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Happy Tails! January 2018 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in January

Happy Tails! January 2018 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in January

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Read January’s Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Orion: Lost Cat Reunited in Charlotte, NC!

“We relocated from Indianapolis, IN to Charlotte, NC. Our dog, Abby and cat, Orion seemed to like our new home and large backyard and showed no observable stress from the move itself. We installed a pet-friendly security and privacy fence and there appeared to be no problems.

Both had been regularly sunning and playing for several hours a day with minimal direct supervision. About a week after we moved, we did our ten-minute check on Orion and found him missing. We quickly searched the immediate perimeter inside and outside the fence to no avail.

That expanded to the immediate neighbors’ yards, then the block and then the surrounding several blocks. Nothing. Thereafter, we posted lost pet notifications on NextDoor, Facebook, Charlotte City Animal Control, our microchip provider and, at the suggestion of our veterinarian, PawBoost. We were grateful and encouraged by the immediate responses of hope and practical suggestions.

From PawBoost contributors, as well as others on NextDoor and Facebook, we received the practical suggestion to place litter box contents at the front door along with soiled personal clothing. Within three hours our cat was at our door!

Orion literally pawed at the front door and began to meow. We heard him! What a sweet sound! PawBoost can certainly be credited with assisting in the effort. That was a 23 hour and 20 minute episode we do not plan to repeat.

The GPS enabled collars for Orion and Abby (our English Pointer) are on the way! Thank you PawBoost and pet lovers throughout Charlotte, NC for your awesome response!

I would recommend PawBoost without hesitation. If it takes a village to raise children, it takes a community to raise animals. PawBoost is one source of that brings pet lovers together to benefit all pets and support all pet owners.”

Spread the good news! Thank you everyone for sharing Orion’s alert. Orion is happy to be home and is now replenishing with his food and water 🙂

“My dad called and asked where I was because he lost Minnie. As he continued to tell me the story, my heart began to beat a mile a minute. I drove fast and met my dad out front and he told me he tried to call her when he saw her in the front yard, but she booked.

My husband and I live in South Carolina, but we’re originally from Pennsylvania. We came back to PA and Delaware to visit family for the holidays. We stayed with his folks for a day and then drove to PA on the morning of December 23rd with our two pups.

Our plan was to drop off the dogs and head to the local bakery to buy some cake for Christmas. We said our hellos, asked my dad to watch our dogs and then walked out the door. We picked up our cakes and ran out the door and drove back to my parents to start the search.

You see, she’s only been to my parents house once. It was safe to say she was roaming around trying to find us because she thought we abandoned her. Along with my parents, brother and girlfriend, we looked for her for 3 hours.

That night, I could hardly sleep and kept checking my phone after I posted on multiple Facebook groups alerting people I lost my dog. Share after share led to a woman contacting me giving me suggesting on how to find our dear, Minnie.

The next morning around 8:45 am on Christmas Eve, we left for the dollar store to pick up poster board to make LOST DOG signs. For the next 5 hours, we hung the signs.

On Christmas Day, around 8:30 am, I checked my phone and saw a missed call from a Pennsylvania number. I listened to the voicemail from a woman whose neighbor had Minnie. I jotted down the address and my parents, husband and I flew out the door. When Minnie ran out the door, I picked her up and hugged her.

It was truly the best Christmas gift I could have ever asked for.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Minnie’s alert. This story reminds us how precious our fur babies are, especially during the holidays 🙂

Belle: Lost Cat Reunited in Dayton, OH!

“For the first time ever, Belle somehow snuck out when someone opened our patio door. When I returned home that day, I did not see her and my first thought was she is under our bed and might not be feeling well. She is an older cat and has some days like this where she is antisocial.

She had food and water down so I thought she would just wake me the next morning for her food. Tuesday morning she did not wake me and I knew something was wrong. We looked everywhere. No Belle.

We searched and searched everywhere for days. Made posters and called and posted everywhere on the web. I found PawBoost to be the most helpful and encouraging. I love that people share the information about your missing pet, send you their prayers and encouragement and send you emails.

Every morning I knew if she was still alive that she would be trying to find me because this was our bonding time. I woke up every morning at 2am, opened up the house and would calmly call for her. Her litter box was outside hoping she could smell a scent and her food (not touched).

Thursday morning around 5:45 I heard a meow. At first I thought I was hearing things like I had for the days she was gone. I quietly called her name and I heard it again. I JUMPED UP, RAN TO THE DOOR AND THERE SHE WAS! I opened our door and she ran in and jumped in my arms.

