOU need to PROVE who you are by giving other phone numbers, your email, verifying google codes etc . These are all SCAMMERS - they may tell you meet them somewhere BUT THEY WON'T Send you a PHOTO of your cat (they'll make up any excuse) Tell them you know they are scammers and to stop! Please Trust that If a neighbor sees or has your cat they will give you info freely and not play any strange ‘prove you are the owner of kitty’ games…


Adriana L.

1 month ago

Shared and prayers sent 🙏🙏


Gail S.

1 month ago



Damia F.

1 month ago

💖🐱🙏Dear guardian. I'm so sorry about your sweet kitty. Your indoor/outdoor kitty could be stuck inside a neighbor’s garage or crawlspace unable to get back (OR GOT spooked by someone or something hiding) and why you must take action in more than one way to cover all possibilities - ESPECIALLY in person – with the neighbors on your block to start! Taking ACTION IN PERSON is CRITICAL Leave A WAY BACK INSIDE for kitty all day/night- 'escape' door/window'garage slightly open 5” with litter box outside, bedding (+food/water). If escaped from the front (and you have a garage) leave garage door open 5" with wet food and water bowl far inside and kitty’s bedding further inside (lights left off!) If kitty escape from back, leave back door wedged open 5” water and wet food just inside. SEARCH AND CALL for kitty consistently throughout the day AND ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT from 9 PM UNTIL 6AM (when it’s quiet, dark and cats feel ‘safer’ to move out of hiding) Set your alarm for 11pm, 1AM 3AM 5AM...go out and call for kitty in a CALM NORMAL voice & wait...shake treats (if that is something kitty normally responds to) I can’t tell you how many kitties come out of hiding during these late hours…(or you can hear meows if trapped in your next door neighbors garage or backyard for example)...be consistent ...kitty needs to hear your voice… GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR NEIGHBORS YARDS: Knock on your neighbors doors and Get permission for YOU to check their yards physically day and evening...explain to them how kitty will hide from strangers and it's best for you to check anywhere kitty could be hiding (they are excellent silent hiders and when they get stuck it’s often hard to get to) ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS to check their RING CAMERA footage and every small place a cat get into; storage unit, crawl spaces, openings in walls, under porches, inside sheds, garages, laundry rooms, under cars,under bushes… NOTE: people will often see a cat outside and WON’T do anything unless they know your cat is missing! PRINT FLYERS ASAP to give your neighbors and POST UP around your block. Print 100 Flyers and KNOCK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS DOORS ASAP starting with your block - with the first 5 neighbors to the left, 5 to the right, 5-10 across the street (if escaped from front) and 5+ neighbors directly behind (if escaped from back) POST FLYERS on streetlamps in clear sheet protectors with the opening facing downward so the weather doesn’t ruin them. Google: “protective sheet covers” You can Download a flyer ‘template’ on www HappyCatLady com, I always encourage folks to offer a reward FOR A PHOTO of your kitty...to encourage neighbors to search for kitty and to call you if they spot kitty instead of approaching and potentially spooking kitty. You can purchase at FEDEX PRINT store near you when you can pick up your prints (order online for pick up even if they’re closed. call once open , and ask if they can PRINT right away due to the urgency. I have found that if you’re nice, fedex staff will always will print quickly. NOTE: They sell sheet protectors along with packing tape for posting on lampposts and the safe painters tape (for adhering flyers directly onto front doors) NOTE: MANY people are NOT on Facebook or Nextdoor so you MUST go door to door in person, circle your block and across the street - make sure every neighbor knows about kitty . ASK neighbors to check their yards / garages /sheds. Kitty could be stuck / trapped (this happens all the time!) and talking to your neighbors will hopefully engage them into helping. PRINT OUT A GOOGLE MAP OF YOUR BLOCK with address #s showing so you can take notes on who you’ve talked to and which houses to try again later if no one answers ..keep trying..you want to talk to every residence around your block and across the street to start…the map print out helps you keep track as it's easy to get mixed up when you're stressing out.....(see example further below). The goal is to TALK to as many neighbors IN PERSON as possible -this increases the chance of your kitty getting spotted. PLACE A CAMERA (motion activated with night vision) out the escape door pointed at the wet food bowl / review footage daily/nightly (replenish food if not eaten) - you can't believe how many times a cat will return home - eat - has no way of getting back inside and the owners stops going out at night so the cat disappears back into the night...you may see other cats, raccoons and other creatures eat the food..that's ok...replace the WET food only (raccoons LOVE dry cat food so wet is best) you can buy motion sensor camera on amazon over night - connect to wifi...OR a wild life camera with playback feature (battery operated - no wifi needed) … WiFI Camera with night vision example https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07Z841XYD... WIldlife camera wifi not needed / eight AA batteries: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B099F54JJ4… DON’T GIVE UP...Lost Cat ‘Clementine’ was finally spotted after 29 days 1.5 yards away! a neighbor who we flyered and spoke to 2 weeks earlier spotted kitty in her backyard and we ended up having to trap her because she remained in survival mode and wouldn't come forward to her human (a few days later she was back to normal). And then there was lost cat ‘Lina’ of 2 weeks was spotted returning home (video footage in backyard) but was too scared to come inside - the owner had to coax her for hours and hours for 2 nights...each cat is different and needs our patience & determination… RE: ONLINE: - Post on www.Nextdoor com under ‘lost & found’ and ‘cat owners’ group. with your exact address (or address range like 1000-1050 3rd street cross street Cherry ave for example) - Post on Facebook group for lost pets: Search in your city For San Francisco https://www.facebook.com/groups/lostpetinsanfrancisco/. - Report kitty is lost on 24petconnect.com Check for FOUND cats - Send your Lost Cat flyer to your local shelters (find online) And also Check for FOUND cats at shelters near you online daily and IN PERSON every 5 days. Make sure your microchip info is up to date. NEXTDOOR INVITE: https://nextdoor.com/invite/tlpjrfjfsfzzypgctspp INVITE LINK TO NEXTDOOR ‘CAT OWNERS GROUP:https://nextdoor.com/g/qazvu50sq/ Be patient. dont give up! xoxo , damia foti 650.339.6619 P.S. See below - example of printing google map and taking notes as you knock on doors. F = flyered (not home) and add names of folks you talk to in person - the goal is to speak to everyone in person in order to engage them - ask them to search their premises and to call you the second they think they see your kitty (and to take a photo) Keeping track is a HUGE HELP - I often return days later to people I've spoken to - to remind them to continue to look around and to check on their RING doorbell footage or backyard video footage - for those neighbors that have cameras! See my Example of LOST cat FLYER + Clear Sheet protector + keeping track with Google Map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZDSAf2ky52_Cizzu8HPGQOjU3pVqcmhf/view?usp=sharing LOST CAT GRAPHIC FOR POSTING.png !! WARNING !! New Scam Alert. Scammers will text you saying they’re affiliated with Pawboost and that they HAVE YOUR CAT and that YOU need to PROVE who you are by giving other phone numbers, your email, verifying google codes etc . These are all SCAMMERS - they may tell you meet them somewhere BUT THEY WON'T Send you a PHOTO of your cat (they'll make up any excuse) Tell them you know they are scammers and to stop! Please Trust that If a neighbor sees or has your cat they will give you info freely and not play any strange ‘prove you are the owner of kitty’ games…



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