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Graycie is Missing in West Springfield, VA

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This is Graycie, a semi feral that I've been caring for for a few years. She hasn't been seen since Sunday, and it's VERY unusual for her to be gone for this long and to miss meals. I'm on Donnelly Ct in Danbury Forest, so it's very possible she wandered into KP. Asking neighbors if they could please check their yards/sheds, and, if anyone has seen her or knows where she could be, PLEASE let me know. Thank you.


Solid grey DSH with light green eyes. Eartipped left ear.


West Springfield, VA 22151


Donnelly Ct. and Clydesdale Drive


July 30, 2023

Anna A.

10 months ago

Tips on Finding Cats Check everywhere. They can get into very small and unusual places. Check under cars. Cats may even hide inside someone’s car engine. Ask neighbors to check in their garages, sheds, or under decks and around patios or porches , crawl spaces under sheds- any space he could hide. Bring a bag of cat treats or a noisy toy he might be able to recognize the sound. Someone else found his cat by playing friendly cat sounds from his phone or playing the sounds from another pet that may be familiar. Leave smelly socks near home entrances so they can recognize your scent. Try using a laser pointer at night to lure the cat out as well. Cats are more active at night check the neighborhood at night as well. They tend not to go far unless they got into a car somehow or someone took them. The sardines or mackerel fish scent can help lead them back home if you create a trail of food leading back to your home. Create an outdoor cat shelter with a box and towel, food and water left outside in case your pet comes back when you are sleeping or are not at home. A winter time cat shelter would be made differently with straw not hay. Find local cat trappers and trackers who can help you set up a humane trap near home as well. Animal rescue groups usually know someone. Highly recommend Carlyn Kuder (cat trapper). Message me if you would like her number.


Anna A.

10 months ago

If you have not done so already: • File reports with several area animal shelters in a wider area (ask how often the report needs to be renewed). If you do not check often and the pet has been at the shelter for more than 10 days, they could rehome the pet (varies by location). • Upload photos to for facial recognition software to help match it to photos of found pets • Make a post on NextDoor & Neighbors by Ring apps (free apps), and • Post flyers around the area since some people are not on social media, notify delivery drivers/postal workers who are in the area frequently and ask neighbors to check their Ring cameras and security cameras footage. ⚠️Beware that some scammers may try to contact you pretending to be pet trackers or pretending to have found your pet and may ask you to text them for a code, ask you to click a link or ask you for money or ask you to contact them on Insta… Gram; There are some legitimate pet trackers, though. Feel free to ask if you’re not sure if they are legitimate. Prayers for a fast reunion!


Becky S.

10 months ago

I had a semi feral go missing for a week! Turned out she got stuck in someone’s garage when they went on a vacation! She was awfully happy to get home!! Keep looking don’t give up!!


Nikki P.

10 months ago is a non-profit Search & Rescue organization for Missing Pets (“Pet Tracker”). If you haven’t found Graycie, please reach out to us! We have highly proficient tracking dog and handler teams to help you find your pet's location. Our Found-by-Phone consultations are another excellent tool to help find your pet! You can call us at (4⃣1⃣0⃣)9⃣0⃣8⃣-6⃣3⃣7⃣4⃣ or visit us online. The fastest way is our google intake form at and someone will be in touch very soon. P.S. Beware of scammers who claim they found your pet and/or it's injured and ask you to PM them your number. Check their profile to see if it looks legitimate. If someone texts your phone, do not ever give them any code they send you. Always require proof they have your pet (ask for a picture, or a video in real time). Please keep your safety in mind when picking up your pet. Watch out for IG Pet-Tracker scams. ᓚᘏᗢ Praying for a timely and safe reunion. ♡ ✰


Karen C.

10 months ago

I'm so sorry Graycie is missing. Praying she's safe and home REAL SOON 🙏 ❤️ Post on PAWBOOST ALERT. Put out her litter box with water and very strong smelling food. Put out some dirty laundry with your scent. Go out very late at night with a flashlight and call for her. Look in sheds, garages, bushes, anywhere a cat can slip into. Put flyers up.



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