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Featured Happy Tails! February 2020 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in February

Featured Happy Tails! February 2020 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in February

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Read February’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Sunny: Lost Cat Reunited in Los Angeles, CA!

“On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, our painter left a door ajar and our sweet boy Sunny, an indoor-only cat, snuck out. We looked everywhere, posted signs, visited neighbors and used PawBoost, but after a few days we were losing hope. We figured that especially due to the NYE fireworks, he was scared and hiding and maybe further away than we originally thought.

On day 4, we saw a post from someone via PawBoost that shared a helpful video that focused on how searching for a lost indoor cat was different then looking for an outdoor cat. Turns out he was possibly closer to us than we thought and maybe only a few houses away.

Based on the above and several other helpful comments people in the PawBoost community had shared with me, we narrowed our focus. Our daughter eventually saw his little head pop out from under the house!! She was able to coax him out with food and snatch him up. He was terrified, skinny and had some minor injuries from being under the house. After a lot of TLC, trip to the vet for an exam and antibiotics, we are overjoyed to report Sunny is doing well and clearly so happy to be home!!

Because of comments directly shared with us by people who saw our post, we were able to (1) not give up hope (2) we were able to get specific info that eventually helped us find Sunny! It was so comforting to know that many people cared and were looking for him. Even though he turned out to be close by, it warmed my heart to know that there is a community who cares so much and would take time to stop and help.

We are so grateful to the PawBoost community for being an incredibly helpful resource! If we hadn’t received the invaluable tips from PawBoost community members, it’s very possible our sweet boy would not be found. We are SO GRATEFUL to have received the tools, hope and encouragement that we did!”

Hank: Lost Cat Reunited in Kirkintilloch, UK!

“Hank went in our back garden, but he didn’t come in when called. He managed to go exploring on our estate and went looking in someone’s open garage. The owner was unaware and Hank was locked in a garage for 5 days.

We were reunited as the owner of the house called us when he realized Hank was in his garage. PawBoost definitely helped as the owner knew straight away Hank was ours due to the social media coverage!

I would highly recommend PawBoost to anyone who has to go through the unfortunate issue of losing a pet. The social media coverage and wide network you provide was a huge help in making local residents around us aware Hank was missing.

We are over the moon our main man is home again and thanks once more to PawBoost.”

Puddles: Lost Cat Reunited in Shrewsbury, MA!

“Puddles is an indoor/outdoor cat. In the winter he only goes out for very short amounts of time. We let him out at 6:00pm one Friday and when he wasn’t home by 6:30pm we knew something was wrong.

The people in the house behind us got home from vacation 4 days after he was missing and noticed the door had been open. Then they saw him dart by. They thought he got out but then 3 days after that (7 days missing) they spotted him in the house again. I had left a flyer in their door and they called me. I found him hiding in their basement 9 days after he went missing.

The amount of reach his PawBoost post got was phenomenal. The more people aware and keeping their eyes open the better. PawBoost knows how to spread information fast on social media!”

“Since getting Scooter all he’s ever known is our fenced in 2 acres that surround our house. We manually open and close our driveway gate to enter and leave the property. Apparently the latch wasn’t secure and he got out of the yard. We have several loose dogs running the neighborhood and quite frequently our dogs are challenged from outside the fence.

We have another adopted dog, Maggie who isn’t quite yard trained yet. Scooter being the Heeler he is, typically runs after her. Maggie likes to stretch her legs every now and then and runs out the gate but generally comes back. We figured Scooter went after her and got mixed up with the loose dogs. We came home and found Maggie but no Scooter.

We immediately started looking for him when we discovered he was missing. After it got dark, I posted Scooter’s disappearance on Nextdoor and Facebook. The next day I called animal control to report him missing to see if he was picked up. I made up flyers and put them out in several areas nearby.

I was surfing the internet to find all the places I could post him missing and found PawBoost. I really had never heard of it before. I filled out the requested info and it was posted. I was very surprised how many comments that came thereafter from concerned pet lovers.

