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  • Post to your local lost pets Facebook page
  • Alert local Rescue Squad™ by email
  • Print a lost pet flyer
  • Add your pet to our lost & found
  • Boost your alert to thousands of local people

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Lost dog reunited in Spokane Valley, WA


Spokane Valley, WA

19 hours ago

"My ex went to let Oreo out and she got spooked when a man was walking by with a yoga mat. He said he got her calmed down, but then she just took off at a sprint and didn't look back. PawBoost was a m... See More

Found cat reunited in Henderson, NV

Found Cat

Henderson, NV

2 days ago

"While walking my dog, I noticed a kitty sitting in front of a tree in front of my house. The cat got spooked by my neighbor and ran down the alley between houses, not knowing this was a fenced off ar... See More

Lost dog reunited in Whitingham, VT


Whitingham, VT

3 days ago

"Skye is old, has very bad eye sight, and is hard of hearing. We just moved to Jacksonville and live on 11 acres of wooded property. Skye has been wandering around and exploring lately, but he wandere... See More


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