I can not describe my happiness because I have never experienced such flood of emotions. She has not left our sides and is eating nonstop. My advice would be don’t give up hope and do whatever bonds you with your loved pet. I truly believe getting up every morning calling for her and making nosies in our house and setting the litter box outside brought her back to us.

Thank you to PawBoost for your compassion and information you provided me with.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Belle’s alert. Don’t give up hope and do whatever you can to get the information out there 🙂

Mia: Lost Dog Reunited in Elizabeth, NJ!

“Mia ran out of the house Saturday night around midnight and into the street. She got hit by a car and immediately got up and took off running after. We ran after her but she was too fast so we couldn’t catch up to her. We searched the entire neighborhood all night and morning. Not able to sleep, we printed out flyers and went door to door looking for any information about her.

With no success from the neighbors we called all the vets, pet hospitals and animal shelters to see if anyone had turned her in. We called the police station to see if anyone has reported seeing Mia walking around. We encountered about 3 different calls about dogs matching Mia’s description within the first 30 hours but when we went to those places it was not Mia, but a sad case of another dog separated from its owner.

We drove around for another few hours and went home after no success again. We then got a call from the Police department stating one of the officers had her at the nearby park. We hopped in the car and rushed over. To our surprise, it was Mia! Alive and well from what we can tell. We broke down into tears and thanked the officer for finding and catching her.

We took her right to the vet when we got her back and to our surprise, she had no broken bones but minor scratches. Her paw pads had worn down and the vet stated she needed surgery to repair her paws. Other than that she is well and has since had a nice bath, ate a nice meal and has been resting for the past 24 hrs.

PawBoost was very helpful in spreading the word about Mia and I really appreciated everything they have done. Even though the Police were the end result of finding her, PawBoost and the Rescue Squad did everything they could to spread the word.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Mia’s alert. The police found her in the park alive with a few minor scratches. She has been reunited with her family and they are so happy to have her back home 🙂

Lunette: Lost Cat Reunited in North East Township, PA!

“My daughter Kaylia was on her way back to school from Plattsburgh, New York. She and her friend Emily decided to switch drivers at one point. Lunette was out of her carrier because of the length of the trip. Kaylia opened the door to get in on the passenger side, and told Lunette to stay, but Lunette was scared from traveling and jumped out of the door.

She called me, and I posted on Facebook. As a mom who is a ‘fixer,’ I knew that I had to do something to help her get her back. I started calling shelters, vets, stores, etc. I also found PawBoost and began to list Lunette as lost.

I additionally liked pages in the area last seen and each day I would post the PawBoost alert and ask them to share. One young lady in the area who had Facebook and visited the site for Erie Animal Network, sent a message that her aunt may have seen the cat.

I was able to contact the person of the possible sighting and we managed to work together to get Lunette into a ‘have a heart trap.’ We really depended on the people of Ripley, NY to help us get her back. Lots of Fancy Feast was used to get her to come out and go into the trap.

Once she was caught, I drove out the 6.5 hours and picked her up. I put her in a harness and a new carrier. I continued to drive another 6-6.5 hours to Kentucky, again without my daughters knowledge, to give her the biggest surprise ever!

I surprised her when I asked her to come help me with the bags, and I directed her to the back seat where Lunette was. When she opened the door, she realized what was in the back seat and fell to the ground in joy, surprise and delight!

PawBoost was helpful because they allowed me to keep sharing in the area and kept the word out for her safe return. I can’t thank you enough. I would, and have recommended PawBoost.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Lunette’s alert. Kaylia is so happy to have Lunette back home with her safe and sound 🙂

Baloo: Lost Dog Reunited in Morehead City, NC!

“Off-duty Police Officer Charles and volunteer, Diane responded to our call for help on PawBoost and searched in the woods near the Willis Trailer Park in Morehead City. More precisely they were walking a ditch, cautiously approaching a black heap that was Baloo. Diane reached over to touch his head and then he bolted. Gone again, back into the woods.

A week earlier CrisisDogsNC, a non profit rescue based in Hillsborough, North Carolina, transported Baloo on a pilotsnpaws flight from his foster home in Sanford to a potential adopter in Morehead City. Once cured after four months in a foster, he was ready for adoption. After arriving at his prospective adopter Baloo bolted during a walk and was gone. CrisisDogsNC contacted Morehead City Animal Control and Police and also posted on the Carteret newspaper site.

