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Featured Happy Tails! May 2024 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in May

Featured Happy Tails! May 2024 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in May

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Check out May’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Chewy: Lost Dog Reunited in San Bernardino, CA!

“My son let Chewy out to go potty, but for some reason he ran out of the yard and ran away. We searched all around for him, but couldn’t find our Chewy anywhere. My daughter-in-law told us about PawBoost and, within an hour or less of creating Chewy’s lost pet alert, my husband was contacted about Chewy’s whereabouts. Chewy was missing four days before we were reunited, but it only took an hour or so after creating her PawBoost alert for the finder to contact me. Anyone with a missing or found pet should create an alert through PawBoost as soon as possible.”

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Chief: Lost Dog Reunited in Asheville, NC!

“Chief somehow got out of the yard and he was possibly hit by a car! Apparently he was terrified and shell-shocked. No one could find him. There was a torrential downpour and he must have ran and was lost in the rainstorm. We’re still not sure what happened to him. There were only tidbits of stories that fit together from neighbors. We were afraid for the worst, so we called shelters, animal control, and created an alert for Chief through PawBoost.

Twenty-four hours later, I received a call from a distant neighbor telling me that she possibly had our dog. She had taken him to the vet to look at wounds and to see if he was microchipped, which he isn’t because he’s still too young. They looked online and saw his alert from PawBoost, which was recommended by the shelter they called. Chief was found a mile away! He had gone into their yard in the storm and they kept him overnight. We are so grateful! Chief was missing for 24 hours before we were reunited. I had no idea PawBoost was a thing before Chief got loose. We are very thankful to have him home again.”

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Chaco: Lost Dog Reunited in Rio Rancho, NM!

“The children left the gate slightly open and Chaco took himself out for a little walk. We got two hot tips from some neighbors who sighted him about half of a mile away from home. PawBoost was the first place I listed him as missing. PawBoost is my first go-to as it blows up social media, and I already had an account. Chaco was missing for almost 24 hours before we were reunited. I have used PawBoost for years and will continue to do so. I was reunited with three different pets between 2019 and now. PawBoost works!”

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Bullet: Lost Dog Reunited in Sunrise Manor, NV!

“Bullet got out of the house in a flash. If his name didn’t give it away, Bullet is fast and he was out of sight in moments. I took a look around for him, but it seemed he was long gone. I found PawBoost online and decided to create a lost pet alert in case someone found him quicker than me. A nice person contacted me and told me that she had my dog! She saw the PawBoost alert and called me right away. Bullet was missing for 7 long days before we were reunited. Thank you to PawBoost and everyone who helped for your support and sharing my alert. We finally get our Bullet back home, happy and safe!”

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Max: Lost Dog Reunited in Randleman, NC!

“Max is my daughter’s dog, so I’m not sure how he got loose. I’m sure he was out on a potty break and walked off. Someone down the street found him, sent a picture of him to me via email through PawBoost, and sent a picture to my daughter through text listed on the PawBoost alert. Max was missing for one day before we were reunited, but it seemed like forever. PawBoost was how the finder knew how to contact us. Thank you!”

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Love these Happy Tails? We love sharing them! Click here to read more.

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