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Symba is Missing in San Francisco, CA

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Please help us find our beloved Symba! He was last seen Thursday, September 15th. He may be injured. Thank you!🙏


Orang tabby with white paws. Male. About 12 years old.


San Francisco, CA 94110


Elsie and Holly Park Circle


September 15, 2022

HappyCatLady .

2 years ago

🐯 It's still early and quiet.. Right now Go out the 'escape' door and CALL For kitty in a calm NORMAL voice(no stress in your voice) and then wait...repeat...keep calling and if kitty likes the sound of crinkling a treat bag or opening a can please try for your sweet kitty for 15 minutes straight in one spot sitting down..calm calm … 💖🙏 YOUR CAT IS NEAR 💖🙏 Dear neighbor - Please consider updating your listing here (and on Nextdoor etc)with exact address or if not then the street you live on and nearest cross street/S or a number range like "1000-1100 kitty street". You want to be asa precise as possible because your KITTY is VERY NEAR. 🐱Just because you don’t see or hear kitty does NOT mean kitty is not VERY near…I am emphasizing this so you don't go searching blocks away or get mislead by any false sightings without a photo to prove it’s your kitty.. Keep calling for your kitty after hours from 10pm-6am in your NORMAL, CALM voice. Cats can sense stress in your voice and will hide if they sense it. Some scared cats will continue to hide and come forward when there’s no one around - to get to the wet food and water you leave out for your kitty by the escape point. (Do this AM and PM) And get a camera aimed at the food so you can get notified of any movement! 🐯 Indoor cats will remain VERY NEAR TO escape point in a hiding spot in SILENCE and may come forward during the day though most come forward after dark until morning(when it’s quiet). MOST indoor cats are found within 1-5 houses away! - many times kitty is hiding within the property, under the porch, in storage area….scared cats are the stealthiest of hiders...this Is how they survive - Be patient and keep searching and calling… 🐯 INDOOR/OUTDOOR cats are typically found( stuck) within a block - depending on their normal territory. Just yesterday Lost cat 'HUGO" was found 2 yards away disoriented ...his guardian Ann was losing hope calling for him late night and early morning for a week - and last night at 11pm this time he meowed back!! This is why it's important to be consistent in searching and calling for Simon in all the different ways I person...Flyering...checking Ring cameras...placing a camera in front of food and water you in case he's stuck and gets unstuck on his own (example a shed door or garage door is opened releasing him...) Every cat is different and needs our patience and determination. 🐯And UNLESS your kitty is SUPER FRIENDLY to complete strangers, the likelihood of kitty getting picked up and brought to animal care & control is just not reality least not for a long while (though check online daily and in person once a week to cover all possibilities..shy or skittish cats often have to be purposefully trapped. Happy to give you guidance on that piece… 💥FLYERS WORK!!💥 🐯PRINT OUT A GOOGLE MAP OF YOUR BLOCK (See attached) and across the street to start and knock on all your neighbors doors and keep track who you spoke to and which homes to return to later (if not home)...the idea is to talk to everyone in person to best engage them to check crawl spaces etc and to take a photo if they THINK they see your baby - along with distributing flyers door to door and posting up flyers all around your block and and across the street on both sides of lampposts...If someone isn't home, use that blue painters tape to adhere the top and bottom of the flyer on their front door (won't damage) ...Call for your baby from the ESCAPE POINT throughout the day and especially TONIGHT once it's dark and quiet and sounds travel far ... tonight call for him as you walk around your block ...listen closely for meows in garage (if kitty got out from the front)...YOu will find your baby…be patient and know that he is ok ...spread the word IN PERSON and Post up those flyers TODAY - you can print at fedex print stores (send online for pick up) or go there can pick up clear sheet protectors to place the flyers you post UP around your block (clear protector sheets - with the opening facing down) and you can get the painters tape (for taping to front doors) and clear packing tape to tape the flyers around lampposts...we are all wishing you LOVE and HOPE and determination...🐱💖🙏 🐯Sometimes you have to check more than ONCE in the same yards...see text example received... Cover ALL possibilities ...also make sure kitty's microchip is up to date and check for FOUND cats daily online and every 5 days at your local shelter/s. Cover it all. All your effort and love works together to find your sweet kitty 🐯APARTMENT BUILDINGS: For distributing flyers at apartment buildings ...I always ring on bells and talk to folks and/or at least get inside so I can leave a flyer I front of each door step or if not an option then tape flyers onto the top and bottom of EACH mail box to ensure everyone around your block is aware along with posting UP FLYERS around the block and 1 block out in all directions (use the clear sheet protector so they LAST more than a few days! You want to cover all possibilities. Spreading the word IN PERSON and online is Critical in spotting kitty. Ask neighbors in person and on flyers to take a photo if they think they see your kitty instead of approaching her and to call/text you. Talking to neighbors dramatically increases the chances of your cat being spotted or discovered engages people to care and to actively search 🐯MAILBOXES EXAMPLE _ FLYERING 🐯DON’T GIVE UP.. call for kitty during the day and ESPECIALLY at night 10pm-6am ...every day I get texts from cat owners saying they found their cat stuck in a shed, under a neighbor’s garage, on a roof, inside a storage space etc…or that a neighbor heard a meow in their yard AT NIGHT …..each cat is different and needs our patience and determination…and getting the eyes and ears of your neighbors to help is KEY. Return to those addresses if no one is home. Take notes . The neighbors that aren’t home COULD have a laundry room or storage that they closed just before leaving town and you need to cover ALL possibilities to find kitty. 🐯 ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS to check their RING CAMERA and if they can help add a missing cat alert in your neighborhood! 💖🙏 damia foti ( 💖🙏 🐯PLEASE SEE the example below of me taking notes on a map printed out as I go knocking door to door. . F = flyered (not home) & added names of folks I spoke to in person - the goal is to speak to everyone in order to best engage neighbors - ask neighbors to search their garage, storage, sheds and to CALL if think they see your kitty (and to take a photo) Keeping track on a map is a HUGE HELP - I often return days later to neighbors I've spoken - to remind them to continue to keep an eye out for kitty! LINK TO PDF OF LOST CAT FLYER / GOOGLE MAP GRAPHIC EXAMPLE:


Gail S.

2 years ago



Lilah R.

2 years ago

Thank you!🙏


HappyCatLady .

2 years ago

💖 IT JUST GOT DARK OUT...GO OUT the 'escape' door and CALL For kitty in a very calm and NORMAL voice ...keep calling gently over and over , and if your kitty likes the sound of crinkling a treat bag or opening a can of food then please try for your sweet kitty for 15 minutes straight - it’s best to sit down on the ground in one spot and continue to call for kittie - then read the rest of this post to learn exactly what to do to find kitty today/tonight NOT lose hope and do Not stop taking action.... 🐱💜Dear Guardian....Please know you can find your sweet kitty by taking action to cover ALL possibilities, whether your kitty is HIDING or STUCK nearby and needs your help to get home. #1 mistake is Waiting to take action. Glad you posted. Taking ACTION TODAY IN PERSON IS CRITICAL; Here is exactly what to do 🙏🙏 🐱 INDOOR-ONLY Cats that are not used to being outside or are indoor/outdoor but get spooked by someone or something - will find the 1st place to hide and HUNKER DOWN in SILENCE - They tend to remain VERY NEAR, typically within 1-3 residences and many times right next door - HIDINGin silence. Cats that are scared and in foreign environment will often NOT meow/ respond to calls even from their human (at first) ...though Kitty still needs to HEAR you and keep hearing you (until kitty THINKS it’s safe to come forward) - so do NOT stop calling out... Kitty is in survival mode and meowing would give away the hiding spot to predators. Outside is strange for indoor cat..with wind & loud noises.. Be patient...Don't give up! Kitty is out there. 🐱 INDOOR/OUTDOOR cats often get stuck in garages …crawlspaces etc - post flyers 2 blocks out in all directions though Be sure to Focus on your immediate block 1st! Most Indoor/outdoor cats are found wtihin the block - though keep open to the possibility 1-2 blocks out in some cases. 💥 IMPORTANT 💥 CALL for kitty consistently throughout the day and ESPECIALLY TONIGHT from 9 PM until 6AM (when it’s quiet, dark and cats feel ‘safer’ to move out of hiding) Set your alarm for 11pm 1AM, 3AM, 5AM....go out and call for kitty in your NORMAL, CALM voice & wait...shake treats (if that is something kitty normally responds to) I can’t tell you how many kitties come out of hiding during these late hours…(or you can hear meows if trapped in your next door neighbors garage or backyard for example). 🐱 LEAVE A WAY BACK INSIDE 24/7 in case kitty sneaks back inside when it’s dark and quiet. Leave the ‘escape’ DOOR/WINDOW edged OPEN 5” with bedding , wet food and water.. If escaped from the front (and you have a garage) leave garage door open 5" with litter box and food/water inside - on opposite sides. 🐱 GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR NEIGHBORS YARDS: Knock on your neighbors doors and Get permission for YOU to check their yards physically day and evening...explain to them how kitty will hide from strangers and it's best for you to check anywhere kitty could be hiding (they are excellent silent hiders) 💜🙏 NOTE: people often will see a cat outside and just think kitty is an indoor/outdoor cat and won't do anything unless they know your cat is missing! This is why you must go door to door and distribute flyers 🐱IMPORTANT: A majority of your neighbors are NOT on Facebook or Nextdoor seeing this post, This is why you MUST go door to door with FLYERS, asking your neighbors to keep an eye out for kitty. Be meticulous - Take notes on a google map printout of which address #s didn’t answer the door and GO BACK later and try again; 🐱ASK your neighbors to check their Garages, sheds, storage units/areas, crawl spaces , under porches… especially at night with a flashlight to catch kitty’s EYE reflection. Kitty could be stuck / trapped (this happens all the time!) and talking to your neighbors will help engage them into helping keep vigilant. 