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San Antonio, TX

3 weeks

"One Tuesday, my husband let Archie out into the back yard to use the restroom and stretch his legs before he left for work. I went to bring him back inside about 30 minutes later and noticed he was g... See More


Sierra Vista, AZ

4 weeks

"Cheddar got out of the house before, but this time he was gone for far too long. I tried staying up late and left food outside but other critters were eating it, which probably ran him off. I used Pa... See More


Chancellor, VA

4 weeks

"Dexter went missing one Saturday when he and his canine companion, Chance, slipped out of the front door. Together they ran into the woods and out of sight. Later that night, Chance was back, but Dex... See More


Spanaway, WA

4 weeks

"Woody is an indoor/outdoor rabbit and comes and goes as he pleases. He was outside during the day of a storm and he was hiding under the deck and wouldn't come inside. When it got late and the wind w... See More


Norfolk, VA

4 weeks

"Confuzious is an indoor/outdoor cat, he always goes outside in the early morning and comes in around noon-2pm. One Monday, I let him out at 6:30am and apparently someone a block away called animal co... See More


North Las Vegas, NV

4 weeks

"The night Gordo went missing it was super windy out! Somebody didn’t shut the door all of the way and the wind blew it wide open. We were in the back of the house so we didn’t notice for about te... See More

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