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Thanos is Missing in Mesa, AZ

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Thanos is a family dog. We got him from a lady who pawned him off onto us at a gas station. He is a sweetheart & is very missed.


Thanos is a rottie, he doesn’t have his collar on (he only wears it on walks.) he may or may not be traveling with our other dog Loki who is a pit mix. We just moved to this neighborhood so he doesn’t know the area or his way home.


Mesa, AZ 85204


Mesa dr/ stapley


May 3, 2024

Sarah M.

2 months ago

Stephanie Charvat Lawrence no they are not, they usually have their collars (with air tags) on but that’s only on walks. When they are inside, collars come off or they’ll mess with them.


Sarah M.

2 months ago

Arizona Debra our boy doesn’t have a long tail. Sadly this isn’t him ):


Arizona D.

2 months ago

Sharing "This handsome boy was found off of Scott rd in Maricopa this morning! If you know where he belongs please call, email, or come in to claim! Reference animal ID A273545. 520 509 3555 1150 S. Eleven Mile Corner rd Casa Grande AZ 85194


Allison P.

2 months ago

Here are the urgent steps to take to help find the owner or your lost dog. There is also a list of the most used and viewed resources you may not have tried at the bottom including a link to contact shelters/rescues in your area. Do what applies to your situation: 1. If this happened in your neighborhood, put a large sign in your yard that says LOST or FOUND dog with basic information. Most dogs are within 2 miles of their home. Communicate with neighbors. The more people that know the better. If LOST, also put your recently worn clothes outside, so the dog can pick up your scent. 2. If you FOUND a dog, have the dog scanned for a chip at a vet, 24/7 Emergency animal clinic, Animal Control or Humane Society. Make sure they scan the WHOLE body as chips can move. (Petco and Petsmart are not good choices as they may not carry a universal scanner and may miss picking up a chip.) Make sure the dog is secured first with leash and collar, so it can't bolt when taking for a scan. It's free and you shouldn't need an appointment. Call ahead of time to see if they have a "universal" scanner. If the dog is chipped, but THE CHIP IS NOT REGISTERED, ask the chip company for the contact information of the vet who chipped the dog. 3. If you LOST your dog and it is chipped, alert the chip company IMMEDIATELY and make sure all of your contact information with them is current/correct. 4. Make sure your post includes a picture of the dog, the location including city and major cross streets, and the date and time it happened. 5. If it happened in Maricopa County, use this link to add to their LOST and FOUND map.: Then, either call Maricopa County Animal Care and Control to report LOST or FOUND dog at 602-372-4598 from 8 am to 5 pm, OR use this link to fill out their Lost or Found form.: 6. If the dog was lost or found in another county, please contact that county's Animal Control to report as lost or found. 7. Put SIGNS up throughout the area it took place because some people are not on social media. Get a bright poster board from the Dollar Store and a fat marker. Cut poster board into 4 pieces, write LOST or FOUND DOG, phone #, and include a picture of the dog. Keep it simple since drivers only have seconds to see it. 8. If you can't catch the dog OR need additional help finding your lost dog, contact Hartt Animal Rescue and trapping for help.: 602-601-2604, Hartt form to fill out to trap stray animal: Hartt form to fill out to get help with your lost pet: 9. EMERGENCY: If you FOUND a SICK, INJURED, ABUSED or NEGLECTED STRAY and you need an ambulance, call the Arizona Humane Society's emergency Field Dispatch at 602-997-7585, ext. 2073 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. After hours, take to your nearest 24/7 emergency animal clinic. 10. If you FOUND a SICK, INJURED, ABUSED or NEGLECTED STRAY and it is NOT an emergency, contact Arizona Humane Society at 602-997-7585 between 8 am and 5 pm or follow links below. If after hours, take to your nearest 24/7 emergency clinic. FOUND: LOST: 11. If you think your dog was STOLEN, call non-emergency police. Keep in mind, dogs are usually considered property and you may only be able to file a police report. However, this will help for legal purposes. 12. If you found a DECEASED dog, call your city's deceased animal pick up. 13. If you FOUND a dog, you contacted Animal Care and Control and/or the Arizona Humane Society and they cannot take the dog today or if it is after hours and you have no way of keeping the dog safe, call non-emergency police or bring the dog to the police station. 14. IMPORTANT: If you FOUND a dog, be sure to verify proof of ownership including pictures and vet records before handing it over to anyone. Unfortunately there are people who search these sites who will try to claim as their own without proof looking for a free pet. They can be very convincing. They may just repeat specific information YOU added in your post, picture or comments, but only want to harm the dog. If anyone offers to foster or adopt if the owner is not found and you don't know them personally, PLEASE ask a rescue to help make sure the person is legit or follow this link and scroll to #6. If a person wants to foster and says they are part of a rescue, PLEASE contact the rescue to verify. The link to rescues in your area is listed below. 15. IMPORTANT: If you LOST a dog, be careful of people trying to SCAM you. They will contact you and "say" they have your dog and want money from you. If you are offering a reward, do not provide the reward until the dog is in your possession. OTHER RESOURCES: 24PetConnect: Use the filters on the site to narrow or expand your search: Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Lost/Found instructions: See number 5 above. If you LOST a dog and it happened in Maricopa County: Go to Facebook and Search for "MCACC Field Officers". Arizona Humane Society Lost/Found instructions: See number 9 and 10 above. If you LOST a dog, go to Facebook and search for "Arizona Humane Society Found Dogs". Hartt Animal Trapping and Rescue: See number 8 above. Pawboost: Add lost/ found and create a flyer: Nextdoor: Lost Dogs Arizona: Petco Love Lost: Pet Alert USA for lost dogs: Craigslist (Search Community Lost/Found): Link set to Phoenix area: Go to Facebook and Search for "Straydar". Helping Lost and Found Pets/ Pet FBI National Database: Ring App/ Neighbors feed: Shelters and Rescues in your area: Continue looking on these sites DAILY! Sites are updated all day long. The finder may hold onto a found dog for days or weeks BEFORE reporting. Finder may be required to make an appointment for the dog to be taken in by the shelter which is why you need to keep checking. SHELTERS AND RESCUES ARE VERY FULL. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THE DOG SAFE OR DON'T GIVE UP IF SEARCHING. Please update your post if the owner or lost pet is found. PSA: As a community, we all need to spay/neuter our pet, keep a collar and tag with contact information on our dog, vaccinate, chip AND register the chip and STOP backyard breeding. Thanks!


Jamie K.

2 months ago

It was found on Stapley and Thomas



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