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Kali is Missing in Everglades City, FL

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I was on my way back to port charlotte from the keys. I pulled over on the side of 29 to take a picture of the moon. I didn’t realize she slipped out under my legs. I searched up and down that intersection for hours calling her name. I’m afraid the wild life must have gotten her. There was mostly water where I lost her.


Calico orange black and white. Half a white nose and striped legs


Everglades City, FL 34139


Intersect of 41 & 29 along the c


November 9, 2022

Cathy K.

1 year ago

Sharing to help Kali get home. 🙏❤️


Diana C.

1 year ago



Mary K.

1 year ago

GREAT TIPS for FINDING your CAT (the video is very insightful)! IMPORTANT…Start searching right away for your missing cat. The sooner you start looking for your lost cat, the easier it will be to find him/her. If your cat just went missing he/she is likely near by…usually no more than 5-7 houses. “Use every possible search method immediately when a cat is lost, including conducting a thorough physical search, distributing flyers and putting out humane traps. Go over the same ground multiple times and at multiple times of day. And don’t discount the human factor, because cats do get picked up and taken to the shelter. They can also assimilate into a nearby cat colony, so get to know the people in the neighborhood who feed outdoor cats in case they spot a new arrival.” Comment by Kat Albrecht. Keep in mind that cats tend to be most active late at night and early in the morning, when it's quiet. Ask neighbors for permission to search their property and try to expand your search three to five houses in either direction. Some say 5-7 houses away. 🙀Don’t stop searching for a lost cat too soon🙀 …………………………………………………… ‼️ PET SIGNS‼️ “We cannot emphasize this enough - SIGNS are one of the best ways to locate a Lost Pet or Find An Owner.” Visit Neon Posters - Missing Animal Response Network If you haven’t already done so, please get some signs up. The first one should go in your front yard, one at the entrance to your subdivision and one at every major intersection within 2 miles of your home. You can also have signs professionally made at any printer. A recommendation is BCreative in Melbourne, FL (321) 728-0978) for good quality laminated signs on a stand at a very reasonable price. RAIN PROTECTION 💁‍♀️Just a tip for protection from rain for flyers Place flyer in a sheet protector with opening on bottom. Put a piece of tape at bottom so Flyer doesn’t fall out. 💁‍♀️You can also buy a pack of self-sealing laminating pouches. Laminating at a print service is great, but more costly. NOTE: They are very reasonably priced laminators today at Walmart and you can laminate yourself. Use fluorescent window markers to advertise your lost pet on your vehicle. Visit ………………………………………….. ‼️INSIGHTFUL CAT VIDEO & WEBSITES‼️ Please take a few minutes and watch this short video!!! It's very INSIGHTFUL on lost cat behavior and one of the most helpful and informative ones for finding a lost cat. ***Several cats have been reunited by following these tip.” Visit Visit Visit Visit 7 Effective Search Tips for Finding Your Lost Cat – PawBoost Blog …………………………………………….. ‼️ADDITIONAL‼️ Ask your neighbors to check their security cameras. My cameras catch several cats regularly very late at night. If your cat just went missing he/she is likely near by…usually no more than 5-7 houses. Try a Wildlife or Security Camera. Cats are notoriously good at hiding. Using a wildlife or security camera can be helpful in determining if your cat is still in the area, and to establish the best location for finding them or setting up a trap. Also, ask your mail person, fedx and ups to keep a lookout. Give them a flyer Another suggestion is to put article of clothing you wore today near entrance or near a security camera, if you have. The scent of a familiar loved one can draw them near. You can also put your cat’s bedding or favorite blanket outside. The scent of a familiar loved one can draw them near. Cats have an amazing sense of smell! ……………………………………………… 😻Hope you will be reunited soon😻



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