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Happy Tails! May 2017 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in May

Happy Tails! May 2017 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in May

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Read May’s Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Cookie: Lost Dog Reunited in Monterey Park, CA!

“We had just moved to Monterey Park to a house where we covered all of the holes in the fence to get out, but the gardeners didn’t attach Cookie’s little gate completely so she escaped. Since the area was new to her she couldn’t find her way back.

A lady named Jenny contacted me and said she had Cookie for the night but she was crying and trying to get out all night. When they got up they took her out to pee and she escaped again from a hole in their gate but they couldn’t catch her.

Later on, Jenny called me back and said her house cleaner saw a lady pick Cookie up. So I knew what street she was on and I started to feel better knowing someone had her. Later that day, I checked the shelter one more time and she was the last picture posted. I picked my baby up last night and she was exhausted.

I recommend PawBoost because it’s much easier than hanging signs and it’s much easier for someone to contact you if they have seen your pet. I am so very happy and thankful for PawBoost, they gave me hope!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Cookie’s alert and contributed to her safe return. Remember to check your local shelters daily because you never know if your fur baby will turn up there 🙂

Chevy: Lost Dog Reunited in Davie, FL!

“Chevy got out of my backyard through a gate that was somehow left open. He was a few blocks away from my home at a local diner and he wedged himself under a car when it started to rain. When the owners of that car came out of the diner, they had a to-go bag. Chevy being hungry, because he was not home that morning to be fed, jumped into the car when the owners opened the door. They were a little afraid of him so they called code enforcement who in return, called the Broward County Pound.

Another gentlemen, who had spent a few minutes with Chevy before going inside the diner came out when the pound showed up. He took a liking to my dog and wouldn’t let the people from the pound take him on fear that if he wasn’t claimed, he would be euthanized after 30 days… He, himself told them that HE would take him and call the police to make a report that he had him.

By 10 PM that evening, I was literally by myself and I called the police at that point and they told me someone had reported having the dog. They called him and had him call me. I described my boy to a tee, he gave me his address and I was able to drive 40 minutes away to go get him back!

Even though PawBoost did not actually have anything to do with Chevy and I being reunited, I would recommend your website without a doubt!! When I needed help and support, you guys were there and for that, I am truly grateful!!!! Thank you all for caring and for trying to help me reunite with my baby!! I was truly lucky and very fortunate that Chevy was being taken care of by someone who cared so much!!! Thank you all again!!!”

Spread the good news! Thank you everyone for caring about Chevy and sharing his alert. Chevy is back home and receiving all the love he so much deserves 🙂

Tsula: Lost Dog Reunited in Glenville, WV!

“Tsula bolted for no known reason and without any warning. She was gone for a week and a day. She was sighted a few times in between counting a hit with a car and another near being shot. After several people contacted and wished well (including several shelters that saw the PawBoost posting), she was returned. Not sure who or how but she was on my porch when I came in from my evening of work at almost midnight.

The car that hit her left her completely blind on her one side sadly, but thankfully the person shooting at her missed (she was not destroying property, this person was just doing it to be doing it sadly).

I DEFINITELY and have recommended PawBoost. You never know who will see it and getting the word out is the most important thing to be able to find your family. Otherwise, even if they are found the shelter/rescue/person may never know. None of the shelters that contacted me had seen my other posts so I know PawBoost gets the word to those that wouldn’t otherwise see it.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Tsula’s alert. She is doing well, adjusting and almost back to her old self 🙂

Jax: Lost Dog Reunited in Nashville, TN!

“Jax went missing this past Saturday. I stepped inside Fido in 12 South to use the bathroom. I’ve left Jax alone before when I stepped into various coffee shops or stores but this time he somehow slipped out of his harness. One of the wonderful people, Hayden, who works at Fido chased him, but unfortunately I think that he got scared and just bolted.

Frantically, I ran as fast as I could in the general direction that he travelled. A few people saw him with his caramel color and bright green collar (not to mention how fast I can only imagine he was running!), he was definitely hard to miss. I spent about eight hours on Saturday looking for him.

I printed flyers, posted on numerous websites, Facebook groups and on PawBoost! It was so wonderful to have my alert sent out to so many different places at once. The helplessness I was feeling was alleviated immediately. Having a concrete, measurable way to see the myriad of shelters, veterinarians, and various others I reached who shared my goal, to get my baby back home, made a world of difference.

