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Happy Tails! March 2017 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in March

Happy Tails! March 2017 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in March

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Read March’s Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Harper: Lost Cat Reunited in Lincoln, NE!

“I recently moved into a new apartment, in a brand new neighborhood, and after the second night of living there Harper took off running in the middle of a bad ice storm. After looking all night for her, making numerous trips to the humane society for possible matches and connecting with various people that thought they may have found her, I lost hope.

She had been gone for 35 days when I was eating dinner at a local restaurant near my house and I received a call from an unknown number. She said she found a cat that matched the picture of Harper that I posted, but she was very skinny. She thought she was living or staying under her shed for a couple of days. She and her daughter coaxed her out of the shed and got her into the garage and preceded to give her food and water.

This woman’s house was about 1,000 feet away from my apartment complex on the nearby street. My boyfriend and I went to her garage and found out that it was her and we were able to walk her home. She did not say if she saw my ad from PawBoost or from a different site, but I would not doubt that she saw my ad on PawBoost.

Just last week, I was contacted by an individual that found a tabby cat and thought it might be mine. It was not but the next day, I saw an ad posted on PawBoost of a missing tabby cat and I was able to get in contact with that owner and tell her that I knew where her cat was because I was just contacted the night before about the same cat. She was reunited with her fur baby about 15 minutes later.

I would highly recommend PawBoost to anyone that is missing their animal. We are so happy and relieved to have Harper home and plan to take her to the vet to get her healthy again.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Harper’s alert and to the kind family who took care of her. It’s amazing when not ONE but TWO fur babies are reunited because of great people looking out for one another 🙂

Ziggy: Lost Cat Reunited in New Berlin, WI!

“Ziggy must have slipped out of the patio door when I was letting my dog outside late Saturday night. We didn’t realize he was missing until noon on Sunday, so he had about a 12 hour head start. We called shelters, looked on foot and by car, made online posts, and put up flyers all day Sunday with no luck.

By Tuesday morning I received a call from the Elmbrook Humane Society in Brookfield saying they had received a cat matching Ziggy’s description. I filed a lost report with them just hours before they called. Someone found him in the Brookfield Petco parking lot on Sunday, which is 5 miles from my house. We believe he either walked there or hitched a ride on someone’s car from our apartment’s parking lot.

He stayed at Petco Sunday night and the Humane Society picked him up Tuesday morning. They got a hold of me and I was able to have Ziggy picked up immediately. He does have some minor leg injuries, but he should be ok.

I would highly recommend PawBoost to a friend even though it wasn’t the sole reason Ziggy was found. PawBoost will put out notifications to local shelters and vets and make a post to their Facebook page, which is followed by over 1,000 people who almost immediately start to sharing and commenting on your lost post.”

Spread the good news! Ziggy is back home safe! Thank you to everyone who shared his alert and kept an eye out for him. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your local shelters and make daily visits to search for your beloved pet 🙂

Boz: Lost Dog Reunited in Eden Prairie, MN!

“Boz ran out of the front door as the kids arrived home from school when he saw some deer across the road. He had no collar or tags on as one of our kids took his collar off that morning. Our kids ran after him but then lost sight of him as he ran into the woods of our neighbor’s backyard.

This was not a normal habit of Boz (in fact it has never happened before) so we assumed he would return soon since he is not much of an outdoor dog. He usually just sits at our front door while taking in the sun. I called all the veterinary offices in town to see if they had Boz while also notifying them that we had lost our dog and to contact us should they receive a stray dog matching his description.

We received a call from the Eden Prairie Animal Hospital in town who said someone recently dropped Boz off. We were able to verify it was Boz due to his microchip. I recommend PawBoost because they helped broadcast our lost pet alert to various organizations in a simple and efficient manner. Thank you to everyone whom has helped us in searching for Boz!!! He was successfully found and brought back home – all is well!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who helped search for Boz and shared his alert. Boz is happy to be home with his family and will continue to sunbath from the inside of the front door 🙂

Prince: Lost Dog Reunited in New Orlean’s, LA!