We posted on PawBoost, our first time using this site, and the response was staggering. Over 25,000 views in two days, statewide. Residents of that coastal North Carolina town and beyond were cheerleading his recovery, posting possible sightings and photos of dogs who resembled Baloo.

By the fourth day, Animal Control was calling Baloo the ‘ghost dog.’ But on PawBoost there were messages of hope, and volunteer Diane headed out every day, drawn to the spot where she first saw him.

Baloo’s foster, Michelle, started driving the four hours from her home in Virginia. She met Diane in a parking lot near his Baloo’s last sighting. Michelle called his name. She recalled, ‘It took maybe minutes and Baloo came running to me.’

Baloo is now back on his favorite mat at home with Michelle and her husband Parker. Thank you is insufficient to the thousands of responders on PawBoost and in particular the PawBoost volunteer named Diane who rallied every day until Baloo was safe.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Baloo’s alert. Michelle is adopting Baloo and he will never leave her. Our hearts are full 🙂

Andy: Lost Dog Reunited in Coquitlam, BC, Canada!

“Andy got scared from a larger dog coming in to the daycare and somehow freed himself from his collar. I contacted every pet finding website and the daycare contacted my veterinarian’s office as well as every SPCA in the lower mainland. We put up posters all over the area and I was looking all day and night.

I had people from my work join me throughout the day, friends riding bikes through this industrial and commercial area as well as the surrounding residential areas. The wonderful team at ICBC looked for Andy every time they had a break for a walk.

I finally went home about 11:00 that night absolutely drained and distraught. No sightings whatsoever of Andy. My friends made me promise I would not get up in the middle of the night and go back into this area of town that might not be the safest at night. Of course, I ended up going back around 3:00 am.

The next day it was at about 4:00 when I got a call from the Coquitlam By-Law officer saying that a home owner called with a sighting of a brown dog. I raced to the address she gave me to meet her. The dog disappeared into the ravine area beside the house so we decided to walk down the street and start looking from the bottom of the ravine.

Aaron started barking at one of the people watching, then we rounded the house and out popped Andy onto the sidewalk. I made sure I was very calm and crouched down to the ground. Once he got close, he jumped up right into my arms.

Andy was asleep in the car within a few minutes. Thanks for your help in getting him back and giving me the hope that someone would call the local SPCA when they spotted him.”

Spread the good news! Thank you everyone who shared Andy’s alert. Andy didn’t have any injuries, just very sore and tired from his 2 day adventure. It took a couple of days for Andy to get back to normal, but he is now doing well 🙂

Chewy: Lost Dog Reunited in San Leandro, CA!

“Chewy somehow got out when my neighbor came over to visit my mom. My parents didn’t realize she was missing until they were going to bed and were looking for the cats and Chewy. They searched the neighborhood for hours and didn’t find her.

I came home from being out of town and randomly thought to look online for a lost and found website. I came across a few, but PawBoost was the easiest to use and the most effective! I posted chewy’s lost ad, and within about 15 minutes or so, a lady emailed me and told me that someone may have found my dog because my picture looked just like hers.

She told me to check the found list and there she was! I emailed the lady and she called me within 5 minutes. She found Chewy and sent her to the emergency vet because of a cut on her face. She was so amazing and sweet and even asked me to text her when we pick her up to let her know she’s ok! Also, later that night another lady called and left me a voicemail about the same found dog ad on PawBoost!

We are so grateful for this site and all involved because everyone is here to help reunite animals with their family. They’re our babies! And everyone on PawBoost was so quick to react and I just know I couldn’t have done it without the emails, shared posts, and calls.

I would 120% recommend PawBoost to a friend that is ever in a similar situation. But not only that, I now know where to post if I ever find a wandering dog. I am so happy to have found this company/organization, and my parents and I cannot thank you all enough. This inspired me to be more proactive in my community and to help others like they helped me!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Chewy’s alert and took some time out of their day to help find him. Chewy is safe and sound because of amazing and kind people! 🙂

Sailor: Lost Cat Reunited in DeWitt, MI!

“Sailor and I moved last month to an apartment and she was still getting acclimated. A couple of times when I went to leave she would attempt to follow me out the door. I was always conscious to tell her no and shut/lock the door.