If a friend, family member, or neighbor loses their pup I will immediately recommend PawBoost. I’m a professional writer, but even I struggle to find words to accurately express my relief, elation, and absolute and utter joy at reuniting with my sweet pup.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Jax’s alert and kept an extra eye out for him. Jax is happy to be safe and sound at home. Getting the word out fast is key when you are searching for a beloved pet 🙂

Scrambles and Xena: Lost Dogs Reunited in North Elkhorn Township, MO!

“Scrambles and Xena, broke their chain in the backyard. We do not have a fence and live close to a large wooded area. They were gone from Friday 10:00AM to Sunday at 4:45PM. My husband and I took off work all weekend and were out until 3:00AM every night tracking them. We followed their prints through about a 3 mile radius and it seemed like they were back tracking. We laid blankets and jackets on trails of their foot prints, rubbed our hands on sticks and laid them on the ground and just hoped they could follow our scent home.

Friday evening, my mom and I put out flyers at every entrance to all neighborhoods around us. At 10:00AM on Sunday, I received a phone call that a man saw our dogs get hit by a car early in the morning. Described them perfectly and was able to tell us that they were still attached to their double lead. They did not get hit hard but they were trying to cross the road back into our neighborhood. After they were hit they ran really fast and hard so the gentleman was sure they were okay.

We immediately ran up to the location and followed their footprints again, walking through all kinds of woods. I hoped I wasn’t going to find them deceased by a tree from internal bleeding. However about 4:00PM we realized we hadn’t eaten anything all day and were extremely exhausted and frustrated so we decided to lay a blanket down hoping they would smell it and we headed home for a minute to regroup.

After we regrouped at 4:40PM on Sunday, we were driving up to our usually spot to park, walk and search when my husband screamed, ‘There they are!’ They were near one of the trails we put blankets on just trotting beside the tree line. As soon as we parked and walked up the hill we screamed their names and they darted for us. It was so surreal. They were still clipped together with 15ft of chain and a 5ft log wrapped within it!

They were both okay and we didn’t see any marks from the car accident. They were so lucky. I am so glad they stayed close to home and no mean people took them. It’s amazing how the continuos looking and putting scents on paths really worked. Thank you to everyone who helped post, click or submit anything! I totally recommend PawBoost because if a nice person did find them, then they’d still be able to find their home. Every option and chance counts.”

Spread the good news! Thanks to everyone who shared Scramble and Xena’s alert. These beautiful puppies are ecstatic to be home with their people 🙂 Remember to keep looking even when you feel like giving up!

Ellie: Lost Dog Reunited in Everett, WA!

“Ellie went missing on our trip to Target. We live a mile away and it was nice so we decided to walk. For some reason she wouldn’t take her morning pee and just wanted to hang out in the under carriage of my son’s stroller. In her 4.5 years of life she has never ran off, so we just kept walking with complete faith that Ellie was still under there as usual.

Well somewhere between our home, Target and an EXTREMELY busy 5 lane street, Ellie hopped out as I continued to walk on. I assume that she hopped out needing to pee. She was missing somewhere along this busy main road for 3 hours in the middle of the pouring rain, the poor thing.

I came home after driving the streets and hopped onto Facebook. A lady in Target (where I first noticed she was missing) told me about an app for missing pets. I found PawBoost quickly, signed Ellie up, and bam! Within an hour I was getting a call saying she was found.

A lady found her wandering into their hair salon. She didn’t have an ID tag, just a collar, so she took her over to the vet next door where they promptly gave her my information. She is now safely back home where she belongs and I am SO grateful!!! I will absolutely recommend PawBoost! I am extremely impressed with this system and everyone involved. Grateful beyond words.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Ellie’s alert 🙂 Ellie is home from her adventure safe and sound and will be getting an ID tag soon. Don’t forget to have updated ID tags incase you need to be reunited with your beloved pet.

Sophia: Lost Cat Reunited in Durham, NC!

“I only adopted Sophia a few weeks ago, and was utterly devastated when she dashed out the door one night. I have never lost a pet before, and had no idea what to do. Luckily, I searched online and found PawBoost! I created a flyer and posted it around the neighborhood, and when I called my vet they had already been alerted.

I checked with the local shelter every day, went out walking around the neighborhood each evening, and even spent a night sitting by a nearby pond. I put her litter box, food, water and favorite sweatshirt out on the patio. I received all of these suggestions from others who had been through this same horrible experience.

She apparently followed the trail of Fancy Feast that I left for her (all of the cans were empty tonight), and appeared in the backyard this evening. I can’t thank PawBoost enough for giving me the wide range of support that I needed in this situation. SOPHIA IS HOME!!!

