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Reunited Cat in Calgary, AB

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REUNITED - reunited after 23 days, 15 hours






White spot on chest. Green eyes. May still be wearing a red plaid collar with a bell.


Calgary, AB


June 13, 2024

Shirlene O.

4 weeks ago

You may have to borrow a live trap from an animal rescue. I think The MEOW Foundation lends them out. They can also be bought from Canadian Tire or stores like that. Place the trap in a safe area where you can see it all the time and put some warmed canned tuna inside. Canned tuna can be smelled for a long way - it should bring hungry kitties running. Never leave it set up over night. During winter it is very important to watch it so no kitties freeze. If you catch a kitty please take it to a 24 hour Veterinary clinic and they can check it for a micro chip or tattoo. Hopefully they can find it's family soon. Any kitties you can catch will be much safer at a Veterinary clinic or The Humane Society. They will be safe - warm - fed and not have to worry about coyotes - bobcats or cars. The less kitties alone and starving on the streets - the better.


Shirlene O.

4 weeks ago

Also look into getting some motion sensor cameras. They will help you see if he is coming around at night. They will let you know what kind of animals are coming into your yard - if there's lots of territorial males chasing other kitties away. Please catch as many strays as possible and take to a 24 hour Veterinary clinic. They can check them for mirco chips or tattoos and hopefully find their families. Or keep them safe until Animal Services can pick them up. It's a win win. Less territorial cats chasing or fighting with your kitty and less cats breeding while homeless. Plus with winter many cats will freeze - starve or be eaten by coyotes or bobcats or hit by cars. I really hope you find your sweetie safe and soon.


Shirlene O.

4 weeks ago

Please don't give up looking - he's probably hiding somewhere close. Go out and take his favorite treats and call. Ask your neighbors to check their garages - sheds - under stairs - decks and bushes. He's probably hiding somewhere close and feeling scared and confused. Ask your neighbors to check more than once - cats are very good at hiding. Check at night late when it's quiet as that's when he may feel safer to come out. Put out his some of your worn clothes. The scent will help him find home. Go out at night when it's quiet and take his favorite treats. Call him softly and listen for soft meows back - especially near garages and sheds he may have become trapped inside. Take a flashlight and look under bushes and other hiding places for reflective cat eyes. Ask your family and friends to help you make posters and put them up all over your neighborhood - especially near stores and your community center. Call Veterinary clinics and animal shelters in case someone brought him in or called about spotting him. Post on YYC site too - they have a very large following. Don't give up - keep looking especially at night. I hope you find him soon. I'm sharing. Please post in YYC group too. They have a very large following. The more people looking for your kitty the better. Please also consider building a catio for your kitty. Catios can be any size or shape and they keep your kitties safe. They also save the lives of many small song birds. Please consider building a catio - you can Google them for ideas. I hope he is found safe and soon.



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