🐱 KNOCK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS DOORS, starting with the first 10 residences/buildings in ALL directions from where you are. 🐱ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS to check their RING CAMERA and if they can help add a missing cat alert in your neighborhood! 🐱💜 PRINT 100 FLYERS TODAY to give your neighbors door to door AND to POST UP on lampposts (both sides) in your neighborhood, concentrating around your block and expanding out 1 block out. POST UP FLYERS on streetlamps (place inside a clear protective sheet cover - with the open flap facing down so the weather doesn’t ruin them. You can google: “ poly sheet protector” or purchase on amazon or at FEDEX store near you where you can send your print order online for pick up even if they’re closed. Call them once open and ask if they can PRINT right away due to the urgency. fedex staff will always will print quickly. NOTE: They sell the sheet protectors & tape. Get lots of tape. You can Download a flyer ‘template’ on Offer a reward for anyone who sends you a PHOTO of kitty to encourage neighbors to search their residence If you cat is shy at all with strangers, instruct on the flyer for them to not approach kitty but to call ASAP instead. ONLINE: 🐱 Post on www.Nextdoor com under ‘lost & found’ and ‘cat owners’ group. with your exact address (or address range like 1000-1050 3rd street cross street Cherry ave for example) 1. NEXTDOOR INVITE: 2. INVITE LINK TO NEXTDOOR ‘CAT OWNERS GROUP: 🐱Report to Animal Care & control - your local animal shelter’s And Check for FOUND cats online daily on their website/s and CHECKIN PERSON EVERY 4 days For San Francisco, email your Lost cat flyer to SFACC . Check for found cats: SFACC 🐱Report kitty is lost on Check for FOUND cats daily. 💥 IMPORTANT 💥 PLACE A CAMERA (motion activated with night vision) facing out the escape door with food and watch footage daily - you can't believe how many times a cat will return home - eat - has no way of getting back inside (or just WILL NOT go back inside - is in survival mode) and the owners stops going out at night so the cat disappears back into the may see other cats, raccoons and other creatures eat the food..that's ok...replace the WET food only (raccoons LOVE dry cat food so wet is better) you can buy motion sensor camera on amazon over night - connect to wifi...OR a wild life camera with playback feature - WiFI Camera with night vision example:… 🙏💜DON’T GIVE UP...Lost Cat ‘Clementine’ was finally spotted after 29 days 1.5 yards away! a neighbor who we flyered and spoke to 2 weeks earlier spotted kitty in her backyard and we ended up having to trap her because she remained in survival mode and wouldn't come forward to her human (a few days later she was back to normal). And then there was lost cat ‘Lina’ of 2 weeks was spotted returning home (video footage in backyard) but would not come inside - the owner had to coax her for hours and hours for several nights...some have to trap their cats. each cat is different and needs our patience and determination… MANY guardians find their kitties late night when it’s quiet and your voice and/or kitty’s meow can be easily heard … even scared cats try to come home or may meow if stuck at night. Set your alarm over and over. You can do this … Wishing you LOVE, HOPE and unwavering determination 💖🙏 damia💖🙏 650-339-6619 ( 🐯PLEASE BELOW example of taking notes on map as I went door to door. F = flyered (not home) Added names I spoke to in person - the goal is to talk to everyone to best engage neighbors - ask them to search garage, storage, sheds and to CALL if think they see kitty (and take a photo) Keeping track on a map is a HUGE HELP - I often return days later to remind folks to keep looking!


Diane H.

2 years ago




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