PawBoost was a tremendous help for me in this situation, and I highly recommend them to anyone as an immediate first step when a pet is lost. From the templates for creating a lost pet flyer to notifying the local shelter and vets, PawBoost provided needed support so that I could get out and look for my girl.”

Spread the good news! Thank you so much for sharing Sophia’s alert and for all of the support in bringing her back home. Sophia is thin and smells like motor oil, but otherwise seems uninjured. It’s amazing how others can come together in someone else’s time of need 🙂

Morty: Lost Cat Reunited in Pewaukee, WI!

“Morty got out when we went to let the dogs out. I live in a wooded area, and Morty was feral when the kids brought him home last year at about 6 weeks old. He still has those feral instincts of fight or flight so he does flight even in the house when strangers come over or if it gets loud. So I called the local humane society as he is chipped and reported him. They recommended a few things including posting on lost cats of Wisconsin and PawBoost.

Morty was reunited after 6 days of looking, posting online, placing live animal traps, leaving the garage cracked, and putting food and the litter box on the covered porch. My other cat noticed him outside meowing and taunting him as soon as it got dark and when I would open the door he would run. I turned off all of the lights, locked the other cat and the dogs up, propped the front door open and he came walking in within minutes.

I think PawBoost is a great way to spread the word and help save lost animals and help their owners know they are doing whatever they can.”

Spread the good news! Thank you all for keeping your eyes open and for sharing Morty’s alert. This little fur ball walked in the front door after being gone for 6 days! He is happy and hopefully will not leave his owner’s side again 🙂

Zoey: Lost Dog Reunited in Milton, Ontario!

“Zoey went missing due to a hole under the fence at the place she was being boarded while we were visiting friends in Florida. We dropped Zoey and her sister, Sheila off at the dog kennel where they had previously stayed and within less than 24 hours she went under the fence. Naturally, Sheila followed her out but the vet that runs the kennel saw them and started to encourage them to go back into the barn. A large doberman was either being dropped off or picked up and when Zoey saw this large dog she got scared and took off. The people in the kennel tried to get her back by calling and searching with Sheila on a leash.

When I found out on Friday I sent pictures out to all the Humane Societies, shelters and every other place I could think of. I also called them all as I was still in Florida and felt I needed to do something to help. My son went out looking for Zoey with Sheila on a leash for hours and hours. We got back from Florida at about 1 AM on Wednesday so I started printing posters. Then, we went out Wednesday morning collected Sheila and started to search again. By this time she had been missing for almost a whole week. We went searching again on Wednesday evening and used up all of the posters.

I got up early Thursday morning to print another 200 posters when I got a call from North Kawartha where our dog’s tags come from. They let me know that Zoey had been found in Acton by a guy named Brian. I phoned that wonderful gentleman in Acton, got directions and headed to his home to pick up Zoey. He let me know that she had been there for a couple days and at first he thought she was just passing through. Later she came to his door and was whining. He opened the door to encourage her over to him but she ran away. She came back as he left food out for her a few times. She gradually trusted him enough to go in and this is when he took a picture of her tags.

He let her sleep in the basement that night and called North Kawartha in the morning. When I was driving in the laneway she heard my truck coming. She was dancing around the truck when I arrived as she clearly recognized it. She was very excited when I got out of the truck to give her lots of pets and belly rubs. She got into my truck with a little help but when Brian came over to greet me and see how things were going with the reunion, she jumped out of the truck and ran over to him for some pets. I think she was trying to thank him. She came back over to me and I thanked him and then we took Zoey home to reunite with her sister and the rest of our family.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Zoey’s alert and to Brian who found her. Zoey and Sheila spent the weekend at their cottage having lots of time to play, sleep and eat. Registered dog tags were a great help here 🙂

Samson: Lost Dog Reunited in Northeast Los Angeles!

“My boyfriend is a mechanic and he went from Bakersfield to Los Angeles to work on his sister’s car. While he was there he stopped by his aunt’s house to say hi. Well his cousin is terrified of big dogs and started screaming so my boyfriend put Samson on the back porch and told him to stay. Samson usually listens very well but being in a new place he was probably scared and went looking for me.

We made tons and tons of flyers from PawBoost, we posted them everywhere from Bakersfield to Los angeles and then some. Someone called me and said that they had a friend who just found a dog that looked just like mine. We immediately took off driving to LA and searched everywhere in the area until we saw a guy walking up with Samson pulling him. It was a miracle no doubt about it.

