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Featured Happy Tails! November 2023 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in November

Featured Happy Tails! November 2023 – Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, & Pets That Were Reunited in November

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Check out November’s Featured Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Rowan: Lost Dog Reunited in Oviedo, FL!

“Rowan, our seven month old Border Collie puppy, slipped out of the front door unnoticed when a family member retrieved a food order from the front porch. She has never tried to bolt out of a door, and is generally a well-trained puppy. We never thought it was going to be an issue, which is probably why there wasn’t more care taken with controlling the doorway. We noticed she wasn’t around after we ate our pizza and searched every hiding place in the house and yard before realizing she must have slipped out through the front door! We immediately began searching, but home game night in a college town means a lot of traffic and noise, which is quite scary for dogs not used to being outside during the commotion.

Rowan was found in the later morning hours by a wonderful woman who remembered seeing her PawBoost alert being circulated on social media, and was able to contact me because of the listing. She was found a mile down the road from our home near a busy main road (50mph speed limit), and her finder was able to put a leash on her and call me immediately thanks to the PawBoost listing. She was covered in burdock seed pods and “stickers” of every variety, smelled like a swamp, but checked out fine at the vet after a good grooming and a full meal.

Rowan was missing for two nights, for a total of 38 hours from when we noticed her missing to the time I was notified she had been found. PawBoost single-handedly sped up my reunion with Rowan. Instead of the finder having to take her to the veterinarian to check for a microchip, or call animal control and cause further trauma to the poor puppy, she was able to contact me directly from the information provided by the PawBoost alert. I will always recommend PawBoost to anyone who has a missing pet to be part of the arsenal needed to find them as quickly as possible.”

Found Dog Reunited in Albuquerque, NM!

“We were exiting the highway and this dog almost ran out in front of our car. We opened the door and he jumped right in. He had a collar on, but no tags. We took him to a vet to get scanned for a microchip. His chip was active, but not registered. So, we took pictures of him and got him listed on social media, PawBoost, and Nextdoor, and started searching that night for his humans. The next day, we received notifications on this website that his humans had posted his lost pet alert on PawBoost as well. We got him back home in less than 24 hours of finding him (he was missing for about the same amount of time). We’re so glad this fur baby is back home.”

Tubear: Lost Dog Reunited in Mount Vernon, IL!

“My brother John was moving from Missouri to Virginia with his dog, Tubear. Tubear is kind of a “COVID-era” puppy, and hadn’t spent a lot of time outside of his three acre yard, so the trip must have been scary for him. When they stopped for the night in Illinois, Tubear bolted out of the car and ran. After posting an alert on PawBoost, we were in contact with several caring PawBoost community members in Mount Vernon, who were kind enough to take the sightings from PawBoost and set up traps around the sighting areas.

After two full weeks, Tubear was finally captured! John and our mom flew back to Illinois and rented a van to bring Tubear home! He was gone for 14 days! We didn’t know anyone in Illinois, so PawBoost gave us a way to find people who were willing to help us find Tubear, and provided a way for people to let us know when they saw him and where, so we could track him down.”

Poppy: Lost Cat Reunited in Acworth, GA!

“Poppy is an indoor/outdoor cat and had never before left our property (that we can tell). She is almost three years old and has never before been missing for even an hour. We lost Poppy in the middle of the month, at which time we made a PawBoost lost pet alert and used the PawBoost posters around our neighborhood.

Poppy was found 6 miles away, in another city over a week later. The finders made a PawBoost found pet alert within the next week and a family member of mine saw their alert the following day. We were reunited 15 days after she went missing! PawBoost was instrumental in finding our beloved Poppy. Thank you to everyone who helped Poppy get home! She is healthy and safe!”

Reese: Lost Dog Reunited in Smyrna, GA!

“There was some commotion and I didn’t see Reese jump out of my car, so I accidentally drove off without him. I noticed about 15 minutes later and returned to the site where he’d made his escape, but he had already wandered off trying to find his own way home. Thankfully, the shelter that had found Reese contacted me through the PawBoost lost pet alert I created for him. Reese was missing for two days before we were reunited. The information I found connected me to the shelter and the shelter in turn recommended me to use PawBoost. PawBoost was instrumental in connecting me and my dog. I think it was also instrumental that the animal control had picked him up. Thank you to PawBoost and to animal control!”

Love these Happy Tails? We love sharing them! Click here to read more.

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