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Featured Happy Tails! May 2020 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in May

Featured Happy Tails! May 2020 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in May

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Read May’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Wisp: Lost Cat Reunited Littleton, CO!

“Wisp is an indoor only cat. We think she must have darted outside when one of our roommates came home late and didn’t realize she had gotten out. It wasn’t until 12 PM or so that we even realized she was gone because no one in our house had seen her since the night before. We put her litter box, wet and dry food, some of her toys and dirty clothes on our patio to try to attract her back to our home.

My boyfriend opened the windows to the kitchen and was planning on sleeping on the kitchen floor to see if he could hear her scratch at the door. Around 12:15 he heard crunching on the dry food we left outside, and when he looked it was Wisp!

There were a lot of people who gave us advice on what to leave outside for her to try to attract her back home. People also posted stories of their cats who had gone missing and returned which gave us hope. I would recommend PawBoost to a friend because so many people were sharing her story.

It was nice seeing a community of people we didn’t know helping us look for Wisp. Pets, especially cats, can be tricky to find when they go missing from home, so I think anything helps!”

Max: Lost Dog Reunited in Phoenix, AZ!

“My side gate to the backyard wasn’t latched right one evening and must have either blown open with the wind or was pushed open. Max was able to get out, and likely he saw someone or something to go explore. He made it down the street about 5 houses before an awesome neighbor found and took him in.

She got on Facebook and saw his PawBoost post on one of the lost/found dog groups in our area, which is great because it wasn’t a group I had joined yet. We were able to connect and I had him home in about 2 hours or so.

If it weren’t for PawBoost I don’t think we would have connected so quickly. We might have eventually because Facebook is great like that plus Max is chipped, but it would have taken much longer and I would have been heartbroken for so much longer. I would definitely tell friends to use PawBoost and help get the word out!”

Phoebe: Lost Dog Reunited in Cleveland, OH!

“Phoebe escaped through a hole in the fence one night after going out to potty. She was found by a very kind couple about a mile away from our house in a park. They have a missing dog as well and stopped to see if it was their pup. When they saw Phoebe they knew she was someone’s pet. They took her home, gave her food and cuddles, and then took to the internet to find her owners.

I had just submitted my PawBoost ad that morning, so when the gentleman logged on to post her, he saw our ad! They called and we had her back in our arms within 10 minutes. I am SO THANKFUL for PawBoost and can’t tell you how much it means that our girl is home! I would (and will) absolutely recommend PawBoost to my friends. It saved our fur child and that is simply priceless!”

“There was a large thunderstorm looming one late Friday afternoon. Lilly is a 7 year old, black and white, female pit bull who was adopted from a shelter about a year ago. She was successfully treated for heartworms. However, she was on continued medication as she had a persistent cough.

We have horses and goats. Lilly loved to take her toys and arrange them neatly next to a convalescing Angora buck. She escaped from the fencing around the barn and into the dark. She is terrified of storms. We searched for her through the thunderstorms until 1 am Saturday morning.

We searched most of Saturday in the continued rain changing clothes and rain gear throughout the day to no avail. Sunday morning, I placed the ad on PawBoost and gave Lilly’s story. In that 24 hour period, our ad got over 3,145 views and 125 shares.

We received a post on Facebook with her picture wishing to know if the dog that a friend found late Friday night shivering under a trailer was Lilly. YES, I immediately replied. It was my 71st birthday and this was the BEST BIRTHDAY present that I have ever received. Was lost and now am found! Amazing Grace. Thank you Jesus! Thank you PawBoost!”

“Sammy showed up at our door and stole our hearts. He asked to go outside as usual and didn’t return for weeks. We searched, posted, shared, cried and worried every day he was away. PawBoost shared, updated and checked back every week to see how our search was going and then re-posted his picture every week.

We received many leads and replies from all of those who followed along. Unfortunately, none of them led us to our Sammy, but they sure tried. Exactly one month almost to the hour, Sammy showed up again at our door begging to come in! He was much thinner, extremely hungry and exhausted but otherwise, in great health.

We have absolutely no clue as to where he was or what happened. We tried all the tricks, tips, social media, signs, etc. to no avail. We will never know what made him leave us but we suspect something chased him from our yard and he ran so far he got lost. Who knows? What we DO know is that we are overjoyed and so thankful to have our sweet Sammy back home.

PawBoost is a great resource and a compassionate team that helped us feel like we weren’t all on our own in our desperate search. We would definitely recommend them to everyone. Thank you for all you do! He slept extremely soundly and most of the time for almost a week once he returned. Since then, he is behaving normally and has added back quite a few pounds!”

