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Golu is Missing in Munster, IN

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Hey everyone please help us locate our beloved cat named Golu from the neighborhood of west lakes in munster, he’s always been and inside/outside cat. After a neighbor complaining about him peeing in her landscaping and threatening him, we stopped sending him outside but yesterday he escaped on sept 29th 2023 at 6am. He is fixed, has all his vaccinations, and is always really clean and maintained. If you see him anywhere please contact me at


He is fixed, about 2.5 years old, and has always been an outside/inside cat. He doesn’t have his collar on.


Munster, IN 46321


West lakes neighborhood in Indiana


September 29, 2023

Diana E.

10 months ago

Golu is a beautiful orange tabby and white cat (ginger) and I'm sorry he's lost. How long did you have him inside after neighbors complained before he escaped? I understand he was previously and indoor/outdoor kitty, but if Golu has not been outside for six months or longer he may not recognize the territory and could be frightened and hiding nearby. If this is what has occurred, Golu may return on his own overnight if the conditions are just right, so you could have him back inside by morning. This is what I suggest you do now (TONIGHT): put something small but comforting and familiar outside (blanket or worn teeshirt laid flat on the doorstep (where he got out) — not a bed, trap, or anything conuous) and tempting food at his point of escape, then watch from inside (DO NOT GO BACK OUTSIDE AFTER DARK!) and if you see Golu approach be careful not to startle him. Slowly and quietly provide a clear path inside and he may put an end to the crisis himself. (You may occasionally call for him overnight, but do so softly and from the doorway -- going back outside could scare him away. If you can't wait up set an alarm and watch again just before sunrise -- it's a popular time.) And although some will suggest putting out kitty's litter box, experts say DON’T DO IT. I've never used one in all the times I've been successful recovering a lost cat. Please read this to learn more about why it's neither necessary nor recommended:


Debbie A.

10 months ago

Prayers for a safe return soon. Notify animal control if you haven't already. Leave smelly food outside like tuna while you're home and keep checking. Check in bushes, under decks and porches. Also check garages and sheds and ask neighbors to please do the same. I've also heard to empty your vacuum contents around your house helps bring kitties home. Flyers work also and help generate sightings. Pass them out everywhere. Post on the nextdoor app and neighbors app by ring. Be careful of all scammers and pet trackers


Paul T.

10 months ago

When my Louis ,managed to escape my fenced-in backyard, I felt like the worst pet owner, carrying immense guilt for not immediately knowing that she’d left or where she’d gone. I got a recommendation from my worker about the missing pet recovery team. I reach out to them and they’re able to find my Louis safely. I suggest you reach out to them on Instagram if you have a similar problem you can send a text to them "satellitesearchforlostpets" on Instagram to help you find your pet on instagram ? with photos of your missing/stolen pet


Carole J.

10 months ago

Put something with scent outside Bedding your unwashed clothing Litter box anything that has your cats scent Check out sheds garages and under porches they don't go far from home Check out the neighbors and let them know that your kitty is missing Put out a sign in your yard with pictures and contact information Go outside early morning while dark and sit down and don't stand or walk around it scares them all they see is feet Calmly call name If likes treats shake bag Don't put food out it might attract other cats and animals and scare your baby away If you have to put out food get a routine time and place to feed and stay with food they eat and run away Outside neighborhood cats are territorial and they will fight over food and scare your baby away especially at night If chipped contact you company and make sure your information is updated Do not chase your kitty may scare her further away from your home Take a flyer to your local vets office and shelter and one to your local mail carrier If you have a local newspaper with a lost and found ad some people don't have internet access or Facebook People are taking cats to the shelters that they think are strays Check out the shelters and take a flyer or photo there also If all else fails put out a HUMANE trap then with wet food or tuna and cover with a towel to keep calm and warm if caught and check it out every 2hours and don't leave overnight unattended You can face the entrance of the trap towards a window or door to keep a better eye on it Prayers sent Some people suggest leaving a door open alittle bit may come home on there own Put something with scent there also Bedding your unwashed clothing toys Anything that has your cats scent Cats are night creatures May try to come home early morning while dark and try to get back inside This works well Also put flyers everywhere and check out the shelters in person and take a flyer or photo there


Aarju P.

10 months ago

Haya Javaid EVERYONE IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. She is a scammer and got my hopes up but she doesn’t have my cat. My cat is still missing.



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