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How to Make a Missing Horse Poster or Sign

Tips and Tools to Make a Poster for a Missing Horse

If your horse has gone missing, you’re likely feeling scared and overwhelmed. Those feelings are completely valid and natural, but it’s also important to take immediate action to increase your chances of finding your missing horse. One of the best ways to spread awareness about your lost horse is with posters. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps of making an effective missing horse poster that can help in your search for your beloved equine companion.

Tips for an Effective Lost Horse Poster

While making a lost horse poster may seem simple, you want to be careful to not leave out important details. The format of your poster matters too, as it can make it easier for people to quickly see the information they need to see. To ensure your poster is effective and catches the attention of people in your community, keep the following tips in mind.

Photo Credit: Jan Laugesen via Pexels

Attention!: Large Signs, Big Letters and Bright Colors

When creating a missing horse poster, getting people’s attention should be a top priority. You need your poster to stand out and get people to stop and read the information, so they can keep an eye out for your horse too.

One way to do this is by making large signs with big letters that can be easily read from a distance. You can also use bright, bold colors to increase the chances that your posters catch the eye of passersby. However, make sure that your letter colors are legible against the background of your poster. For instance, you can use an orange, red or yellow poster with black lettering. The bright colors of the paper will catch someone’s eyes and the black lettering will stand out starkly so they can read the information.

Also, you should make sure that your largest letters are “Lost Horse” or “Missing Horse” so people immediately know what the poster is for. Having your contact information in large lettering is also a good idea. Remember, you want your missing horse poster to be impossible to ignore, but you also want to get to the point so people don’t miss out on any important information.

Add a Color Photo and a Quick, Clear Description

Of course, one of the most important components of your missing horse poster will be the photo of your horse. This photo is how people will be able to identify your horse if they come across it. The photo also helps to grab attention. Remember, your photo should be in color if possible to show your horse’s coat. You also want your photo to be as big as possible without sacrificing resolution. A big photo won’t do you much good if the quality is poor. 

Ideally, your photo should show your horse’s entire body and any unique markings or features they may have. Additionally, you can provide a quick and clear description of your horse beneath the photo. Include pertinent information such as their name, breed, height, age and notable characteristics they have. You can also include information like where your horse was last seen and what they answer to.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Murray via Pexels

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

It may seem obvious, but contact information is the other crucial component of any good lost horse poster. Make sure to include your phone number if that is the best way to get in contact with you. This way, someone can easily call or text if someone spots your horse. You may even consider including some rip-off phone numbers so people have your phone number readily available if they see your horse.

As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure your contact information is clear, easy to read and in large lettering. This way people can see your contact information, even from a distance. Also, keep in mind that there’s no need to include your physical address on the poster. Your phone number and email address should be more than sufficient for people to get in touch with you and let you know about your missing horse.

Weatherproofing Tips for Your Sign

Ideally, you should put up as many posters as possible in your community. Some of the best places to post them are high-traffic, indoor areas that are safe from the elements. Animal shelters, veterinarians and local businesses like coffee shops and grocery stores are great places to start. These locations typically have community bulletin boards, and you can ask permission to put your poster up there.

However, it’s also worth hanging posters outside to increase the amount of people who see them. When putting posters up outside, you’ll need to keep weatherproofing in mind. The last thing you want is for your poster to become illegible or damaged due to rain, wind or other elements. Here are some tips for keeping your posters safe:

  • Laminating — Consider laminating your posters. This will create a protective barrier that prevents water from damaging them and making them unreadable. 
  • Use waterproof markers — If you’re not printing your posters, make sure to use waterproof markers to write your information on the poster. This will help prevent your details from smudging or fading.
  • Consider location — Make sure you consider where you’re placing your missing horse poster. Choose a spot that will provide some shade and protection from the elements.
  • Secure your poster — Make sure you secure your poster well. Simple Scotch tape likely won’t be enough to keep your poster secured with wind, rain and other elements taking their toll.

By considering these weatherproofing tips, you can ensure that your missing horse poster remains legible and effective for as long as possible, increasing the chances of finding your beloved pet.

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