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  • So lovely to see dogs and cats returned to their owners ! I love dachshunds and lost mine to bad health last summer would love an older Black and Tan !

  • We need each other and every resource we can try to protect our best friends, God’s ambassadors, here on Earth. Thank you all for caring and watching this site every day and for being their when people and pets need you.

  • Elizabeth Rogers

    June 1, 2020 at 6:56 PM

    SO glad your beautiful kitty is safely home again!

  • I loved reading your story. Thanks for taking the time to submit it, as it gives hope to other pet parents. I love the picture & it’s obvious how much the 2 of you love each other!

  • I have had cats my whole life and they do seem to go on vacation without warning from time to time only to return..The good news is that they do return..:)…What is hard to understand is why they do this when they have a good home..??…

  • I am glad you got Sammy back with no major injuries or issues, but please keep him inside where he will be safe and healthy. You were very lucky this time.

  • Awe look at how much he adores you! I’m so happy your boy is home now!

  • God bless you and Lilly❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So happy for you both!

  • Hello. I am so happy for you and Sammy that he is now back home. I too have been reunited with my cat Mini after 32 days. The joy in my heart is bursting all over. She looks thinner and tired so a trip to the vet has been scheduled. She is an indoor cat. I believe it’s much safer and healthier for cats to be kept indoors. Our pets are part of the family so we love them so much.

    • I totally agree! If your going to rescue or adopt a cat and make them part of your family, please do not let them out of your house. People say, ‘well if I don’t let them go out, they’ll cry at the door’. To that I say, would you rather be the one crying at the door when your little guy or girl doesn’t come home? Why would you take that chance? If the rescue place knew that someone was going to be letting the adopted cat out, I’m sure they wouldn’t let the adoption go through. Cats will stop crying once they see it doesn’t work. I’m beginning to wonder if some of these cats, the ones that never come back, are trying to find their way back home to their original owner. Maybe if the new owners knew this, they might not let their new little fur baby out. Last summer, I went out in my backyard with my dog to let her go potty and brought our adopted feral of two years out with us. I turned my back for two minutes to pick up after my dog and my little feral ‘Shorty’ was gone. I was frantic. I put my dog in the house, searched behind the bushes, behind the sheds, checked the neighbors yards, calling and crying for him and the whole time he was sitting on top of our air conditioner, just watching me lose my mind. He’s a little stinker sometimes, but that short lived heart break was enough for me to never let him out of my sight ever again. Thanks for reading :o)

  • The story about Sammy gives me hope that our Morris will return home too. He has been mossing now for 1 week. We pray every night that he will come throught the doggy door and make his little 7 year old human happy!❤

    • Hi Tina! I know you put Morris’s photo on Pawboost, but have you tried looking on Facebook in your area? I’m not sure what state your in, but here in Colorado, a Facebook page by Julie Hjart (not sure if that’s the correct spelling or not) has a page called: Lost cats of Colorado. She may have one for every state, but I’m not sure. If you live by any ponds or lakes, be sure to try looking there as well as fields. We have a pond behind our house and every now and then I’ll see a cat out there playing in the weeds, probably looking for something to eat. The pond is on our neighbors property and they have horses and a fence around their property, otherwise I’d be over there trying to see if any of those cats are lost. We have a feral cat here that I’ve been trying to befriend for at least 3 years. I only see him at night and other than my porch to eat, I’ve only seen him by a drain at the end of our street. I’ve heard that cats will go down into the drain system to keep warm. I don’t know how true that is, though. I know if you leave your cat’s food out along with water, you will attract other cats to your house, but maybe eventually your cat will follow the others. I’ve also learned that cats will ‘buddy’ up and show up together to eat. So if you find one stray maybe try to follow him to see where he’s going? Also, be sure to check with the humane society’s in your area every couple of days until he’s home. We took a stray cat and her kittens into the No-Kill Animal Friends Alliance in Fort Collins, they said they have to contact the Humane Society so they can post the cat’s picture and give the owner 10 days to claim her, then after that the cat we brought in will be able to be adopted. So if Morris is found a month from now and someone takes him to the Humane Society, you may only have a week or so to claim him. Sorry for so much info, I hope it helps. I’m praying that Morris is just out having a ball exploring and will be home soon. Please don’t give up hope. :o)

  • Please folks, microchip your cats and dogs, it just may get them back home! A real good quality gps tag might also be a good investment!

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