One Monday evening, I went across the hall to do laundry. I swear I shut the door all of the way, but since I did not lock it must have opened again. I went back in and I thought I saw her in her cat tree and then later when I didn’t see her I falsely assumed she was in her closet where she occasionally sleeps.

It was not until 8 hours later that I knew something was wrong and she was not in her usual places. I have never been in this situation. I have always had dogs and this is my first cat. Our bond was tighter than super glue.

When I stumbled upon PawBoost, I didn’t think twice about posting her missing. I also placed an ad on Craigslist, put posters up in and around my apartment building and a neighbor said she would add her to our community’s webpage.

I was not expecting the support I received on PawBoost. Total strangers showing such concern, kindness and offering much-needed advice. I simply cannot put into words what that did for me.

When I was about to fall into a coma from lack of sleep, I was bawling my eyes out. I cried into one of my blankets that was on my bed and I thought I would put it out on the patio, maybe Sailor will smell my sad tears?

Around 1:45am, I open the slider to put the blanket down and who do I see stroll on up? After she was safely inside, more bawling occurred and I called my parents.

Would I recommend PawBoost to friends? Heck, I’d recommend PawBoost to my enemies! When people come together like that and seemingly give me a cyber hug when I NEEDED that hug, well, it is impactful and resonates with me on a deep level.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Sailor’s alert. Sailor is home safe and sound and her pet parent couldn’t be happier 🙂

Moo Bear: Lost Cat Reunited in Newland, NC!

“We were on vacation in Linville Falls, NC with my daughter and son-in-law. It was our second day and we were on the outside deck playing cards and had Moo Bear attached to his leash. A stray cat went by and he pulled so hard he broke the ring on his collar and his name tag and number fell off.

We searched for three days and then had to come home due to work. We live 300 miles away from this area. We arrived home on a Monday and the next day I started contacting animal shelters. I was referred to PawBoost by Avery Animal Shelter in Midland, NC.

I went online and posted with you and I reached out to everyone I could find in the area. I was contacted by Marion, a lady that has a cat sanctuary for older cats. Everyone started sharing my post and it began to circulate in a lot of states and over thousands of Facebook users.

I went back a few weeks later when my husband could take off work and we hired a US certified search dog (Keith Payne with her dog, Smokey). We were given a place to stay at Marion’s home and she placed flyers and went to all the local shelter and vets.

Once the search dog tracked Moo Bear, we were able to find out where he had been. We left and Marion and Keith still worked on finding our beloved fur baby. Marion began to ride the route almost every day and set out food to see if we could lure him back.

At this point Sheila, the person that found Moo, went to Linville Falls and checked into the same cabin. The children in the next cabin said they had seen a black and white cat the day before. From that point, she went into the woods with food and started calling for Moo. He heard her and answered. She was able to catch him and Moo was brought back to us the next day. We are so blessed to get him back.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Moo Bear’s alert. He is still weak but sleeping good and healing from this adventure. Moo went missing for 6 weeks and is home safe. Never give up hope 🙂

“Riley stayed at my ex’s house for the past 6 weeks with his brother Chance. They both busted out of the yard, but Chance was hit and didn’t make it. Riley was on his own running through the fields for 9 days. I got on Facebook and sent out my own alert posting everywhere.

After I posted on PawBoost I received a flyer that had Riley’s picture on it with all the info about him and my contact info. For days I handed out flyers around the area Riley was last seen. I was stopped by a very nice man and he took the flyer and he said he did see Chance but not Riley.

He left but then came back a few minutes later saying he saw Riley near a pond just then. He took me there and we looked all around but he was gone. So I called for another person to help me look for him. We walked for miles in the fields we did see him but he was following a deer so he wanted nothing to do with us. It got dark so we stopped.

I went back out the next day handing out flyers. I put an article of clothing with dog food in an area where we last saw him. I went back the next day to check and the food and the clothing was gone. I walked all over looking for him since I thought maybe it was him. No luck.

At that point I was frustrated and exhausted from walking for days. I decided to go home and just wait to see if he shows up somewhere, this was day 9. Sure enough I got a text from the woman running the food truck with a picture of Riley that was from a woman that posted on Facebook.

People were commenting on her post that it looked like my dog. She contacted the woman and told her that I was on my way to get him and she exchanged our contact info. We met up and I got Riley back. I would recommend this service to anyone that loses an animal.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Riley’s alert. Never give up and talk to anyone and everyone in the area last seen. Getting the word out fast and everywhere is crucial 🙂

Tessa: Found Dog Reunited in Statesville, NC!

