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Lost Cat in Leon County, FL 32309












"My daughters cat went missing and she is devastated"


Leon County, FL 32309


Buck skin Rd and Miccosukee


January 21, 2023

Beverly R.

2 months ago

Read ALL suggestions please! *Post on NextDoor near you asap. Its free and covers multiple neighborhoods near yours. **The #1 Tools for reuniting pets are colorful, pictured "Lost" Signs/Flyers! Put them around your neighborhood, entrances/exits and close intersections. Put one in your yard also! *He/she could be "stuck" or locked in somewhere so ask neighbors to check garage, shed etc.. *Kitty needs a way back in so leave garage door cracked enough for her/him to return....leaving some food, water and your worn clothing inside garage as well for the scent. They usually return during darkness, when its quiet and they feel safe to return. *Go out at night when its dark and quiet. Call your kitty and then give time to listen for a meow. Dont chase it...squat down and shake a bag of treats and let kitty come to you❤🙏


Sebastian J.

2 months ago

Put scent items out (dirty socks, PJ’s, pillow cases). An Indoor only kitty is usually found in a 2.5 house radius of its own home. Indoor/outdoor is a 17 house radius. Grab your flashlights and look at night, look under everything even in your neighbors yards. Look for the reflection of the eyes. You can shake a treat bag as you go. I have read where some owners have had luck by just leaving the door open and the kitty just comes back in on its own. Sometimes they get locked in a neighbors garage, so knock on doors & pass out flyers so everyone in the neighborhood knows. If you haven’t already, post on the Nextdoor app it is neighborhood specific. https://www.missinganimalresponse.com/lost-cat-behavior/


Diana E.

2 months ago

Biscuits is a beautiful black cat with a white spot on his chest -- I'm sorry he's lost. Is Biscuits an escaped indoor cat or is he allowed outside? His familiarity with the outdoors will dictate how to find him. Escaped indoor cats usually hide close by but are too frightened to return or respond when called; while a cat that knows its way around may have become stuck somewhere and needs help getting home. I have recovered many lost cats and assisted others so if you tell me about Biscuits I can provide complete instructions that may help. Please keep in mind that an escaped cat may emerge when it's dark and quiet to sneak back inside. This usually happens within the first two nights, but until I hear back from you please implement this strategy if Biscuits got out accidentally: tonight put something small but comforting and familiar outside (blanket, worn teeshirt, etc.) and tempting food at his point of escape, then watch from inside (DO NOT GO BACK OUT AFTER DARK!) and if you see Biscuits approach be careful not to startle him. Slowly and quietly provide a clear path inside and he may put an end to the crisis himself. (You may occasionally call for him overnight, but do so softly and from the doorway -- going back outside could scare him away. If you can't wait up set an alarm and watch again just before sunrise -- it's a popular time.) And although some will suggest putting out kitty's litter box, experts say DON’T DO IT. I've never used one in all the times I've been successful recovering a lost cat. Please read this to learn more about why it's neither necessary nor recommended: https://www.facebook.com/notes/lost-cats-georgia/why-we-dont-recommend-putting-your-lost-cats-litter-box-outside/1101245526665296/


Allison B.

2 months ago

Place things outside that smell familiar , a towel or piece of clothing. Cats can smell for miles. Also put stinky stuff out like tuna, sardines, clam juice. Walk around at night with a flashlight looking under cars, in bushes and up in trees his eyes will reflect in the light. Clang his food bowls walking around to calling his name. Ask your neighbors to look in and under sheds, decks, in garages in case he’s locked in. Good luck I hope he comes home soon 🙏 Try posting on petco’s site called love lost. https://lost.petcolove.org/ Also post on Nextdoor app and lost and found pets of your Countys Facebook page Post flyers and ask around with your neighbors in case someone took him inside. My friends cat was once in the house across the street for a month! If you’re not certain he got out please check everywhere inside I once read of a cat stuck in a recliner chair and dresser drawer. https://www.dailypaws.com/cats-kittens/cat-safety-tips/how-to-find-a-lost-cat https://www.pawboost.com/blog/7-effective-search-tips-for-finding-your-lost-cat/


Paula V.

2 months ago

The only way a lost cat can find its way home is with its nose. Cats can smell up to one mile away from their own house and usually stay in a five house radius of their own home for the first week or so sleeping in bushes and coming out at dusk and Dawn so that is a good time to walk and call out shaking the treat bag. Bring a flashlight so you can shine it into the bushes to see their eyes. The first thing you must do immediately is put out the dirty litter box! Cats can only find their way home by smell! Also put out their food along with anything that stinks of you including your smelliest sneakers your stinkiest socks something you slept in or sweated in... Do all this immediately and put this on nextdoor.com as well good luck



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