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Lost Cat in Santa Cruz, CA 95060












"I can't stop crying. Am worried sick about my baby I haven't seen him since he was home Tuesday night, July 6th, so he's been missing for two days now. I'm so distraught. He's been with me since he was 3 months old and is now 14 years old, so we've been together a very long time! His brother (litter mate) Cody and I are all we have for family. I don't have human children -- they are my babies, and I love them more than anything in the world. I couldn't bear to lose him. Praying he comes home. Please call or text any time, day or night, if you've seen him. Thank you. Evelyn 831-334-9142 P.S. The posting says I'm his "owner" but I'm not. I'm his MOM, and we need each other. "


Domestic short-hair, all black, greenish-yellow eyes, thin (11 lbs)


Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Fern Street, Santa Cruz


July 7, 2020

Shoshanah M.

2 years ago

Sharing from another missing pets Facebook page I belong to. I hope you find Sebastian!... This ( updated) amazing list was created by Devon Elaine Cattell ! I am so sad to hear your news. I have collected the info. below on finding lost cats. Hope it helps: FINDING MISSING CATS ATTRACTING WITH SCENT: -Litter box. One of the most effective methods to attract your cat is to put your cat's litter box outside where you can monitor it. If your cat is lost because something spooked him he might be disoriented and unable to find his way home. It is good to put the litter box outside because they can smell that at quite a distance. -Walk around with a plate of smelly tuna and call for your cat. Listen carefully. If you do not hear/find your cat, that doesn't mean she's not there -- she may just be afraid. Continue this at morning, midday, evening and late evening. Most cats return home between 3 AM and 5 AM. -Leaving some blankets and clothing that already have your scent on them outside or on patio furniture is highly recommended. Nine times out of 10, when the cats have returned home it has been because of the litter box scent, or to curl up in clothing and blankets from the inside of the home. FLYERS If it is raining put your flyer in a ziploc and hang it zip edge down when you post it. Make a flyer with: - Photo– if no photo detailed description cat’s COLOR/S (brown-black, tabby-striped, 2-color, 3 colors mottled,…), longhaired or shorthaired, any distinguishing characteristics - Location - where the cat was last seen - When last seen - Your phone/email and if texting is ok, and if it is ok to call late at night - Reward if applicable - PLACES TO POST FLYERS: ---Stop signs are best, because people in cars can see them – be sure to post on the side of the stop sign that is facing the road (usually the side of the signpost) (so the drivers who are stopped at the stop sign can read it). Best at roads that lead to a subdivision like Irwin, Forest, Fairmount,… ---Neighbors’ mail boxes ---Local veterinarians ---Local shelter If someone responds to your flyer, having possibly found your animal, check it out even if it seems too far away to possibly be your animal. Animals have been found miles from where they were originally lost. We had a cat who jumped into a jeep and ended up at the grocery store CHECK ANIMAL SHELTER FREQUENTLY: Check the animal shelter and file a missing cat report: https://www.scanimalshelter.org/lost-pet-listings/ Keep checking back every other day. Also ask shelter for information about humane trapping. Often local vets will lend you a humane trap. POST ONLINE: Post on as many websites as possible and check their lost and found listings every day -Petfinder.com (under classifieds, Lost) -NextDoor - https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/ -Local Craigslist (under lost and found). -Facebook: ---Missing Cats of San Lorenzo Valley: https://www.facebook.com/groups/526396614132344/ ---LOST AND FOUND DOGS in and around The San Lorenzo Valley https://www.facebook.com/groups/755632284447219/ ---Boulder Creek Neighbors: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bouldercreekneighbors/ ---Ben Lomond Neighbors: https://www.facebook.com/groups/benlomondneighbors/ SEARCH ON FOOT: --NEIGHBORS Talk with or email your neighbors. --HIDING PLACES: Cats often hide obsessively when something has frightened them. Check garages, sheds, under houses, bushes, brush piles, and around vacant buildings. Check trees and rooftops. If you live in an area with a lot of feral cats, make sure you look where other cats are found. Your kitty may have integrated into an existing colony of stray/feral cats. TRAPS: If your cat is used to going outside, or you think your cat is around and just doesn't want to come back in, set up a humane trap with some tuna and other smelly cat food. Put the trap in a safe spot on your property where you can supervise it and a mountain lion cannot access it like under a car. Do not leave it unattended for long periods or overnight. A big feast of smelly cat food may also lure your cat back to your porch. MICRO CHIPPED? If your cat is microchipped, call the company she is registered with and report her as missing. They often offer tools to help recover your cat. If you have lost the microchip company contact info, check with the vet who microchipped him/her for you Don’t Give Up Sometimes it can take months to find a lost pet. Use all these methods every day, and don’t give up. GOOD LUCK!


Chris D.

2 years ago

Leave an article of your clothing outside your door. He maybe hiding near by ( spooked ).


Leslie S.

2 years ago

So many babies missing, so sorry.


Lisa L.

2 years ago

put out posters they work



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