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Peter is Missing in Chicago, IL

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Our daughters' beloved cat we brought all the way from South America when we moved!


Fluffy Grey tabby coloring with a collar and tag


Chicago, IL 60643


107th and Wood


June 18, 2024

Siara M.

4 weeks ago

If your cat is an indoor kitty, it is likely that he or she is very near by. Please create flyers with your cell phone and hang all on the blocks around you or wherever the last sighting was. Also hand these flyers to all neighbors on your block, Amazon drivers, usps workers, FedEx drivers, and every dog walker you come across in the area. You need more eyes out there. This is important because not everyone has Facebook. Go out quietly pre sunrise and after sunset and gently and quietly call the cats name if he responds. If he normally responds to treats shaken in a bag you can do that too but do so softly to not frighten him. You don’t want strangers calling the cats name as it is confusing and scary. Put the cats favorite blanket or bedding out as well. The scent can help. Set up a food and water station in the back yard and front porch for the kitty. If there’s food and water in the area then he’s more likely to stay in the area. If you expect he’s coming to visit you can set up humane traps with smelly sardines and food as bait. I’d stick to wet food and smelly cat foods to help lure the cat to the smelly food in your yard or front porch. Also if your town has any additional Facebook groups for lost pets do join those and continue posting. Goodluck! :(


Laura O.

4 weeks ago

Call the microchip company ASAP, they will send out an alert. Buy or Rent a trap from a rescue, vet, police station, friend, or neighbor. Get cans of 9-Lives, put the trap by your house or building, and put the food inside (1 can at a time on a plate). Write a note “Please don’t touch, trapping lost cat, please call (add your #) if seen” Check the trap every 15 min as you might get other wildlife caught and need to be released. Be patient it can take a couple of days to catch him as cats get scarred when not used to being outside, they act differently. They normally hide during the day and come out at night. Check under the porches and back decks of neighbors as they make great hiding spots along with bushes. 🙏🏻 you find him soon🐈‍⬛


Melissa M.

4 weeks ago

Notify non-emergency police, animal control and the postal carriers in the area were lost. Check with neighbors or businesses nearby that may have cameras. Put a neon sign in your yard. Fill out lost reports with both Lost Dogs/Cats Illinois website and Pawboost website (choose not to pay for ads and it’s free!) They will generate a flyer for you to print. Post in lost animal sites and community sites on FB. Put up flyers at nearby stores/gas stations, pet stores, libraries, and give some to pizza delivery places to put on their boxes. Put the outside flyers in a gallon sized freezer bag to protect from the elements. You can also try bus companies to put a flyer on their buses. Let the kids in the area know as they notice everything when not on their phones. Put food and water out and something with your scent. Check in nearby garages, sheds, window wells, ponds, look under decks. Also check with shelters in person or call as many as you can and give them a flyer. If the animal is chipped notify the company and make sure your contact info is correct. Also let vet and groomers in the area know. Can see if anyone has a drone to help search especially if woods nearby. Please also be aware of scammers. Especially if you are giving a reward. Do not give them a code or anything they ask. Tell them you will give them the reward at the police station for both of your safety. 🙏🏻 for a reunion soon! Don’t give up hope!


Ashley C.

4 weeks ago

I am the owner of Peter feel free to DM me with any sightings


Ashley C.

4 weeks ago

Roxanne Kb no he is full grown



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