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Featured Happy Tails! July 2021 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in July

Featured Happy Tails! July 2021 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in July

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Check out July’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Delilah: Lost Dog Reunited in Augusta, GA!

“I was out of town. My husband says he went to bed around 10pm Friday night and knows he saw Delilah at that time. It is usual for him to leave them out. We have three dogs in total. I was coming home that night, so I was OK with them staying out until I got home. Normally I ask him to lock them up in the kitchen when he goes to bed. When I got home around 3am, she was not there but the other two were.

My 10-year-old daughter and I had just set out to walk our neighborhood and pass out flyers. We were about four doors down when I saw her sniffing her way and running home. I called her name and she ran so fast to me while crying the whole way! She jumped into my arms still crying and panting. I want to cry just typing it. I had my daughter snap this picture. This is an answer ‘yes’ to my prayers! Thank you God!

I feel that PawBoost really helps connect you with people local to you. PawBoost helps you find the pet shelters near you and gave me comfort to know I was doing something to help.”

“Chance ran off scared from all the lightning and thunderstorms one evening. We weren’t home at the time, so we had no idea which direction he had run off to.

After spending two days driving around looking for him, calling local shelters, and finally posting on PawBoost, our dog was found! A neighbor down the road saw the PawBoost posting and quickly reached out to us! We were so grateful our dog Chance was safe! When he was delivered to our home by a kind gentleman, Chance immediately recognized us and ran to us! It was such a sweet reunion moment!

The person that found our dog saw a posting on PawBoost after calling the local Humane Society and contacted us. The support of the PawBoost community was great. I was amazed at how many strangers were willing to share and offer their prayers of support.”

Found Dog Reunited in San Antonio, TX!

“I live in an apartment complex that has a doggy park. I was in the park with my dog and she was showing a lot of interest with something in a large water runoff canal located in the park. I walked over and saw a confused little Chihuahua that was obviously very senior. She appeared to be blind and deaf, but looked chunky and well taken care of.

I got a towel, climbed in the canal, wrapped her up, and set her on the ground. I comforted her and gave her water. We asked a very kind lady if she could stay at her house overnight and she agreed. I posted a found alert on PawBoost. The people responding to my alert were so kind. They advised me to post on some other sites, too.

One of the people that saw my ad also saw the owner’s ad on another site. She messaged him. He messaged me and they were reunited. I also printed and hung the flyers PawBoost made for me. PawBoost made this possible by allowing people to post on their site. This site also posts to Facebook and it totally got total strangers together to reunite a beloved pet…family.

I found the dog about 8pm that night and by a little after 11:00 am the next day, she was back with her person. He had actually messaged at 10:43 but I didn’t see the message until about 11. He was searching since the day before. I don’t know if the outcome would have been the same without PawBoost. I was so worried that she would not be reunited. Never did I dream it would be in less than 24 hours!”

Robbie: Lost Bunny Reunited in Belleville, IL!

“Robbie was playing in his rabbit run in the backyard and was startled by construction happening next door. He bolted over a 4-foot enclosure and jetted under our fenced yard in fright. I put an alert on PawBoost.

I printed the flyers from PawBoost and put them all over my neighborhood. A neighbor called two days later and said that he was in her yard! I was able to pick him up and bring him home. PawBoost was very helpful and I received good advice online.”

Bowie: Lost Dog Reunited in Archuleta County, CO!

“Bowie slipped out of her harness at the vet during a potty break. She was being treated for dehydration and possibly an ulcer and was going to stay overnight. She was gone four nights and we spotted her the day before she was found, but she ran from us.

We searched for her each day, and the community was wonderful about reaching out with sightings and looking for her. She endured thunderstorms and 40 degree temperatures at night. She covered some difficult terrain and was several miles from home.

A woman notified me, likely through a Facebook post or seeing a flyer on the neighborhood mailbox, that Bowie was resting in her gazebo. Her home was about 20 minutes from our home. She visited with Bowie and gave her water and comfort. I slowly walked up the driveway and sat down, throwing meat putty in the driveway.

Bowie saw me and slowly walked into my arms and gave me hugs and kisses. Her dad arrived shortly thereafter and received lots of kisses. We took her to the vet and she has some limping (she tore out the IV port and ripped off the bandage) and her paws are roughed up. But overall she is not dehydrated and does not have a fever. She is resting on her favorite bed and dreaming.

Bowie was gone for four nights. With countless hours searching Thursday through Sunday, we got the winning contact late Monday morning. There is definitely value in getting the word out as widely as possible, as people check different Facebook pages.”

Love these Happy Tails? We love sharing them! Click here to read more.


  • I love to read about these happy reunions. I always post alerts from PawBoost on my FB page. When these pets lucky enough to be reunited with their humans, I always want to know the story. I wish I could know every story, but I am grateful to read the few that are posted on here. PawBoost a great organization.

  • Thank you PawBoost for all the pets you have been able to reunite with their owners. Glad you are here for all the lost furry babies.

  • Please spay and neuter!!!! How irresponsible can you be !!!!!! Can you guarantee that all the kittens will have great forever homes????? How about volunteering at a shelter so you can see all the wonderful animals without a home before allowing more to be born????

  • PawBoost,

    Helped in the return of my Pooch several months ago and I’m so ever grateful. Love for everyone that are linked in the Union of all our pets.

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