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Culver City, CA

2 weeks

"Churchill went missing when we were having our carpets cleaned which required the front door to be open. The commotion must have scared Churchill and despite our watching the door and trying to keep ... See More

Found Dog Sherlock

Davenport, IA

2 weeks

"The kids in the neighborhood came to my house with this lost dog thinking it was mine, because I have 5 chihuahuas and one of them looks like this dog. I kept him in my home and listed him on all the... See More


Clarkston, Glasgow, UK

2 weeks

"Leo wandered off via the back garden which was open to allow the dog to do her business. He usually does not wander for long at all, maybe a couple of hours every few weeks. I received a text mess... See More


Queens, NY

2 weeks

"Chase and my dad were outside one morning playing in the park. Apparently, my dad let Chase off his leash so that he could play with all the other dogs. Unfortunately, one of the dogs chased Chase aw... See More


Hammond, IN

2 weeks

"We let Manta outside to the backyard like we do numerous times a day since she potties outside and also loves to play in the yard with our Boston terrier, Angel. Angel started barking like crazy so w... See More

Found Dog Blanco

Kendale Lakes, FL

2 weeks

"He was actually in our front yard one morning. My son saw him and called him over and he just came right over so no capture was necessary. He was extremely sweet and loving and just happy to be with ... See More

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