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Found Dog Beaux

Washington County, TX

4 weeks ago

"One night during a lightening storm this dog showed up in the middle of our 15 acre crossed fenced property dancing around, wagging his tail trying to get in. I thought it was my dog who I had just p... See More


Alpharetta, GA

1 month ago

"Tigger is the ultimate escape artist! We typically let him and our other ferret roam throughout most of the apartment with a few exceptions. One Friday night as we were hectically getting ready to le... See More


Greenville County, SC

1 month ago

"We adopted Paisley from the humane society in our home town of Atlanta two weeks before she went missing. In those two weeks we discovered that she doesn't like too much or loud noises. Other than th... See More


Forest Grove, OR

1 month ago

"Emma went missing one Saturday after digging her way under the backyard gate. I came home from work and usually she is super excited to meet me at the door and to smell all of the animals I have work... See More


Houston, TX

1 month ago

"Every night before sleeping we open the door so Benny can pee in the fenced in yard. I was doing other stuff inside the house and all of the sudden I couldn't find him. We looked everywhere and nothi... See More


Marion County, FL

1 month ago

"Our family took a day trip together and on our way home we stopped for a quick lunch. It was December 2018 and a cool sunny day. We had our 3 dogs with us so we parked directly in front of the restau... See More

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