Every afternoon after work I searched our area starting with about a 5 mile radius. Later, I started expanding my search to about 15 miles. My wife and I talked to many people handing out flyers. On Nextdoor one of our neighbors, Payton, down the road was probably the most encouraging and said over and over she would keep her eyes open.

After putting about 500 miles on my vehicle and nearly two weeks gone by, I got a phone call saying, ‘Mr. Taylor I have your dog.’ Low and behold it was our neighbor Payton. She spotted him on the road about two miles from our house. After dealing with a lost pet, I would definitely use PawBoost and other avenues to find my dog. Never give up hope!”

“Princess got out very late one night while we were feeding a community stray. We believe she was trying to chase the stray away because she does not like other cats except her brother and sister. Which honestly she just tolerates them.

We did not see her actually go outside so we did not notice she was gone until morning, but that was the only time we opened the door since the last time we saw her. She has a tendency to hide in the house to get away from her siblings so before assuming she was missing we tore our apartment apart looking in any place we could possibly think.

I got a message with a picture from someone who lived a few neighborhoods away. She found and managed to trap Princess. Princess was happy to take food from someone but would not willingly go to her. She messaged me early the next morning to ask if this was my cat and to let me know that she worked at the vet up the road and I could come get Princess anytime.

I actually happy cried when I called my husband to let him know someone had found our cat. I’m not sure what she used to get my contact information. We made many social media posts and actual flyers that we hung up in our neighborhood, along with contacting local vets, animal shelters and any place we could think to contact.

Any possible way to get the news out about a missing pet is good. I know that PawBoost helps get the word out to the most people it can and it’s definitely the easiest way to raise awareness. Just looking at the success rate alone would be the best recommendation.

My sweet girl has lost a lot of weight but after being gone a month needed absolutely no time to adjust. She is happy to be home and warm and I’m happy to have my foot warmer and the best hugger I know back!”

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  • Hearing the stories of how the missing pets are found and reunited are a nice change from the sad and heartbreaking stories that are usually the only ones posted telling what happened. A lot of people invest their time and emotions trying to help people find their lost pets when Pawboost notifies us that they are missing. There have been some that have really touched my heart, and it really would have been nice to hear the story of how and where they were found. If people have a minute to share their joy, please do. It brightens my day.

    • Pawboost is a great tool to help get the word out for lost and found pets. I always recommend them on social media. Loved reading these stories of happy endings! It does take a village!!

    • Liliane Christensen

      March 5, 2020 at 5:16 PM

      How long was your indoor cat gone? Today is one week, since my cat disappeared.

      • Don’t give up on your cat. It can take a long time and a lot of effort to find an indoor cat that got out. At one week, though, your cat is probably still somewhere close to your house. The first thing to do when an indoor cat is missing is do an aggressive physical search of your house (yes, your house — can’t tell you how many lost cats are found in their own house) and your yard — then expand to yards three to five from your own. And aggressive means get down and look under every out building and crawling through the mud to check your neighbor’s crawlspace. (Don’t believe it when they say your cat isn’t in their yard — they won’t get in the mud for your cat.) Another thing that happens is that a cat goes up a tree or bush and jumps over into a fenced yard — but there is not a tree or bush in the yard he jumps into for him to climb to get back out. Place flyers locally. Lost dogs travel. Lost cats are generally found within a mile of home — not always, so expand your search as you go. Don’t give up!!

  • Barbara Garabedian

    March 2, 2020 at 3:36 PM

    So glad u found your kitty safe & healthy sorry for other strays that do not have a caring family I wish they all had a home & is fed & healthy god bless all thrkityies & doggies & stray animals bg

  • Great job. Got my 4 year old beautiful chocolate roam cocker spaniel back after 5 days of his running So much community support and love😊
    Thank you again everyone!!!!

  • Welcome home Scooter! Glad you’re peps never gave up. ❤️

  • You Cat looks like my Miss Honey. Come on Miss Honey Come on Home!

  • Please all pet owners, please get your pets micro chipped–it really at some point will save their lives. The best possible investment and often an animal organization will have a low cost day.

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