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Found Cat Mavis

Milford, NS, Canada

3 weeks

"I discovered this cat when I was home over my lunch hour. She was meowing and was hiding in a wood pile behind my shed. I could tell she was distressed so I went inside, and not having any pets of my... See More

Found Dog Sophie

San Antonio, TX

3 weeks

"We got home and as soon as we got out of the car here comes this big pug all out of breath looking happy to see us. We didn’t have to capture her, she came right to us as if she knew us! At first w... See More


Hagerstown, MD

3 weeks

"Smokey went missing on the evening that he was being transported from TN to MD. We had just adopted Smokey and his brother Cole. Smokey was being transferred from the transporter to our car when he b... See More


Waverly, OH

3 weeks

"Malachi got outside without us knowing when we let the dogs out to use the restroom. We have a fenced in yard but when we woke up and I couldn't find him I knew something was wrong, but he is a hider... See More


Mesa, AZ

3 weeks

"Reese's went missing just after moving into our new home. The saddest part was that, I had literally JUST gotten her back in my possession after a long divorce and of course, having to acquire a home... See More


Woodstock, GA

3 weeks

"Ollie is an indoor kitty and slipped out through the garage door one Sunday night. We searched for him and put flyers on 120 doors, took a flyer to our local vet, informed the shelter and made a big ... See More

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