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Featured Happy Tails! December 2019 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in December

Featured Happy Tails! December 2019 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in December

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Read December’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Cooper: Lost Cat Reunited in Pleasant Valley, NY!

“Cooper got out through a window that wasn’t supposed to be opened because it doesn’t have a screen on it. Unfortunately my 4 year old nephew didn’t realize this when he opened it. Around 8pm the next day, my sister called for him, he meowed and she heard the bell on his collar ring.

We tried to bait him with food and treats, but he was too scared to come out. Most likely because there are a lot of strays and one in particular kept hanging around. Around 3:30am my brother heard him. We again tried to bait him but he retreated. I slowly approached him with one of his favorite treats and he finally came close enough for me to grab him.

PawBoost was a great source to utilize for getting the word out and offering great tips and tricks on how to go about getting our fur baby home safely. I hope I never end up in a situation like this again, but if I do I will definitely turn to PawBoost for help!

I would 100% recommend PawBoost to anyone needing help locating their lost fur baby. Thank you for offering such a wonderful and resourceful site for people to go to in their time of need! You are greatly appreciated!”

Rover: Lost Cat Reunited in Seattle, WA!

“The first night I had Rover home after adopting him from the county shelter, he escaped out the cat door. I thought it would be too heavy for him to get out without being trained – wrong! He slept with me for about half of his first night, but when I woke up he was gone, gone, gone!

I was so worried because I didn’t think he would recognize my house as home after only about 12 or so hours of being here, and thought there was a good chance he would stray a long way off. Fortunately he is chipped, but still I thought it might take a long time for the right person to find him and then try to find me.

Right away I posted Rover’s disappearance in my own social media groups. Soon I found PawBoost and made a lost cat alert there as well. To my surprise PawBoost sent me a series of tips and strategies for finding lost cats. I wasn’t ready to go out during the night with a flashlight, but one of the tips was something I could do right away: place something that smells like the cat outside to lure him back with his own scent.

The shelter staff had sent me and Rover home with his shelter crate blanket. On my way out to work the second day he was missing, I placed the crate blanket on my back porch. My husband came home before me in the early evening and found Rover trying to get back in the cat door! Total time away – about 1 ¾ days.

I have already recommended PawBoost on social media to a neighbor with a lost cat. Not only was it a comfort to have Rover listed as missing in case someone found him, the series of encouraging emails that arrived immediately were helpful to keep my spirits up.

And – though it’s impossible to know if he might have come back anyway – I do credit the PawBoost tip to place an item smelling like him outside with his return. Thank you, PawBoost! You boosted my spirits and I think you helped my cat find his new home, again.”

Cookie: Lost Cat Reunited in Thornwood, NY!

“Cookie is an indoor cat who’s been apart of our family for 6 years. She occasionally sniffs around on the front stoop if the door is open but never goes further. One Thursday I ran to get something from my car and left the front door cracked behind me. After I ran back in I closed and locked the door behind me.

The next morning I went to feed Cookie and she was no where to be found. I checked the entire house several times, then I thought to check the Ring doorbell camera we have. Sure enough I saw footage of her following right behind me that night. I ran back in so quickly I hadn’t noticed and you can see that she was sitting at the door meowing for a long time.

I posted the PawBoost missing pet flyers all around my town and in neighbor’s mailboxes, contacted local shelters and vets, put her liter box and food bowl outside and called for her every day. I heard nothing for 2 months. As the weather got very cold I put away all her cat stuff in a box in the basement and came to realize she just wasn’t coming home. I prayed she found new owners and was safe and warm somewhere.

Then my neighbor called me and told me she kept smelling cat urine in her basement/garage that is used for mainly storage. She went down with a flashlight and saw a cat! She remembered the flyer and my daily search for Cookie! I went over to the house, called her name, whistled and she ran right out to me. We don’t know if she’s been there the whole 2 months but she is extremely skinny and malnourished. I just can’t believe I have her back home safely!

I would absolutely recommend PawBoost to anybody who has lost a pet! Any possible way whether it being flyers or internet may just give you that chance of somebody finding your loved animal. Thank you PawBoost for constantly checking to see the status of our missing kitty and bumping her to the top of the lost pets list! My amount of gratitude is unmeasurable!”

“We just recently moved to our new home in Lebanon and believe that’s why Pepper escaped. He has always been a house cat and is barely a year old. They say cats that move to a new area are very territorial and they try to escape to locate the old home. And that’s exactly what happened.

Pepper was missing for 31 days before he arrived on the back porch weak and tired. PawBoost did have a direct connection in the return of Pepper due to the fact that several PawBoost members contacted me to help. I was guided in properly setting Pepper’s cat items outside, personal clothing of our family members outside, and to go outside at night talking so he could hear our voices.