“This dog was walking down the middle of a very busy road in my town. She looked determined to get wherever she was going. About four people stopped to help. Neighbors appeared in their yards, kids on bikes. A couple of us tried to chase her down, but she had us beat.

Someone in an SUV drove ahead of her, stopped, got out and she ran right towards him. He just grabbed her and bought her over to the sidewalk. She wasn’t too happy with him. So it helped when another lady gave me a leash to hook on her collar. I put her in my car. I asked the few people gathered around if they knew her – but they didn’t.

She had an old rabies tag, so I was going to try to get information from that by calling a vet’s office on Monday when they opened. I took her by my vet to see if there was a chip – no.

I was going to make a poster to put up in the neighborhood where we found her, and I saw your electronic poster – so I thought that was a good idea worth trying. I also posted on my FB account. The owner called today – and they had my number (which I only posted on your site – it isn’t listed in our phone book.)

One of their neighbors had seen it on FB and told them about it. They had been walking and driving around their neighborhood calling her name (Tessa) and asking people if they had seen her. We were all overjoyed at the reunion. You should have seen this dog kissing her daddy – nothing but joy!

I had to tell her, ‘I told you we’d find them!’ because she really didn’t understand why she had to spend 27 hours in my basement. She was safe, had food, water, walks, toys, and a couple of blankets – but being home was the best!

I will recommend PawBoost to friends – and my son and I volunteer at our local Animal Hospital, so I’ll tell them too! Thank you for this service. There are a lot of happy hearts tonight!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Tessa’s alert. It was a very happy reunion with lots of licks! 🙂

Mike: Lost Cat Reunited in Reno, NV!

“Mike is an indoor/outdoor kitty. He hangs around our house and never goes far. We bring him in every night before it gets dark and he doesn’t go outside until it gets light enough.

He went missing one Sunday morning after he was let out at about 6:30-7 when it was light enough, just like a normal day! When we got home, he wasn’t around. That evening we came out to call him inside, still no Mike. He has a litter-mate sister that was here and came inside as usual.

We put up posters, talked to neighbors and put him online with multiple sources including PawBoost! I went to the neighborhood Mike was spotted, spoke with many neighbors, one which put his missing poster on the neighborhood email. And I put up his missing signs with my phone number in the area. I put his litter box and food outside the pool area.

I drove back again at about 8:30 pm and waited. The neighbor who saw and posted him initially was back at the pool area to look for him as well. A neighbor (John) on the corner house found him at about 9:30 pm the next night after he was last seen! I was waiting at the pool with his litter box. He called my number and said he thought he had Mike.

He put Mike in his truck to keep him safe and I drove to his house in about 30 seconds and it was Mike!! He is home safe & sound!!! He was missing for more than a month and over 15 miles away from home. We feel very blessed!!

The sweet girl who found him posted a photo of him on PawBoost and I saw it online and was contacted by PawBoost asking if he was our missing kitty. PawBoost is a great online source to rely upon for reuniting pets with their family! They get the word out and the users are truly helpful during the search process!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Mike’s alert and helped put the pieces together to find their sweet boy. Mike was missing for more than a month & he was found over 15 miles away. The sweet neighbors at Rosewood Lakes are to thank! 🙂

Angel: Lost Cat Reunited in De Pere, WI!

“We’re not sure how Angel got out, but we suspect a four-year old visitor may have let him out. Nobody saw it happen. It was as though he vanished into thin air. We live in a second-story town home and there are about a hundred front doors, all facing concrete and parking. There is no shelter or place for a kitty to hide.

In the back is a creek and forested area that stretches for miles. But our back door lets out onto an upper deck with no stairs, so we knew the chances of him letting us know he was around were slim. This place is like an impenetrable fortress, from the perspective of a cat.

A neighbor three doors down who has a town home on the lower level saw him come up onto her patio, and lock eyes with her cat. She and her husband could tell he must not be a wild cat, so they went outside and followed him. He hid under a car.

The wife looked on Facebook, found the alert, and called me. My daughter cried for 20 minutes when he was found, if that tells you how much he is loved, and how grieved we were to lose him.

I am so thankful for all the people who shared so that someone in the neighborhood – a stranger to me – knew how to get in touch with me! And thank you to PawBoost for making it all possible!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Angel’s alert. Neighbors down the road who didn’t know them saw the alert on Facebook and called! His family is grateful beyond words 🙂

Garfield: Lost Cat Reunited in Littleton, CO!