“Prince went missing on Valentine’s Day when he was suppose to greet me with his red bow tie around his neck, but I didn’t see him in the fence so I thought he was inside. He must have escaped as we were preparing gifts or while my significant other was decorating the house, but it wasn’t until later when I fed all of my pets that I noticed Prince was missing.

I immediately went outside to search for him, with no luck. I posted flyers, asked around my neighborhood and posted on Craigslist. Luckily, someone emailed me from Craigslist pointing my search toward PawBoost. Prince had been missing for over a week now.

On Monday, my girlfriend and I had a dream Prince returned and that afternoon I went to throw away the trash and my neighbor pulled up with Prince in the back of his truck. He told me Prince was at Popeyes and a young female tried putting him in her car, but when she took his collar off Prince ran straight to my neighbor.

My family is complete once again and I’m eternally grateful. PawBoost was helpful because they alerted so many people. I would recommend PawBoost to anyone and everyone that is missing their beloved pet.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Prince’s alert and to the neighbor who brought him home 🙂 Don’t give up hope! Miracles happen every day and more and more fur babies are coming home 🙂

Chester: Lost Cat Reunited in Birmingham, AL!

“Chester is an indoor-outdoor cat that really loves being outside. He has been this way for six years without going missing. I let him out early one morning and he normally comes back for breakfast, but when he didn’t that was a warning flag. After that night he didn’t return, I began to worry and started looking extensively.

I immediately came to PawBoost and reported him as a lost pet and his post had already been shared several times shortly after. I also posted on Nextdoor and some neighbors thought they saw him but they all turned out to be similar cats. I searched the neighborhood, but never found him and after a few weeks I began to give up.

One month later, a neighbor knocked on the door with a much skinnier Chester in his arms. He had gotten stuck in the basement of an elderly disabled woman across the alley from my house. The neighbor that returned him does yardwork for the elderly lady and hadn’t been around because of the cold weather. He went over and heard rustling in the air vent and went to look, and found him in the basement. The neighbor knew Chester well and had previously helped me look for him around the neighborhood.

Although PawBoost didn’t directly help bring Chester home, it was good to know there was a way to get the neighbors aware that he was missing. I would recommend PawBoost to a friend and actually did recently. A friend found a dog, Thor, and I recommended he post on PawBoost and the next day he was reunited, so I know the system works!”

Spread the good news! Thank you for sharing Chester’s alert and looking out for him! Never give up when you are searching for your beloved pet, because there is an army of animal lovers helping too 🙂

Sophie: Lost Dog Reunited in Richmond, VA!

“I was dog sitting Sophie, a recently rescued 8 month old mix, for my son who was away on business. One morning when I opened the door for the plumber, Sophie slipped through and took off down the street. I tried chasing her but she was quickly out of sight. I thought she might be headed to my son’s apartment about two miles away, so I got on my bike and I combed the area for an hour before I gave up.

My wife, who was also out looking then told me that a lady she asked about seeing Sophie told her about PawBoost. I downloaded the app and entered the required information, which was immediately sent to the local SPCA and dog control. Within 15 minutes we got a call from a woman at the SPCA who had seen the alert. She told us that a Good Samaritan had seen Sophie wandering along the median strip of a busy boulevard and had taken her in.

I dreaded telling my son that we had lost his dog – but thanks to PawBoost she was reunited with us within the hour! Would I recommend PawBoost? The answer is obvious.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Sophie’s alert and to the Good Samaritan who took her to the ASPCA 🙂 Whether your pet is lost for months or just a few hours it’s still important to search like there’s no tomorrow!

Ginger: Lost Dog Reunited in Houston, TX!

“Our Ginger was very playful the night she went missing, but we did not know she was gone until the following morning. We did notice a hole in our back yard and we believe she got out from there. One of our neighbors notified me that she had seen Ginger that night wandering around the ditch at 10:15 PM. What took us by surprise is that she never goes out beyond the gate, not even when we open the gate from the driveway.

