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Kozmo is Missing in Castro Valley, CA

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hes my best friend and my first cat hes always been amazing ive cried about him everyday since hes been missing please please please help me find him i had him for a year before this happened and living without him has been extremely hard !!!!!!!!


black and white tuxedo cat has sploch on his upper mouth and nose , sweet loves food i left him in the care of people i thought i could trust and they lost him. i miss him very much he is my first ever animal and i have cried and thought about him since the day i found out he was missing i loves this cat with all my heart please help!!


Castro Valley, CA 94546


by the highway, behind McDonald's


September 27, 2023

HappyCatLady .

4 months ago

HappyCatLady 💓 MAKE 1-3 HUGE NEON POSTERS and /or a BILLBOARD To increase the chances that a neighbors calls for any possible sighting 💓 NEON POSTERS r In front of your home and near a busy intersection everyone tends to drive by in your neighborhood. the guardian of lost cat ‘Claude’ created 2 of these HUGE NEON POSTERS - 1 was placed in front of her residence and the other was placed at the nearest busy intersection...a neighbor noticed the poster and then spotted kitty a few days later and called the guardian. 💓 BILLBOARD Make a HUGE BillBoard using a TARP, duct tape and Blown up photo of kitty (kinkos or fedex) - to tie up either by freeway entrance or exit or if not near freeeway then at the busiest intersection near you to ensure everyone in the neighborhood is aware to call you upon sighting. 💓 Tip: Print 16”x20” of clear full body photo of your cat (crop the photo to remove as much background so it’s just your cat) Fedex Print stores charges $11 for one color copy, available overnight. Cut out your cat and glue/tape to each huge neon sign and for the Billboard.


HappyCatLady .

4 months ago

Do you have the exact location he was lost? DId he get out frm the front or back? You must become the consistent food source (WET FOOD ONLY) if you can get a neighbor to leave wet food out with a camera aimed - that is KEY. Are you able to leave food out at that location - the home he escaped from? Lost cats remain near for weeks and months. We found Ninja within 2 blocks after 71 days...FOOD Is key and a camera to prove it's him. He is in survival mode and most likely hiding from all humans. PLASTER the area with FLYERS - talk to neighbors - ask those with RING cameras if they'd be willing to put out wet food you supply (in a bowl or dish not ileft n the can or it will cut a cats mouth) The idea is to get more than 1 person to feed - or you find a spot where cats can reach but not dogs/coyotes and aim a WILD LIFE CAMERA which is battery opereated - if you can't get someone's wifi. I'm so sorry for the horrible stress and worry - the key is to keep taking action IN PERSON. and not to give up - not to wait for anyone to find him. ALso if he is microchipped call the chip company and report him lost . if you haven't registerd the chip do so asap.💖💖💖💖💖


HappyCatLady .

4 months ago

💥💥WARNING💥💥 SCAMMERS 💥💥will claim they found your cat!. SCAMMERS will text you saying they’re affiliated with Pawboost or an animal shelter and that they HAVE YOUR CAT and that YOU need to PROVE who you are by giving other phone numbers, your email, verifying google codes etc or to send money to get your cat from the shelter. These are all SCAMMERS! THEY WON'T Send you a PHOTO of your cat (they'll make up any excuse) OR THEY'LL SEND a PHOTO of a similar cat - or a blurry video - but it’s not your cat! Look closely. Please know that If your actual neighbor sees or has your cat they will give you information freely (and will post a PHOTO on your listing and not make you ‘send a code or personal information or money. 💥There’s a NEW SCAM on Facebook the scammer will say something like ‘my husband found your cat please message me your phone number “ meaning they want you to message them from your Facebook messenger your phone number! 💥The Facebook SCAMMER will tell you to look up a lost cat search team they used on Instagram or another platform saying their cat was found within hours -it’s a total SCAM. LOOK AT THEIR FACEBOOK PROFILE - you may see alot of (PAID) followers but they are not following anyone, The profile will have a few photos only, usually just selfies and the profile was created not long ago. You will see no posts / conversations with friends , I report the account to Facebook Scammers are heartless. Some SCAM texts examples I’ve received ->


Monica L.

4 months ago

Oh no! I feel so bad about your missing pet,I pray you find him/her. I think you should try this private search service team "lostpetstrackers_org" on Instagram. They are highly recommended . I have also shared your flyer in all platform. Shared 🙏


Ronda K.

4 months ago

Walk or drive through your neighborhood several times a day, showing neighbors, mail carriers, and delivery people a photo of your pet. Give out flyers. Don’t forget to file lost pet report,Send them a message via (@track_your_paws) on instagram ,They specialize in researching missing,lost,stolen,astray pets behaviors and reuniting fur baby with their families using time_tested methods,they found mine in less than 24hours I texted ,give them a try hopefully they help you get yours back,the sooner the better,by the Grace of God your pet will be found



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