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How to Post Lost and Found Pets on Nextdoor with Free PawBoost Alerts

Last Updated on September 26, 2023

How to Spread the Word and Post a Lost Pet on Nextdoor with PawBoost

Nextdoor is a platform that brings communities together making them safer and stronger. We’ve partnered with them to spread the word about lost & found pets! Learn how to share a PawBoost alert with your neighbors on Nextdoor using these 4 easy steps:

1. Create Your Nextdoor Account

Create an account or sign in to your Nextdoor account. Please note you will need to verify that you live at your address to join your neighborhood.

2. Find Your Lost Pet Alert on PawBoost

Go to PawBoost’s Lost & Found Database, find the pet’s alert you want to share and click the ‘Share On Nextdoor’ button.

3. Click ‘Share on Nextdoor’

You will be directed to Nextdoor’s website or app and a prefilled post will appear.

4. Select Your Settings and Post!

Select privacy settings to choose the neighbors you’d like to see the post and click the ‘Post’ button.

Here to Help Get Lost Dogs and Cats Get Home Sooner

Congrats! You’ve officially shared your first PawBoost alert to your neighbors 🙂

Search the #PawBoost to see lost & found pet alerts in your area!

Share lost pets to Nextdoor directly from the PawBoost email alert system, too!


  • This is great. Thank you for letting us know how to share far and wide through our community’s NextDoor.

  • What Mori said. LOL

    • On our next door app when lost and found is opened, there is NO tab to add “new”.
      Cannot cross post pawboost

      • Hi Karen, there should be a green circle with a “+” in the top right corner of the Lost & Found section. From there, tap “Post,” select “Lost & Found” and tap “Next” in the top right corner. Then you can proceed to make your post with the PawBoost link. We hope this helps! – The PawBoost Team

  • Very hard to sign up with nextdoor i have tried so i can post my lost dog flyer on nextdoor also emailed them no response.

  • Thanks for the information. Faster way to share to Nextdoor.Com.

  • On June 12th, 2019 My 5yr old INDOOR ONLY baby girl kitty Addison has been missing for 2 mths now. My niece was supposed to be watching her while I was away and I found out she got away from her on the way to her house. She didn’t have her in a pet carrier and hasn’t talked to me since she LOST MY BABY so I don’t even know exactly where to look!! The only thing I was told was look around Terrell TX near WILLS POINT off 80 and FM47! That is a huge area and I have no idea where she actually lost her and she won’t even tell me!! I searched that area when I actually was told she lost her but a month had already past
    I live an hour from that area and have no car to go back and keep searching.. It kills me every single day not knowing what happened or where she is or was… I contacted shelters and vets and can’t get back to hang flyers..she has her claws but had NEVER been outside alone I’m her life..she is also scared of other people than myself so I’m scared to death she may not have been taken in if found?? PLEASE HELP I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO BUT CRY

    • Our prayers are with you. We lost our indoor cat, Nadia, a month ago in Iowa while traveling between MA and MT. She escaped at 9:00 PM into tall weeds and brush. We spent the night parked right where she escaped and stayed in the area for over a week searching for her. We posted her poster on various web sites and flooded the area with posters. Unfortunately we didn’t find her.

      On a positive note we met some extremely nice people, some who still go to the area where she escaped looking and calling for her. It is in God’s hands now and we will never give up hope of her safe return.

  • I was reunited with my Honey ! This morning the SW shelter called and said they thought it may be her. Thank you so….. much she’s home safe I missed her so!

  • Just be sure NOT to add an interest such as Cats or Dogs as it will NOT show up in Lost & Found if you do – it will only show up in the general feed. I have notified Nextdoor of this several times but it is still an issue.

  • Hooray, i am happy that you re-connected with nextdoor.com.

  • I use Nextdoor all the time. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Thank you for the tips. Great to keep the two linked and maybe more fur babies will find their way home.

  • Posted on Nextdoor! Too many pets separated from their loving families. They hurt and the families hurt.

  • This is only useful if your pet was lost in your own neighborhood. My dog was lost 8 kms from home 3 months ago so I don’t think it would help. He may have been picked up and taken out of my area.

  • I’m signed into Nextdoor yet have no ‘add new’ or ‘+’ button in Lost in Found. Maybe it’s just me, but this seems a bit complicated. Would be more helpful to add a button option to ‘share to Nextdoor’ as is available to ‘share to FaceBook’.

  • In the past when I have shared to nextdoor the photo shows up as a thumbnail on the posting. The past two time I’ve don e it the photo doesn’t show just a green square. Is there a way for the photo to show up again? Thanks

  • How can you print out this information to log on to next door

    • Hi Rose Mary, you can print out this out by clicking on the print icon above the article title or right click on the article and click ‘print.’
      – The PawBoost Team

  • I have tried so much to get on next door! How do I go about this? Signed in before and now a problem.

  • This is great. Thank you, but unfortunately it is not in my country.

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