“Garfield went missing while my husband and I were on vacation. She escaped from the house where she was being pet sat. This was the first time she had ever been to a new location other than her home.

We found Garfield after following up on all of the possible sightings and help we received from the wonderful people in the neighborhood she was lost in. For the millionth time, I was walking around the neighborhood shaking food and calling for Garfield, but this time I actually heard a familiar response.

In her true fashion, Garfield followed her initial response up with a deluge of ‘meow, meow, meow,’ and there she was! PawBoost was an immeasurable help in getting the word out about Garfield, and we received wonderful suggestions, stories, and information from people via PawBoost.

We would recommend PawBoost to a friend. PawBoost was able to get the information about Garfield out to more people and organizations than we ever could have on our own. Several times people mentioned to us that they saw Garfield’s posting specifically on PawBoost.

The thing we are most thankful for from PawBoost is the wonderful support, prayers, and positive thoughts we received during this heartbreaking time. The emotional support and optimistic messages we received helped us stay strong, and never give up hope.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Garfield’s alert. Garfield is back home, and their family is once again whole! 🙂

Brownie: Lost Dog Reunited in Huber Heights, OH!

“After returning from Northgate veterinarian clinic, I dropped Brownie off at the house and when to work. Dad came home with Ryker, (grandson) and Ryker wanted to see Grandpa’s trike. He went to the garage with Ryker and Brownie right behind.

After showing the trike to Ryker for a while, because 4 year olds apparently ask a lot of questions, it was time for Ryker to go home. So Grandpa loaded Ryker in the car, shut the garage and took Ryker home. Not knowing little Brownie was still out.

We made a bunch of flyers and spent the rest of the night plastering them up all over the neighborhood and talked to the locals. We drove throughout the neighborhood yelling his name and going to the local shelters and checking their website’s every hour.

I googled lost dogs, becoming desperate. You wondered if he’s alright. Did someone pick him up? You don’t want to think of the worst, but your mind goes there. It was that third day and my Google search led me to PawBoost.

I took the couple of minutes to upload Brownie profile. Then I waited again. It felt, I don’t want to say easier, but PawBoost definitely gave a sense of community. After 20 hours Brownie’s alert had about 5,000 views. I felt like if Brownie was still out there, that this would work.

After 28 hours on PawBoost I received the call we where waiting for. Brownie was found. The family that found Brownie took excellent care of him. They even took him to the vet, where he received his shots yet again. And they gave him a haircut and a bath. I am thankful he was found by the Baldi family. They truly love their pets and missing ones also.

I would definitely recommend PawBoost. After 28 hours and about 6,000 views, Brownie’s home. Not only home, but home safe.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Brownie’s alert. A very special thank you to the Baldi family for finding Brownie and taking such excellent care of him 🙂

Mac: Lost Cat Reunited in Rohnert Park, CA!

“We were evacuated by our home due to the recent firestorm in Sonoma & Napa Counties, Northern California. We had our 4 small dogs and 2 cats and no place to go on short notice. The Rohnert Park Animal Shelter was willing to board animals for those evacuated, a lifesaver for us.

Mac was in a crate, but when he was being carried into the shelter, he freaked out and the crate started to crack open. He escaped and ran away over the back fence and we were unable to find him.

I used PawBoost, registered with all the shelters in the area, and the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter set out humane traps. We left for a relative’s home about an hour away since all hotels were full in the area with so many people evacuated.

In the end, a lead from a flyer I distributed to homes in the area, helped me find his location in a storm drain in a large field. It took me another 5 days to coax him out of the storm drain to bring him home. The support from people who read the alert on Facebook helped me keep up my morale and determination during a very stressful time for my family.

We were fortunate, our house is still standing. The fires and burning buildings came to within 100 yards of our home. We were evacuated for a week, and Mac was lost for 2 weeks. It is a small problem compared to the thousands that lost their homes in my area, but it was a huge thing to us to get Mac back.

I would recommend PawBoost to anyone who loses their pet. The exposure to people who may help or give moral support is great. At a time that my community was in chaos, people were sending me photos of found cats, and adding Mac to the Facebook lists of cats lost in the firestorms.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Mac’s alert. After his 2 weeks hiding in a storm drain in a big field, he is skinnier but healthy 🙂

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