That same day we posted her on PawBoost, posted flyers around the neighborhood and went directly to the shelters to see if anyone had taken her there, but nothing. I thank God for the man who said he would be on the look out for Ginger when my husband told him that our dog was missing. Sure enough, he was on the look out for several days on his bike.

He finally came by the house with the good news that he knew where she was. He took us to the place and as soon as I saw her, I knew it was her. I said ‘Ginger’ and she turned right away and knew I was her owner. My advise to everyone is to check their fenced in yards very often, because it’s their nature to dig and dig. I know I learned my lesson this time.

Even though Ginger was not directly reunited through PawBoost, this service has been very helpful in the way that we know there are good neighbors checking up on their neighbors and others.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who put all of their effort in finding Ginger. It’s amazing how things can happen if we work together and don’t forget to check your yard’s perimeters ever so often 🙂

Rajah: Lost Cat Reunited in Rosemount, MN!

“Rajah went missing by sneaking out of a door that my grandson didn’t latch tightly. I was devastated 2 hours later when I realized what happened. We searched all night and in the morning I went online for help. This was my first lost pet so I was frantic. I signed up for every alert possible, but PawBoost was the only one who alerted shelters and animal clinics. This was comforting to know that people were added to the group looking for him.

I hung 100 posters in the immediate neighborhood and talked to neighbors. My neighbor spotted him and tried to get him, but Rajah jumped down the storm sewer. Two days later, I received a call from a neighbor saying they saw him too. I told the man how to try and get him and it was a success!

Having a team of people is very comforting during these times. I want to thank everyone who looked at the flyer to all who were searching. I would recommend PawBoost because they saved me time by notifying surrounding people so I could use my time to search for Rajah.”

Spread the good news! Thanks to everyone who shared Rajah’s alert and to those who help reunite pets with their owners. Remember, with a team of helpers behind you anything is possible!

Lewis: Lost Dog Reunited in Overland, MO!

“It all started about a week before Lewis disappeared. Lewis became strangely attentive to the two dogs next door. He would play with them through the fence every second he could. Then, after a couple of days of this he would sit, stare and whine when they were not out. I found Lewis in their yard twice and couldn’t figure out how he got over, and he must’ve pulled his collar off doing it because it was missing. Saturday would have to be spent attending to these issues.

Well, Lewis must’ve known it was his last chance to pull a Houdini act, because on Saturday morning he woke me to go outside. I let him out and laid back down. A little later, noticing he didn’t come in yet, I called for him – no Lewis. He must’ve gotten into their yard again, because their gate was open! It was a frantic search of driving up and down every street.

Over the next 8 hours, there were several sightings, but no Lewis. We posted on overland Nextdoor hoping someone would find him. Finally, after it started to get dark and a whole day of searching I came in for dinner. I was praying that Lewis was fine and that some good people found him. If I couldn’t have him back, then I wanted him safe and happy. I was imagining Lewis alone, cold and scared; trying to cross a busy street at night to find his way back home.

Then hope! We received an email from Nextdoor that Lewis may have been found by someone on PawBoost. I found PawBoost and created a lost dog alert for Lewis. Within an hour, I received a phone call from a family who had a dog that fit his description. It had to be him! It was him and he was only two blocks away.

Thank you to the family who kept Lewis safe, PawBoost, overland Nextdoor, and concerned neighbors who helped.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Lewis’ alert and to the family who found him and kept him safe. The fence has been safely secured for Lewis and he has been chipped to prevent another day of anxiety 🙂

Bella: Lost Dog Reunited in Highlands Ranch, CO!

“On Friday night of February 17, Bella went missing when we stopped to review the open campsites signs at Chatfield Colorado State Park and accidentally left the RV door open. We weren’t positive that was where she went missing as it was my husband’s birthday and we were in a rush to get parked and out to dinner.

