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Featured Happy Tails! March 2024 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in March

Featured Happy Tails! March 2024 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in March

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Check out March’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Beau: Lost Dog Reunited in Brownsville, TX!

“Beau ran off and was picked up by a neighbor and given to her daughter to hold in a different neighborhood, but he even got away from her! I reported him with a missing pet alert through PawBoost right away. Luckily, he was found again then spotted by someone in the PawBoost community who made every effort to contact us. Through the efforts of the PawBoost community, our family is whole again, and just in time for Beau’s first birthday! Beau was missing for 8 days before we were reunited. I don’t know if I would have found Beau without PawBoost.”

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Tiny: Lost Dog Reunited in Broken Arrow, OK!

“We just moved into a rental house and there’s a broken board in the privacy fence. While we were planting in the backyard, Tiny somehow wiggled through the hole and took off. Kids and some people saw her roaming the neighborhood, as we asked everyone we came across. PawBoost was a major help in getting back Tiny! Thanks to the alert created through PawBoost, the animal control shelter that had picked her up the day she went missing came across it and called us immediately. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, but getting the word out in a new neighborhood is difficult. We wouldn’t have found Tiny if it weren’t for PawBoost. Tiny was missing for two whole days, but on the second day, we found out she was at the shelter. If you’ve lost your pet or have found a lost pet, use PawBoost!”

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Dude: Lost Cat Reunited in West Fargo, ND!

“We suspect Dude ended up in the garage while I was getting out the Christmas decorations and hid under our vehicle to keep warm. Once my husband drove away, Dude went along for the ride until a stop sign where he, we imagine, bolted out of shear terror from under the car, across a highway, and into a nearby neighborhood.

There, he followed the river and somehow ended up stranded in a woman’s window well, which was over 6 feet deep. A neighbor found Dude in her window well egress and had her neighbor come and get him out. He brought Dude to his warm garage while his wife searched for missing cats in their area. She came upon my PawBoost alert, which linked to my information, and they called me right away. My husband and I were there within minutes, and we immediately rushed Dude to the emergency hospital.

At that time, we couldn’t recognize him as ours. They checked him for a microchip at the hospital and let us know that the 5.4 pound kitty was indeed our Dude who, when he disappeared, was a muscular 14.5 pounds. Dude was missing without a trace for 52 days before we were reunited. PawBoost was instrumental in connecting me swiftly to my cat.”

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Cain: Lost Dog Reunited in Lynwood, CA!

“We had a friend who thought our gate was secured, however it wasn’t. They obviously felt awful when we realized what had happened, but it was too late. PawBoost was a lifesaver! We created the missing pet alert, shared it on social websites and waited for someone to reach out while going to countless shelters, posting flyers, etc.

Then, around 5:00 AM today, someone saw the alert and reached out to us to tell us that they had seen our sweet Cain! They recognized him as the same as the one they had seen on PawBoost! They told us where and exchanged numbers with us so that they could call if they saw him again! After a few hours of canvassing that neighborhood, we saw him!

A couple minutes after finding him, the boyfriend of the young lady that had contacted us showed up. He was out looking for him too. Our hearts couldn’t be more full and we are so thankful! Losing a pet is so hard and it can happen to anyone. We can’t wait for our boys to get home from school and see that their sweet boy is home! Cain was missing for 20 incredibly long days. PawBoost is the best platform I have seen for missing and found pets. The community of people that use PawBoost are wonderful and we will be loyal to PawBoost forever!”

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Tiny: Lost Dog Reunited in Westover, WV!

“I was trying to open the door of my friend’s apartment and the key pad locked itself and the alarm started going off. Tiny got scared and ran away in all of the commotion. We looked for about two hours until it was too dark to see. That night, I got up about every half hour to look outside and see if she came back. I was called the next day by a local heating and cooling company worker telling me that they had seen my alert and found Tiny! Tiny was missing for about 18 hours before we were reunited. PawBoost was so helpful and made finding my baby so easy.”

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Love these Happy Tails? We love sharing them! Click here to read more.

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