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Beans is Missing in Great Falls, VA

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We are missing our dear cat, Beans. Neighbors saw him walking up our gravel road headed to 1201 Towlston Road. He is very precocious and friendly. We believe that someone has him mistaking him for a stray.


Beans is a white cat with black and brown markings. He has a ringed tail.


Great Falls, VA 22066


Cross Street of Bellview and Towlston


November 25, 2023

Anna A.

3 months ago

Tips on Finding Cats Check everywhere inside the house. They can get into very small and unusual places - holes under cabinets, inside ceilings if there are tiles, closets, food cabinets, etc. The cat may be hiding somewhere to stay warm. Check under cars. Cats may even hide inside someone’s car engine. Ask neighbors to check in their garages or under decks and around patios or porches - any space a cat could hide. They tend to get stuck in sheds or other people’s garages. Also, look up in trees. Bring a bag of cat treats or a noisy toy he might be able to recognize the sound. Someone else found his cat by playing friendly cat sounds from his phone or playing the sounds from another pet that may be familiar. Leave smelly socks or dirty laundry near home entrances so they can recognize your scent. This seems to work best. Try using a laser pointer at night to lure the cat out as well. Cats are more active at night check the neighborhood at night as well. They tend not to go far unless they got into a car somehow or someone took them. The sardines or mackerel fish scent can help lead them back home if you create a trail of food leading back to your home. Create an outdoor cat shelter with with straw not hay. Towels and fabrics do not retain heat in cold weather. An insulated box with straw is best. Find local cat trappers and trackers who can help you set up a humane trap near home as well. Animal rescue groups or shelters usually know someone or can loan one. Highly recommend Carlyn Kuder (pet trapper). Message me if you would like her number.


Anna A.

3 months ago

If you have not done so already: • File reports with several area animal shelters in a wider area (ask how often the report needs to be renewed). If you do not check often and the pet has been at the shelter for more than 10 days, they could rehome the pet (varies by location). •Check strays and found pets section on animal shelter websites and Facebook pages daily. • Upload photos to PetcoLoveLost (dot)org for facial recognition software to help match it to photos of found pets • Make a post on NextDoor & Neighbors by Ring apps (free neighborhood apps), and • If the pet is a microchipped, check that your contact info is up to date and file a lost pet report with the microchip company. • Post flyers around the area since some people are not on social media, notify delivery drivers/postal workers who are in the area frequently and ask neighbors to check their Ring cameras and security cameras footage. ⚠️Beware that some scammers may try to contact you pretending to be pet finders or pretending to have found your pet and may ask you to text them, ask you to click a link or ask you for money or ask you to contact them on other social media. There are some legitimate pet trackers, though. Feel free to ask if you’re not sure if they are legitimate. Prayers for a fast reunion!


Anna A.

3 months ago

⚠️o, I’m a Virginia Pawboost Community moderator. Beware of messages from scammers such as these examples in the photo. Beware of scammers on Instagram or asking you to text or email them or pretending to have found your pet. Do not give out too much info about your pet. Let the person describe the pet. Some will send fake photos of similar looking pets.


Lisa A.

3 months ago

Losing a pet can be a heart-wrenching experience, leaving families feeling helpless and desperate,this is where how we got in contact with a pet finder here " urbansearchforpets "on Instagram a beacon of hope in a time of distress. With their assistance and their state-of-the-art technology, they are redefining the search and rescue process for our four-legged friends.



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