When we came back with her doggie bag 2 hours later, she was gone! It was a long night of searching unsuccessfully in the cold and dark vastness of the park. I was planning my trip to our new home 1,072 miles away and that was postponed so I could post on social media, make flyers and phone calls to local shelters.

I found her after being notified of several chihuahua sightings at the state park. I searched for hours on Monday, February 20 and luckily it was a sunny day in Colorado! I thought I saw a large rabbit hop in the bushes and then thought ‘that was too big to be a rabbit,’ so I called out ‘Miss Bella?!?!’ And she jumped out of the bushes and I started filming when she came running to me! Such a wonderful moment! I believe it was the most emotional experience I’ve been through in a long time.

I would recommend PawBoost to everyone even though she wasn’t found directly from this posting! Thank you everyone for the shares and the prayers that kept my spirit and hopes alive!”

Spread the good news! Bella is home safe after a remarkable reunion with her humans. Thank you to everyone who shared her alert and kept an eye out for her at the state park 🙂

Scamp: Lost Dog Reunited in Fairfax, VA!

“Scamp disappeared late Sunday night around 10:30 p.m. Since he’s an older dog he tends to go outside a lot, and since we’re a family of five someone is always letting him in and out the back door. Unfortunately, our yard is only partially fenced, which has never been a problem as he has never gone past our driveway.

Around 11:30 p.m., we realized we hadn’t seen him in a while and that he wasn’t anywhere in the house. Since he’s been getting increasingly confused in his old age, we figured he wandered too far away and simply forgot how to get back to the house. We searched for him on foot and by car until 2:30 a.m. on Monday and then started again at 6 a.m.

Being the stellar dog owner that I am, I realized Scamp had no ID tag on his collar (it had fallen off and not been put back on), so getting our phone number out there for people to see was crucial. We put up flyers, sent out emails to the neighborhood, filled out forms with local shelters, notified the police and animal control, and of course signed up with PawBoost!

Finally, I got a call from the police department notifying me that a neighbor had been walking his dog only about a block away from our house, and saw a white dog lying in a ditch. The man thought he was dead so he called the police and since I’d filed a report with them, they called me.

I immediately drove to get him and found Scamp in the back of the police car shaking, whining, looking very skinny and smelling pretty bad. Once we got him home and fed him, the dog that has never liked cuddling, laid on my lap and slept for two hours. Then, he settled in between my husband and me in our bed for the night (a rare treat)! The next day he got a bath, a new ID tag, and a check up with the vet.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared my information via PawBoost, and thanks to PawBoost for running this service! While it didn’t directly help us in our search, it was a comfort knowing I was getting the word out to so many people through your fine organization. I recommend PawBoost to everyone.”

Spread the good news! Thanks to everyone who shared Scamp’s information! He was smelly and skinny upon his return, but now he is doing great that he is home 🙂

Tuck: Lost Cat Reunited in Eagle Lake, MN!

“Tuck ninja-moved his way outside at some point during the day on February 16th. We don’t know the exact time or how it was missed. We searched all night and all day the next day with no luck. At some point amidst my social media bombardment of Tuck’s missing picture and info, PawBoost caught wind and sent me an email about how they would like to help spread the word. I created his missing poster and for the next several days I had people contacting me with possible sightings. While none of these ended up being Tuck, they did give me the hope I needed to continue to search instead of giving up.

I was coming from work last night and was literally thinking to myself about how I needed to stop looking for the reflection of eyes because of how unlikely it is for me to find him at this point. Not even a minute later, I see two eyes on the side of the road – mind you, I haven’t even seen signs of a cat anywhere for four days. I needed to check to see if it was him so I pulled over, see that the cat is black with white back legs like Tuck and my heart stopped.

He was now running towards a dark shed at someone’s house about a mile and a half from my own. I yelled his name and he stopped and looked at me. I was so scared that it wasn’t him, or worse, that it was and he would run away from me because he was scared. I slowly got out of my car and called his name again and he meowed and came running over to me. It was the absolute most precious moment.