My dad wanted an olde English bulldog for years and he finally bought this handsome boy. Personally I do not like dogs or at least I didn’t until Sam. Anyway, my dad asked me in October 2016 if I would take care of his bulldog if anything happened to him, my daddy was sick with multiple myeloma. Well three short weeks later my dad, my superhero, became my guardian angel.

It was the worst day of my life. But I did inherent his dog and I never thought in a million years I would love something so big and hairy, smelly, slobbery and farts (man does he fart) but this dog is the best dog. He is my best friend and I know my dad along with PawBoost helped me find him. I’m so thankful and absolutely recommend PawBoost, without a doubt.”

Spread the good news! Thanks to everyone who shared Samson’s alert and to the Good Samaritan who found him. Samson is ecstatic to be home with his best friend 🙂

Clyde: Lost Cat Reunited in East Windsor, CT!

“Clyde snuck out of our house Friday morning before my husband went to work. Clyde loves to be outside but since he’s not fixed we have been trying to keep him inside until his vet appointment, but he booked out of the house and my husband couldn’t catch him. Clyde’s very fast.

My husband and I found a Facebook post where our cat was in someone’s neighborhood a few streets away from us, so we kept looking for him and started to talk to people who lived in and around the neighborhood. Since Clyde is not fixed he was picking up the scent of unfixed female cats in the area. What we discovered was that there are several feral cat colonies within a mile radius from our house. At least 15 different people feed these feral cats and house them.

Clyde was trying to be dominate in this colony of cats. It was a nightmare trying to find him. Clyde usually always comes home the same day but we knew something was keeping him away, and that he was getting food somehow.

PawBoost can really help someone especially posting on Facebook and emailing local animal shelters the alert. You never know your male cat could get mixed up in a feral cat colony and be trying to take over the territory. All while being fed by numerous strangers so there was no reason for him to come home. If we weren’t so proactive in our search we might not have ever found him or the colonies.”

Spread the good news! Thanks to everyone who shared Clyde’s alert. His family was able to catch him and bring him home after a tough search. They are praying he doesn’t get out before his appointment 🙂

Bobby: Lost Cat Reunited in Murrieta, CA!

“Monday morning this cat greeted us with urgent meows from underneath the car and he came right to us for some pets. When we opened the garage, he ran inside. It was clear he was an indoor cat and was frightened to be outside, so we kept him safe by bringing him into the house. We already have 3 female felines of our own, so we were equipped. He ended up being most comfortable in the guest bedroom away from curious and meddlesome new friends.

We made flyers with a picture and posted them around the neighborhood. In a few days, we received a call from his owners. They were so relieved to find he hadn’t been food for the coyotes. They live farther down the street and had seen the flyer. The mom of four kids was so relieved and made plans to have her boys come down and retrieve him. It was his first adventure outdoors and hopefully his last.

We were grateful for the publicity and support from PawBoost while we figured out who he belonged to. We assumed more people were spreading the word to help find his family than we could have done on our own. We certainly recommend PawBoost to someone in a similar situation. All you really want is for the lost pet to be found and safe in the end. This is a great resource.”

Spread the good news! Thank you all for sharing this found cat’s alert. Thankfully the family spotted the found cat flyers and claimed their kitty, Bobby 🙂

Freddie: Lost Dog Reunited in Kaneohe, HI!

“Freddie goes on excursions occasionally taking rides with family members. Unfortunately, when he was dropped off at home he somehow made it out of the property and took his own scenic route to other areas of the neighborhood. Then, suddenly he was no where to be found.

We scouted the neighborhood up and down each street asking nearby residents if they had seen our dog. That’s when I posted the missing alert on your website and made copies of posters for neighbors to be on the look out.

For a moment, we were afraid if someone noticed him and picked him up then he wouldn’t be able to find his way back home. That was our biggest fear. Then we got a call from the Kaneohe VCA Animal Hospital who noticed our alert on Facebook. They told us that someone found him wandering in the Kaneohe area and asked if they would be able to locate the owner and to let us know that they found our dog.

That’s when we rushed over and found he was in happy spirits seeing a familiar face pick him up. I really think he’s learned a hard lesson that his jaunts may have cost him to miss the ones he loves and the ones that love him in return.

Thank you PawBoost and the Kaneohe VCA for doing such an AWESOME JOB the alert!!! It proves to be a highly effective media alert for ALL ANIMALS.”