I honestly would not have thought about doing all of these things if it wasn’t for the help of the people who have gone through something like this and we are very thankful for the community. We stayed outside for 2 hours communicating on the porch and after going inside Pepper showed up on the porch 10 minutes later! It was a true miracle.

I would highly recommend PawBoost because it’s a website where people can go to share similar situations and we are all here because we are missing an animal that we love dearly. The community comes together to help everyone out when the opportunity is available. We are so grateful that Pepper is home and we appreciate the site that you offer.”

“Our fence was accidentally left open and I didn’t realize Coco was outside. My granddoodles had just arrived and we were spreading hello hugs and kisses.

PawBoost was helpful because it allowed an instant outlet to share, and then, of course, to be shared again and again. It also opened up communication from others with suggestions as well as other tools to help locate Coco. There was much searching going on throughout the night, and then early the next morning.

Ultimately someone in the area picked him up and took care of him for the night. Due to plans they had, they then passed him to another kind angel who was driving around the area, spreading the word the same time I was! I stopped a man running, who had minutes previous spoken to the lady who had Coco and was searching for me (the owner).

He indicated the area where she was driving around, and minutes later we found each other on the road. I would most definitely recommend PawBoost to any family with fur members! It is a well known site with multiple outlets as well as one that is viewed often by caring humans. Thank you for being a readily available, user friendly, and very visible outlet!”

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  • Thankyou for all you are doing.
    We are still hoping to find Ruby although she has been missing for 20 months.

    • How horrible!! Don’t give up hope, you just never know when that “thing” will happen and the ball starts rolling, bring your baby home. It just takes one flyer, one post online, one conversation, one person to set her return in motion. If you saturated the area with flyers, posted on all local social media and checked the animal control regularly, you put the information out there. Now you need the right person to see it. Maybe you should do it all again. New flyers etc. Remind everyone that she is missing, let them knowvyou still need help finding her. Good Luck!!!

  • Bless you and your family for finding your baby. My baby is still lost someone stole him Last year in Aug. I’m still praying and my hopes are sky high that a sighting will come. I will never give up on searching for BB

  • I don’t know where you are or where you lost Ruby, but hopefully you have been going regularly to all local shelters in your area and looking with your own eyes–it is reall a truied and true method. Good luck with your efforts. i guess someone had mentioned that checking Craig’s list regularly is also helpful.

  • One more thing–when your neighbors are approached, always ask them to carefully check their garage, shed or an place a cat could hide and get closed in or trapped. It is amazing how often that happens–they are so curious.

  • Wonderful for all the found pets.. My fur baby cat has been gone since June 29th.. I’ve adopted another cat. now.&she is chipped & registered..

  • Although I forgot to file a PawBoost success story after our cat Lovey returned, I do want to share a story similar to Pepper’s tale. Lovey was twice spotted near our house after her former foster mom from the animal shelter was out searching for her and calling for Lovey. The “mom” texted us a recording of her voice saying Lovey’s name, which we played outside the back door. Lovey appeared but was clearly confused and frightened. We opened the door, went inside and played the recording. Lovey followed the her “mom’s” voice into the house. So go outside and talk, your lost fur baby may be nearby just waiting to hear a friendly voice.

  • My skinny senior citizen cat disappeared in July of 2017. I did file a report with Paw Boost and I did look for him as much as I could. I am disabled and was not able to conduct the energetic search that I wanted to for him. I never found a body or found out what happened to him. I called the animal shelter here in Marion, Illinois, also. His name is Ghost. At one time he was a very large (not fat) 14 pound gray and white cat. He had a thyroid problem and had become very skinny. I am a disabled Senior Citizen and sometimes my memory is not so good. He had been out in my fenced yard and unbeknownst to me there were holes in the fence. He was out there for several hours, because I forgot that he was out there. It still breaks my heart, wondering what happened to him and if he suffered or maybe he was found by a kind person, who could take better care of him than I could. If he is happy in a forever home, please contact me. I just want to know. I love him very much, but I just want him to be healthy and happy. If he has died and you know about it, please let me know. I know that he is gone for good, but not knowing is killing me. If for some reason he is stuck living in a cage in a no-kill shelter and is unhappy, I will gladly take him back. I have 2 other cats, whom he gets along with fine. One of those cats has been his best friend since they were both very young. The other cat is the youngest and literally worshipped him. If he is still alive, I just want whatever is best for him. If you have him and love him, that is fine with me as long as he is happy. I just feel so bad about him getting so skinny and then disappearing. I just want to know.

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