I am so thankful to PawBoost and everyone who spread the word and those who reached out to me. You kept my hope alive and if it weren’t for that, I don’t know that I would have found him.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who helped spread to word about Tuck by sharing his alert. Tuck is home safe with his family who are incredibly happy to have him home 🙂

Cody: Lost Dog Reunited in Raeford, NC!

“Cody was frightened by a neighbor behind us while he was having target practice. He becomes very nervous, shakes horribly and runs around the house looking for a safe spot. We do keep a gate to help keep him from running out, but my husband had to open the front door slightly and Cody slipped out between his feet and kept on running past the gate. There were many attempts from our neighbors in trying to catch him, but it was impossible.

PawBoost was a huge help in getting the word out about his escape by providing posters I could print and sending out notifications to shelters and veterinarians. Having these areas taken care of allowed me to concentrate on getting out on foot to look for him and pass out flyers. The guidelines provided for how to get things in motion and scams to look out for were very helpful, because my mental state was just so clouded from being distraught and no sleep.

Cody ended up 4 miles away from our house. We are surrounded by a lot of wooded areas and farmland. Two women living in another small housing area heard their dog acting up and went outside to investigate. That is when they spotted Cody and tried to catch him. A young girl driving down the road saw they were trying to catch him and she stopped because she almost hit him. She got out to help the older women try to catch him. It took two hours and the younger girl finally was able to grab him. She told the older women she was going to take him home and then turn him over to the Hoke County animal control the next day.

I would definitely recommend PawBoost to everyone. I was able to concentrate on finding him by walking or driving around. Having someone take care of contacting organizations took a lot of stress off of me and the time that it took to do that was so valuable. Time is of the essence and I would say PawBoost was directly responsible in helping me locate my little guy very fast.”

Spread the good news! Cody has been reunited thanks to those who shared his alert and kept an eye out for him. Time is of the essence when searching for your beloved pet, so don’t waste any time. Let PawBoost lend a helping hand 🙂

Milo: Lost Dog Reunited in Perryville, MD!

“It was a normal day when I let Milo out back into the fenced in yard. It was nice out and I live in a townhouse community so kids were playing in the common area and I assume one may have knocked a ball or something into our yard, and went to get it but never closed the back gate. From my back door, I could not see the gate was ajar. After a few minutes, I went to the back door to see if Milo was ready and I didn’t see him out there, so I ran out and couldn’t find him.

I was on the phone with my wife at the time and she decided to drive around as I walked around looking for him. With no luck, we went in the house and started posting on social media and finding missing pet sites. We heard feedback that people saw him, but when we arrived to the location where he was seen, he was gone.

Days later, I got a text from a neighbor that Milo was found and was staying with another neighbor until I could get home. Once I got home, I got Milo and took him home. That is when I heard the messages on the answering machine from someone who helped rescue Milo. I called her back to thank her and she told me the story.

Apparently, Milo was trying to cross the highway when a gentleman almost hit him. The guy got out of his car and a nearby construction worker came over to see what was going on. They got Milo into the man’s car, and since the man could not read Milo’s dog tag, he took Milo to the nearest neighborhood looking for someone to help him. He ran into the lady that called my house.

Together they called me, but since I wasn’t home I never got the message. After waiting a bit, they decided to drive together to the address on Milo’s tags. We weren’t home, but my awesome neighbors just came home at the same time and saw it was Milo. I called the woman back and thanked her, but I tried calling the gentleman and his phone was disconnected. Later, my doorbell rang. The guy drove back to my house to make sure Milo was home and doing ok. This gave me faith that there are still good people in this world!!

I definitely recommend PawBoost. It may not have been what brought Milo home, but it gave me piece of mind knowing that his picture was reaching more people. Thank you so much!!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Milo’s alert and to the Good Samaritans who helped him return home safe. Milo is happy to be home and hopefully won’t be going on wild adventures without his people anymore 🙂

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