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Lost and Found Pets Database Kershaw, SC 29067

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Found/Stray Unknown Dog last seen Church Rd Rock Hill SC 29730, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Reported 3 months ago

Found Pet Unknown Dog

FOUND PET ID: 8875511

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Black dog with grey patches.

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Lost Male Cat last seen Robinson Town Rd & Old Georgetown Rd W Cassatt, SC 29032, Cassatt, SC 29032

Reported 3 months ago, updated 3 months ago

Boujee Male Cat

LOST PET ID: 8843584

Cassatt, SC 29032

black & white tuxedo cat, green eyes, very talkative, adult, 6-7 yo

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Lost Female Cat last seen Marathon grill Ftlawn SC usa, Fort Lawn, SC 29714

Reported 3 months ago

River Female Cat

LOST PET ID: 8853448

Fort Lawn, SC 29714

Beautiful calico.Beautiful markings especially around her eyes.About 4 years best freind.i miss her soo bad.Not much but 50.00 reward leading to her finding.

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Found/Stray Female Dog last seen Saint Michaels Ave SC, Great Falls, SC 29055

Reported 3 months ago

Found Pet Female Dog

FOUND PET ID: 8853260

Great Falls, SC 29055

Brownish gray with a black leather collar but no tags. The collar resembles a belt. She’s very sweet and looks like a Pitt mix

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Lost Male Dog last seen Lost around Sandy Ridge Church on sandy ridge road. , Altan, NC 28112

Reported 3 months ago

Sue Male Dog

LOST PET ID: 8839661

Altan, NC 28112

Black dog with one white spot on his chest. Injuries in this picture has been healed up, but he is missing an ear.

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