Spread the good news! Thank you guys for all of your love and support in sharing Freddie’s alert. Freddie is safe and sound enjoying everyone’s company. It’s amazing what the power of social media can do these days 🙂

Agent 99: Lost Cat Reunited in Omaha, NE!

“I came home from Easter from my daughter’s house to find the attic window cracked more widely open and black fur in the space. Agent 99 had escaped. I put out all the notices, including NHS, Omaha Lost Pets, PawBoost etc… Three days elapsed and I was so sad. You see, Agent 99 used to be ‘Jazzy Marie’ and her human had passed away on March 10th. I felt so badly for Jazzy…I had to give her a home. So I brought her from Lincoln to Omaha.

She bonded with my other two cats and we were a family. I’d been cracking the attic window which is old and rickety, because the weather was warmer and I wanted to let some of the hot air in. I was giving up hope that I’d see my kitty again. My friend texted me that she just knew she would come home. She came over before I came home from work and was outdoors shaking cat treats and calling 99 by her old name, no Jazz/99.

However, when I got home from work Thursday morning, guess who was clamoring to be let in the patio door? Agent 99! I had put her litter box out, secondary to receiving this advice from the Humane society, she looked at it in disgust and I let her in. I am so grateful.

We become so close to our furry friends. They really are family. I thank my friend for calling out to her using her old name and shaking the treats. I am pretty sure, wherever she was hiding, she came out because…food!!!! Darling Agent 99 is home and I am grateful!”

Spread the good news! Thank you for spreading the word about Agent 99! She came home hungry, pawing at the patio door, collar and tags intact and full of purrs. It’s unbelievable how strong the bond is between you and your fur babies, so never give up hope 🙂

Cowpaw: Lost Dog Reunited in Brentwood, CA!

“Cowpaw followed me out while I was doing laundry. I didn’t realize it, but when I came in and shut the door he was still outside. A little while later we realized he was not in the house so we started looking. It was very unlike him to leave his yard. We looked high and low and tried not to panic. Finally, when it it was nighttime we started freaking out.

We scoured the neighborhood and got on PawBoost and put in the information along with other lost dog sites. We covered the area in flyers and the next morning I went to the local animal shelters and looked for him with no luck. I sat on the phone and called all the animal hospitals again with no luck.

48 hours later, at 4:30 in the morning our other dog, Bella, woke us up and would not let us go back to sleep. She was quite agitated, barking and running up and down the hallway and finally I put two and two together and followed her down the hallway. She led me right to the front door and as I opened it, Cowpaw came running in.

He was very torn up. His pads on his feet were bright pink and his nails were ground down to nubs. A large bump was on his head with a scab and was very sore to the touch. In fact, when we rubbed him he would whimper in pain. For a dog that is used to laying around in the comfort of his home to be outside for 48 hours was very rough on him.

He is happy to be home and we are very happy he is home as well. Thank you PawBoost for your support!!! I can’t say that PawBoost was the result of him coming home but the result was the same, he is home now. I recommend PawBoost to anyone who loses a dog. It’s the first place to start to find your loved ones.”

Spread the good news! Thanks to everyone who shared Cowpaw’s alert. He is happily eating, drinking, resting and healing 🙂 His people are so thankful he is home!

Mona Liza: Lost Cat Reunited in Los Angeles!

“Mona Liza goes out a few times a day. Especially in the evenings she’s out for a few hours. The evening she went missing I saw her last around 8PM. She obviously went for her evening walk and this time she went a little too far away than usual. Around 9:30PM a neighbor was going to the local restaurant on Santa Monica blvd and saw Mona Liza on the street looking scared and lost.

She talked to her and Mona Liza let her pet her, which is quite unusual. So, at that point the neighbor decided that the kitty was lost and it was better if she took her home with her. The next day she and her friend posted the photo of Mona Liza on PawBoost as a lost cat.

Hours later I heard about PawBoost through an article on how to look for a missing cat and immediately set up the alert. Two hours later, after the alert was set I received a text message from the girl who posted Mona Liza as a lost cat. We exchanged a few text messages and arranged to meet in front of my house where she brought Mona Liza.

PawBoost was instrumental in the whole process. You did a great job with the automation from creating the alert to spreading the news on several sites and platforms. I’ll definitely recommend PawBoost to my friends.”

Spread the good news! Thank you everyone for sharing Mona Liza’s alert. You can’t know when your beloved pet will go missing, but having a community behind you through the process is more encouraging 🙂

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