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Squeegee is Missing in Sagamore Hills Township, OH

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My baby got out and we cannot find her! She’s very loved and we miss her so much! Please help us find her!


She’s small with a red collar. Reward, no questions asked!


Sagamore Hills Township, OH 44067




August 3, 2023

Rita P.

10 months ago

A cat's behavior when panicked is hiding in silence. It is a natural form of protection for a cat to find a place to hide under a house, a deck, a porch, bushes, or any place they can crawl. For a sick cat, that could be injured and hiding under a neighbor’s deck, owners might be busy “looking” for their cat and they are busy posting flyers on telephone poles. Instead, for a faster search and one that could bring your cat home sooner, is to conduct an aggressive, physical search of the immediate area while understanding that the cat might be close by but hiding in silence. Using humane traps and/or digital wildlife cameras is the most effective recovery method for finding a missing cat. Other areas would be to check a shed and garage carefully. Also, by putting a Cat house on your porch, with their own blankets inside the pet house and something of your own, or your pillow or socks. Cat nip helps too. Set your camera towards the cat house. 2 cameras would be even better. To show the steps and sidewalk or drive way and the kitty house. The food should be something the cat can smell. Put out dry food and bits of cooked chicken, or other type meats on top. Any scent that would be familiar to your cat will help your cat find its way back home. Note: Posting on Sam the Parrot - ____________


Tom L.

10 months ago

Try leaving her litterbox outside . She'll catch the scent and find her way back home.


William G.

10 months ago

I'm sure he/she is hiding nearby or could have been accidentally locked in a neighbor's garage - talk to all neighbors in a several block radius. Posters are helpful and do notify police and animal shelters.. Most importantly, I would get a chair, a bowl of her/his favorite food or tuna, a used litter box for scent, and stay outside your door in that chair tonight and every night until he/she comes home. You must monitor the litter box! The scent of litter boxes attracts predators like wild dogs and coyotes and most experts suggest caution. In my advice post I specify that you must remain outside to monitor the litter box. Animals can smell these a mile away and the last thing you want is to lure your kitty into a coyote ambush. Here’s a recent joyous post discussing a lost kitty who was found: "Thank you all for help in finding Patty! She was found by kind neighbors a street over. She was stuck in a tree. Patty is getting all the love, dinner, fresh water, and all the attention.” Thank you Patty for reminding us to look in all possible places including high trees and utility poles especially at night. Kitties can climb up a tree or pole to escape from a predator often in the middle of the night when they are active. Yes, I know it’s cold tonight but so is it cold for your baby – just bring blankets and a warm hat. Cats hide during the day but will come out late at night when they feel its safe. You need to be there when she/he comes back because he/she will not hang around and wait for you. Be patient and call her/him by name often. This will require some work and inconvenience but it will be well worth the effort.


Cindy F.

10 months ago

Prayers your cat is found safe and sound. God Bless. 🙏💕🐾🐈‍⬛💔


Carole J.

10 months ago

Put something with scent outside Bedding your unwashed clothing Litter box anything that has your cats scent Check out sheds garages and under porches they don't go far from home Check out the neighbors and let them know that your kitty is missing Put out a sign in your yard with pictures and contact information Go outside early morning while dark and sit down and don't stand or walk around it scares them all they see is feet Calmly call name If likes treats shake bag Don't put food out it might attract other cats and animals and scare your baby away If you have to put out food get a routine time and place to feed and stay with food they eat and run away Outside neighborhood cats are territorial and they will fight over food and scare your baby away especially at night If chipped contact you company and make sure your information is updated Do not chase your kitty may scare her further away from your home Take a flyer to your local vets office and shelter and one to your local mail carrier If you have a local newspaper with a lost and found ad some people don't have internet access or Facebook If all else fails put out a HUMANE trap then with wet food or tuna and cover with a towel to keep calm and warm if caught and check it out every 2hours and don't leave overnight unattended You can face the entrance of the trap towards a window or door to keep a better eye on it Prayers sent Some people suggest leaving a door open alittle bit may come home on there own Put something with scent there also Bedding your unwashed clothing toys Anything that has your cats scent Cats are night creatures May try to come home early morning while dark and try to get back inside This works well Also put flyers everywhere and check out the shelters



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