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Mylo is Missing in Colorado Springs, CO

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My cat Mylo is missing. He is the most loving, playful, funny, sweet cat I’ve ever met. He will approach you with the name my-my or mylo and will let you play with him and love on him. He is an indoor/outdoor cat with his own little cat door so he can come and go as he pleases. He hasn’t come since Sunday May 12 which is unusual for him considering he comes every night when it gets dark and it’s been raining this week and he always is for bad weather. Please keep your eyes open.


A tabby cat with black brown and grey fur. Strips on his tail, legs, and head


Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Near Swiftrun Rd


May 12, 2024

Barbara D.

3 weeks ago

(5) Things To DO FIND Missing Pet 1. POST FREE - Ring App Called Neighbors. The App will Message You with PHOTOS and GPS location. These messages are time sensitive. You must HURRY/ RUSH before you baby changes locations, leaves the area. 2. POST FREE - Nextdoor APPL - DITTO 100% EXACTLY 3. GO IN-PERSON to the Humane Society. SEARCH!! Make this URGENT PRIORITY. They KEEP Pets 5 Days Then Put Up For Adoption. ASK SEE the Pets in the Backroom they are off the grid and not listed ONLINE GO ONLINE - FILE a LOST Report and READ the Found Reports. The Found Reports are PEOPLE who FOSTER till they FIND an Owner. ✅ 6 X Daily. 4. REPOST TO Lorson Ranch Pets Page Fountain, Colorado Lost and Found Pets Falcon /Peyton Lost and Found Pets El Paso County and Eastern Colorado Lost and Found Pets 719 Lost and Found Pets of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, CO Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets Colorado Springs Lost and Found Pets Colorado Springs Lost Pet Alert Lost and Found Dogs of Colorado URGENTLY POST TO: Pawboost Petharbor Lostmydoggie PetFBI 5. DO Boots on Ground, WALK 3-4 block radius; day and night. 90% CATS HIDE IN BUSHES because they are SCARED. Check ✔️ yours, the neighbors and the whole block. SEARCH front yard, back yard, alley's, under deck, inside shed, under staircases, in window wells, garages. Knock on doors 200%, Somebody has SEEN your CAT Make face-to-face contact. Somebody might have brought ur CAT inside from the SNOW & RAIN & HAIL & Thunder & Fireworks Post Flyers every house. GO FedEx Store or Kinkos Store or Office Depot, Office Max, or Staples DON'T SKIP ANYTHING


Barbara D.

3 weeks ago

BOOTS ON THE GROUND START IMMEDIATELY Walk the path went missing. Sightings. 1st Day u can't stop searching even if ur out there 6 hours. 80% SMALL CAT in Bushes. Check yours, Neighbors, Whole Block. Walk Path Daily 4 X day and nighttime is most important. Bring a bag of dry CAT food and shake it while walking. KNOCK on doors 100% don't skip. Make face-to-face contact. SOMEBODY HAS SEEN UR CAT. If not home go back early evening or early morning. ASK GO in backyard search under deck, inside shed, inside window wells, under staircases, on balconies. Get Flyers IMMEDIATELY Super Cheap go to Kinkos Store or FedEx Store or Office Depot or Office Max or Staples. Make sure every person u speak too gets a flyer.


Barbara D.

3 weeks ago

POST (2) Bring Ur CAT Home TONIGHT Via GPS Before Dark POST FREE CAMERA APP (2) 1. Ring App called Neighbors 2. RIGHT NOW --- Takes 5 min Pets Reunited 1, 2, 4, 7, 24 Hours DO FREE CAMERAS 2 Takes 5 Min READ EXAMPLE 1. GO Play Store on ur Cell 2. Ring App called Neighbors 3. TYPE Ring and Neighbors will Drop Down 1. Next Camera - do The Camera Appl will Message You with PHOTOS and GPS location EXAMPLE - A Chihuahua was seen Running in somebody's backyard caught by backyard Camera and again on there Front Porch Doorbell Camera. The Camera Appl Messaged the Family with PHOTOS and they Rushed to the location of Bradley and Marksheffel Rd. Took 1 hour but was Found in Vicinity and REUNITED DO URGENTLY IMMEDIATELY GO Play Store on ur Cell GO Ring App called Neighbors DO same for


Barbara D.

3 weeks ago

Be aggressive. Cats hide because there scared but don't go far at all. 95% are in bushes, yours or neighbors. Check whole block. Knock on doors ask go in backyard. Check under deck, in shed, window wells, any place to hide. WALK the path went missing, walk 2 X day plus at night when it's quiet so u can hear meows. Listen whisper faint of meow. Put up flyers on house, doors. They are super cheap, go to Kinkos Store, FedEx store, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples. Do so immediately. File a Lost Report with Humane Society. Prayers 🙏


Robby D.

1 month ago




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