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Arya is Missing in Atlanta, GA

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I first discovered her under my parents porch when she was just few weeks old and didn't give her the space she needed. She made me pay. When I came back down with a can of tuna, her mom was there looking like she was ready to rip my throat out. I put the tuna down quickly and left. When I came back the next morning, the mom wrapped herself around my legs like we were long lost friends. Within a month, all five cats had joined my two and were more like housecats than feral, except Arya, who would just stare at me but run if got closer than 6 feet. One day while she was sleeping, I decided to try sneaking up petting her before she realized what was happening. That worked. She was lolling and purring almost against her will. Since then, she's still shy but lives to be petted. She might be invisible all day but the minute we go to bed, she's right there by the pillow demanding to be petted with the right hand for at least 5 minutes. When we wake up, she's right by the pillow, expecting the same. She is loved and well cared for. She's an indoor cat by force and by choice. Her brother will slip out if given the chance but not her. In this case, she was in her carrier after we sold our hse and were getting ready to fly to the new hse and highly upset abbot the situation. I'm not sure how she got out but I absolutely understand how she got lost so fast. She has an Apple AirTag on her harness but the range is limited to about 100 feet and she hasn't been picked up since disappearing. I spent last night putting together a quick website with a QR code because that seemed like the fastest, most sticky way to network and will be going door to door throughout Embry Hills this weekend searching for clues. If anyone wants to help, hit me up through the link. Thank you.


Tabby with turquoise harness and light tan fur over her right eye.


Atlanta, GA 30341


According to the her bluetooth tracker, she went over or under the wall between Nora 3200 apmts and Embry Hills subdivision


May 17, 2024

Daniel H.

1 month ago

Thank you for all those suggestions. The morning & dusk advice absolutely applies to her. I think I have a pretty good idea where she is based on neighborhood kids. I'm getting ready to go out and canvass the neighborhood now and maybe find some cat lovers with security cameras who can set out food for her. She's lost or she'd be back by now. I just want to keep her in one place. She has a website I set up in the woods last night sitting in the woods where I think she's hiding and I just signed up for a door to door canvassing app to keep track of people we've contacted so we don't keep going back. I could add a volunteer button to the website but I'm afraid it would turn into well meaning searchers that would just scare her more. St Anthony is a great suggestion. I'm going to tweak the website really quick and start knocking on doors.


Daniel H.

1 month ago

Carolyn Marczak


Carolyn M.

1 month ago

Prayers for a safe return home. Post on neighborhood web sites and repost, if necessary. Search often, especially in early and later hours of the day as many scared/ lost cats often hide during busy hours. Look under bushes with a flashlight and look up in trees. Call your cat's name as you walk back toward your home, not away from it. Even if your cat doesn't recognize their name, they may recognize your voice. Carry a carrier, food and a towel as your cat could be too scared to recognize you. Go outside your home in the very early morning hours and quietly call your cat's name. Go back inside, leaving an entry for your cat to come inside maybe garage. Repeat. Ask neighbors to check sheds, garages or any place your cat could be stuck inside or hiding. Pray to St. Anthony, finder if the lost. My prayers are with you.


Alycia D.

1 month ago

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