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Featured Happy Tails! February 2024 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in February

Featured Happy Tails! February 2024 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in February

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Check out February’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Moose: Lost Dog Reunited in Dallas, TX!

“Moose was spooked by a bigger dog in the park and ran away. The search for Moose continued for 24 hours, in the park and surrounding area. We also posted pictures of our dog on several sites, including PawBoost. PawBoost was the most helpful. Several people from the PawBoost community sent useful information, prayers, and good vibes. Then, one man emailed us saying that he had seen our dog next to his apartment complex, which is pretty far away.

We are still puzzled how Moose made it home through the roads and highways, taking into account that we got there by car. The reunion was very emotional. Moose was sitting next to the entrance door, checking all of the people entering, and noticed us right away! Moose was missing for about 24 hours before we were reunited. Thank you very much to the PawBoost team and everyone who helped us to find our baby, Moose, whom we adopted from the shelter about three months ago.”

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Blair: Lost Cat Reunited in Rancho Cucamonga, CA!

“I had just cleaned his litter box and was putting the bag outside before leaving for work. I opened the door and Blair bolted out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t properly dressed and it was raining like mad outside. I quickly put on anything I could find, but by the time I went out to get him, he was gone! Blair was no longer in eyesight and it was pouring. I shared my PawBoost alert in every circle I could. He was on Facebook, Nextdoor, Ring, and everywhere else.

PawBoost reached far and wide! With the combine efforts of my neighbors, I was able to locate my Blair. A neighbor who cares for the stray cats in my apartments actually recognized him from my PawBoost alert as one of the new cats who began visiting her. She contacted me right away. I went to her patio and there he was! Blair was missing for 15 days before we were reunited.

PawBoost is able to reach almost everyone! The resources they have, absolutely amazing. It’s become the first place I go to when a pet of mine or my friends’ goes missing. Our animals are more than just our pets, they are our family and PawBoost recognizes that. Thank you to Monica and to PawBoost!”

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Kitsune: Lost Dog Reunited in Sheridan, CO!

“Kitsune leaped out of the car when my son opened the door. Our dog ran off, trailing his leash behind him. We searched for hours without finding a sign of him anywhere. A friend uploaded Kitsune’s information to PawBoost, and within a couple of hours, a lady posted to Facebook that her coworker had found the dog. Kitsune’s leash was caught up in debris at a recycling yard and the kind man rescued him. Thanks to PawBoost and Kitsune’s rabies tag, we were able to contact each other and arrange for recovery of our dog.

Kitsune was missing for three days before we were reunited. Thanks to PawBoost, we knew our dog had been found and was safe until we could collect him. PawBoost expanded the search for our missing pet so much further than we could have done on our own. They uploaded the information to social media sites and local animal shelters, allowing the lost pet alert more exposure to people who potentially could have seen him, as was the case in our experience.”

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Found Dog Reunited in Houston, TX!

“I spotted this dog on the highway and immediately pulled over. Thankfully, she was very calm and friendly and even entered my vehicle quickly so we could exit the freeway. The PawBoost community was very active and helped me link my found pet alert to the owner’s missing pet alert and from there I was able to get in touch with the owner almost immediately. We were able to get this pup reunited in 3 hours and 18 minutes thanks to PawBoost. This reunion may have never happened without PawBoost. Thank you to everyone who helped get this pup home!”

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Charley: Lost Dog Reunited in Athens, GA!

“I adopted him out to a wonderful family, but just after I left our meet up location, Charley managed to get away from them. I printed PawBoost flyers and put them all over the area. The one I taped to the local vet’s door was the one that the lady who found Charley saw. Charley was missing for almost 48 hours before he could be reunited with his new family.PawBoost offers great flyers that you can print with all the necessary information on it. There’s also a wonderful network of helpful people you can connect with once you create a PawBoost alert. I was even contacted by a vet technician who saw the alert come in and offered to help spread the word. Thank you for the help!”

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Love these Happy Tails? We love sharing them! Click here to read more.

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