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Panda is Missing in Martinez, CA

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White with black spots -friendly cat


Martinez, CA 94553


is on Roseann Drive Martinez


September 22, 2023

Bree W.

2 months ago

Is this your cat?


HappyCatLady .

2 months ago

💜PLACE COOL Water bowls (METAL BOWLS) around your residence front and back in the shade for your kitty and any thirsty kitty..ask neighbors to do the same...YOu will find your sweet kitty - be patient and take action in person - sorry for the stress and worry..and sorry for my long comments..sending you love, hope and determination💜


HappyCatLady .

2 months ago

🐱💖💖🙏 Dear Guardian. DON’T LOSE HOPE. Scared cats are the stealthiest of hiders and those that get STUCK will often not meow so their human must take action in various ways in order to cover ALL possibilities, daily/nightly until kitty is found. Lost cat 'Sophie' was reunited after being lost for 6 weeks! Cats remain near they don't leave. They just hide in survival mode doing their best to survive. Sophie's guardian trapped her using a humane trap the night after she was spotted eating wet food on the camera her guardian's had aimed (mini blink camera $30 on amazon) Those who search and FLYER and talk to neighbors and go out at night, use a motion activated camera aimed at food etc - tend to FIND their kitty...though sometimes it can take much longer than we want. 🐱💖Lost Cat ‘Clementine’ was finally spotted after 29 days 1.5 yards away! A neighbor we flyered and spoke to 2 weeks earlier spotted kitty in her backyard. We ended up having to use a humane trap to trap her because she remained in survival mode and was too fearful to come forward to her human (2 days later Clementine was back to ‘normal’ purry self). Lost cat ‘Lina’ of 2 weeks was spotted returning home (video footage in backyard) but was too scared to come inside - the owner had to coax her for hours and hours for 2 nights. Without having a camera aimed at food she would NEVER have guessed her kitty was still in her backyard - HIDING! 🐱💖Lost Calico cat ‘Kittie’ was spotted after 4 weeks in a neighbor’s yard who we flyered so they called us. She had escaped out the front door leading to a busy street and must have found a way into the backyards 1 block away..this is why FLYERING at least 1 block beyond your block is KEY. Once she was sighted on this neighbor’s RING camera, we kept leaving food at the same time every day around 6pm and got her coming to the food. We then set a humane trap and watched the trap using a baby monitor to make sure we didn’t trap neighbor cats. The point of this is to continue taking action every day/night. Cats remain near - they do NOT go far from home....Continue to call for kitty - ESPECIALLY from sunset to sunrise..set your alarm for 11pm, 2am, 5am ...walk around the block very slowly and calmly call for kitty ...Lost cat “SQUIRREL” was found after 13 nights of his guardian searching at night with a flashlight (kitty ‘squirrel’ got out from the street front and mostly cement on those blocks) During they day they went door to door finding out who had RING cameras and 7 days in, a neighbor spotted ‘squirrel’ cat walking by on camera at 2am...this gave them the extra boost of hope and they continued to search 11pm-2am. Try everything. Some cats will hide for a good 10 days until extreme HUNGER forces them out…sometimes only at night. And often cats get stuck in a garage while that neighbor is Out of town for over a week! Go back and talk to any neighbor who wasn’t home before… 🐯 If your neighborhood isn't already plastered with flyers , PRINT more flyers and add or replace flyers - IMPORTANT: knock on neighbors doors AGAIN and REMIND them that your sweet kitty is still missing and ask them to check around especially at night especially..ask neighbors with RING cameras to check the footage in case kitty is spotted...whatever you do, do NOT lost hope...keep searching and spreading the word with your neighbors door to door - they need to be reminded kitty is still out there and many many cats are found long after they are lost - we are still early in this… 🐯 FEEDING STATION WITH CAMERA **IMPORTANT** PLACE A CAMERA (motion activated with night vision) aimed at WET food in bowl every day and night. ( you can buy amazon) ..OFTEN cats remain near but are in such survival mode - they will even act scared of their human's voice and won't come inside and need to be coaxed...Lost cat 'Luna' was spotted on camera after being 'lost' for several weeks, her human was shocked to learn Luna was visiting the backyard regularly late night and would come back inside (she was leaving the backdoor open for her) We thought she was stuck at a neighbors which happens all the time...and it was the help of the camera which helped her human learn about the different cats that would visit and other animals...she eventually spotted her 'live' in her backyard (she did a stake out just inside with a baby monitor) and was able to Trap her using a humane trap. 💥💥WiFI Camera with night vision example: Reolink: OR a $30 Mini Blink camera: IF NO WIFI - get a Wildlife/Trail cam which are battery operated: You have to manually check footage daily Wildlife camera -buy 8 lithium AA batteries:… MINI Wildlife camera - $35 must buy 4 AA batteries and a micro SD memory stick: Wild life Solar powered camera: 🐯PER 'The Community Cats podcast episode - taking action right away and consistently is KEY....and along with late night/early morning calling out etc is getting permission from each neighbor near you to physically go into their yards to search and call for kitty (by yourself) to search under porches and anywhere they can possibly hide! Studies have proven 🐯Indoor cats remain near HIDING IN SILENCE and are mostly found within a few houses away from escape point and outdoor/indoor cats mostly within a 1 block radius...indoor cats that area scared remain near and in hiding until threshhold of hunger will make them come out of hiding to look for food though they will still continue to hide from it's important for their human to search daily/nightly and not to give up no matter what. They mentioned that sometimes when cats aren't coming back they may be ill and need medical attention so taking action to actively search in neighbors property is so important They also say that cat owners give up way too soon and cats end up at the shelter months down the road by getting trapped by a caring person - and those cats are NOT reclaimed because guardians stop checking the shelters... 🐯 GAIN ACCESS TO NEIGHBORS YARDS: Knock on your neighbors doors in ALL directions to ask for permission to check yards and around the premises so YOU can call for kitty today and tonight and early morning...scared cats will NOT come forward right away and they are excellent hiders! You have to keep trying this and explain to neighbors that cats protect themselves by hiding - even from their guardian - until THEY feel safe to come forward.... 🐯 Check your local animal shelter in person every 4 days🙏🙏they don’t always show all their 'processed' cats online… For SAN FRANCISCO ACC call them first as they have a new policy of NOT accepting ‘healthy’ found cats…though sometimes they do! FOUND cats: SFACC 🐯 Make sure kitty’s MICROCHIP information is up-to-date. Call to report kitty Lost. If you don’t have the microchip number, check with your vet and/or place of adoption. In addition to updating wherever your cat’s chip was originally registered (or even if you don’t remember where you originally registered the chip), register your cat at the free Found Animals chip registry, and the free pet chip registry, with your current contact information in order to increase the chances that if your cat is picked up, they can contact you. (I say increase the chances because sadly there are multiple databases for different chips and they are not all interconnected.) 🐯With LOVE - damia (www.happycatlady com)🐱💖🙏


HappyCatLady .

2 months ago

PLACE COOL Water bowls (METAL BOWLS) around your residence front and back in the shade for your kitty and any thirsty kitty..ask neighbors to do the same...YOu will find your sweet kitty - be patient and take action in person - sorry for the stress and worry..and sorry for my long comments..sending you love, hope and determination


Damian P.

2 months ago

Robin Hite Hi there... I always enjoy what you share on Facebook but we're not friends yet, I have tried several times to send you a friend request but its not going through. If you don't mind can you just try and send me a friend request? I will be happy to be one of your friends here since there's no end in making friends. But if you find this message embarrassing please pardon my manners. Thank you🥰🥰 and hope you have a wonderful day.



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