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Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Office

This article is contributed by guest author Geraldine Orentas (Writer at Happy Writers).

Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Office

Pet-friendly offices aren’t new, but after COVID-19 and pandemic lockdowns, more offices are offering this perk to lure employees who got accustomed to living with their pets. Still, countless studies have looked at the benefits of working in a pet-friendly office, and the truth is that it does benefit both employees and employers – not to mention, it keeps furry friends close to their owners and even lets them make new friends! 

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1. Reduces Stress Levels

We know that stress in the office is inevitable, but various studies have shown that having pets in the office can help lower stress levels and improve employee job satisfaction. Ideally, pets create a comfortable work environment that can help ease on-the-job tension. Having pets around the office helps lower cortisol, lowers blood pressure, increases wellness feelings, and improves overall job satisfaction. 

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2. Promotes Productivity

A happier workplace can help people become more productive. It’s easier to think that dogs can be distracting at first. But, the reality is the productivity benefits outweigh the downside. Having a break from pressure and tasks can help employees feel less stressed and more focused on their job. Having pets in the office can also improve communication among teammates and help build bonds and connections between employees. 

3. Promotes a Healthier Work Environment

Having pets in the office takes a village. Dogs need to be taken outside, get some exercise, and keep walking around. In reality, it helps employees walk around the office and stay active. Having little ones walking around the office can help people feel more energized. Studies show that this can provide a healthier work environment and promote more beneficial activities even outside of work. 

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4. Increases Punctuality

Funnily enough, employees that work in a pet-friendly office are eager to get to the office. About 85% of employees who work in a pet-friendly environment rarely miss a day. This is primarily because they work in an embracing environment that they feel comfortable with. 

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5. Build Employee Loyalty

Lastly, pet-friendly offices attract more talent and do better at retaining them. About 88% of employees working in a pet-friendly environment would recommend their company to others, compared to 51% promoting non-pet-friendly settings. Having pets in the office helps improve work-life balance, which is why more people are likely to stay with the company. 

Altogether, pet-friendly benefits far outweigh any pitfalls – distractions, tension, allergies, and cleanliness issues. 

Final Thoughts

The benefits of pet-friendly offices not only extend to the employees who get to stay with their furry friends while at work, but also to the employers who will likely see a rise in employee happiness and production as a result of keeping employee fur babies close! Most importantly, this helps our furry friends to feel more comfortable during the work week by giving them the ability to stay by our side instead of dealing with the anxiety that comes with being left home alone all day. So the next time that you go job hunting, inquire about their policy on pets in the office; your fur baby will thank you!


  • Hi i think this is fabulous as your pet could have seperation issues now as weve been at home for so long because of the pandemic, so why not give you and your pet some happiness and let your fur baby meet new friends as they deserve the same love and respect as we do . GREAT BOSSES.
    Im a classroom assistant and i wish we could do this 😔

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