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Dallas is Missing in Colorado Springs, CO

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Dallas is a loving indoor cat who has never gotten out but some how wandered off last night in the 80922/Springs Ranch neighborhood


Colorado Springs, CO 80922


Haystack Dr & Prios


May 10, 2024

Denise B.

2 months ago

Dallas will try to come back in, the same way he left, so leave a window or door ajar if you can 💞 Hope your baby is home soon


Debbie A.

2 months ago

Please forgive the length. These are successful outcomes that will help you find Dallas. Dallas will stay within a radius of 2 houses away. Hiding. Call to him consistently he hears you. May not initially answer but keep calling every day. Let him hear your voice. It’s how my cat eventually came home after a few days. He is going to try to return home. Crack open your garage door enough for him to get thru. Place some of his bedding inside the door with your slept on pillowcase in the bedding. Place a heating pad set on low underneath the bedding. Place some water and just a little bit of food deep inside the garage. Please, no food or litter box outside as it will attract other cats and predators to your home deterring Dallas’s effort to return, places him in grave danger, and if hiding around the house will most likely scare him away. Don’t give up on this. Someone took this advice whose cat was missing for a MONTH. While setting up the garage her cat walked inside!! A friend did this. Her cat came home thru the cracked open garage door. A new neighbor lost her cat here in the forest. Distraught. She took all of the above advice. Since new to the area I recommended she place some of her unlaundered clothing along the road, up her driveway to the cracked open door. She didn’t have a garage so she cracked open a door to the house. Her cat came home. Someone shared their parents doing this. Their cat came into their bedroom in the middle of the night. Keep at it. Dallas wants to come home. As it’s getting dark go out with a flashlight and look hard for Dallas. My friends did this after looking and calling for their cat all day. They found him hiding under the neighbor’s deck. Reach out to your neighbors for help. They are key in helping you find Dallas. Distribute flyers with your contact info and an image of him asking them to consistently check their properties and structures. Many cats are found under decks, bushes, and in garages. Look up! He may have been spooked up a tree by a neighbor dog. This is what happened to our cat. He was terrified and stayed up a tree overnight. We had to go up and get him. If adopted from a local rescue contact them asap for help. They are good at what they do and will help you get Dallas back. Let the Humane Society know he is missing in case someone turns him into them. Going there in person every few days improves your odds of finding him. Also, go their website daily and look up the images posted of lost pets who are there. Again, don’t give up. It’s the biggest mistake pet owners make. Dallas is close and will stay close to home the entire time he is missing. Someone whose cat was missing for 2 years was reunited with their fur baby. The cat was found close to home. Had a microchip. Someone finally had the cat checked. Microchipping your pet gives a 95% chance for reunification. Sharing with prayers and hopes for a quick find. ❤️🐾🙏


Suzan R.

2 months ago

General Information: Cats (if they are indoor cats) are usually close to home. Be sure to check all possible hiding places in your home. Hang clothes with your scent on it high up outside so that the familiar scent can travel and guide the cat home. Scent only - no food. Check with your neighbors to see if the cat is in their yard or accidentally stuck in their garage OR if they have a Ring camera (if applicable) to see if he/she was spotted on camera. Post fliers with your contact information on it around the area he/she is missing so if he/she is spotted the person can tell you his/her location (for those not on Social Media). Keep an access point open for him/her to slip back in your home. Look in bushes or hiding spots around your home as if this cat is unfamiliar with being outdoors he/she is most probably scared of all the new sounds and smells and he/she will make himself/herself safe by finding a hiding spot. Check trees as the cat could use the tree as a refuge. Sometimes the best time to find your cat is when the noise level is low - after hours - or early morning hours. Take a flashlight and look for the shining eyes. Good luck.


Mark M.

2 months ago

Hope you find her soon!


Mj B.

2 months ago

He/she won't be far away. Go out at night with flashlight and look for shiny eyes. Leave an opening so he/she can get back into your house. Check nearby (within 3 typical city blocks) sheds, containers, hidey holes, garages. While walking, crinkle treat package. Put up posters for folks in the area who are not on line. A nice neighbor might have let him/her in. Also please do not forget to post to 719 Lost and Found Pets of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Lost Pets Facebook page, Pawboost, the Humane Society, and, very important, Nextdoor (a free app for folks near your house). Finally, go to catsinthebag dot org for ideas on how to find him/her and get him/her back home. At night leave a door or window partially open...many roam in the dark when it's quiet and some come back into their homes.



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