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Top 25 Most Pawpular Pet Names

Top 25 Most Pawpular Pet Names

Have you ever asked yourself, what’s in a pet’s name? Naming a furry friend can be a fun but difficult task for some pet parents. Whether a name roots from a classic name such as Lucky or is a little different than the norm, I think we can all agree that we’d do anything for our fur babies especially if they go missing.

Over 1,000 lost or found pets are reported to PawBoost daily so just think about how many names can accumulate over time. We took a sample of about 138,000 pet names and pulled the top 25 most pawpular names in our database:

1. Bella is 1.14% of our Lost & Found

Meaning: ‘beautiful’

Famous Usage: Bella Swan from the Twilight series and Charles Dickens’ character in Mutual Friend.

Photo Credit: Studio 7042 via Pexels

2. Max is .093% of our Lost & Found

Meaning: ‘large spring’ and can be short for Maximus

Famous Usage: Bionic Woman’s German Shepherd and Daily Planet editor, Perry White’s cat in Superman comics.

3. Luna is .075% of our Lost & Found

Meaning: ‘moon’

Famous Usage: Sailor Moon’s cat Luna.

Photo Credit: Snapwire via Pexels

4. Buddy is .062% of our Lost & Found

Meaning: Buddy comes from Budd, ‘the welcome messenger’

Famous Usage: Buddy, from Elf the movie and singer Buddy Holly.

5. Charlie is .060% of our Lost & Found

Meaning: Charlie comes from Charles, which means ‘strong and manly’

Famous Usage: Charlie Brown is the main character in the comic strip Peanuts and Charlie Chaplin is a legendary actor.

Photo Credit: Mark Burnett via Pexels

6. Coco

7. Lucy

8. Daisy

Photo Credit: Pixabay via Pexels

9. Rocky

10. Princess

11. Jack

Photo Credit: Pixabay via Pexels

12. Lola

13. Oreo

Photo Credit: mali maeder via Pexels

14. Milo

15. Bear

Photo Credit: Gilberto Reyes via Pexels

16. Molly

17. Toby

Fun fact: Did you know that Toby is one of the original members of PawBoost’s Rescue Squad?

18. Baby

19. Bailey

Photo Credit: Buenosia Carol via Pexels

20. Lucky

21. Shadow

22. Chloe

Photo Credit: Pixabay via Pexels

23. Blue

24. Kitty

25. Oliver

You can look up the meaning behind your fur baby’s name here 🙂


  • Dahlia

  • We had an Irish Setter named Molly years ago and several dogs since . My sister,s lab that passed was Rocky and now she has Jack . My daughter had a lab named Coco. The names listed are popular .

  • I have three cats and one of them’s name is Lenny he is a male, chance he is also a male and I have a female cat her name is Annie now I adopted a pitbull boxer mix from the Franklin County Dog Shelter she was on the euthanize list because she had a torn ACL beautiful disposition about the dog loves people loves kids loves other people dogs cats everything her name is Shayla(Shay for short) my past pets I had a dog who was 21 years old who died from cancer I her name was diamond I had Zeus the cat Cleopatra Cleo for short cat Dexter the cat Apollo the cat Loki the cat Thor the cat Medusa the cat Cry Baby the cat TJ the cat Rasputin the cat Razzie for short Aphrodite most of my animals I named after Greek gods

  • I named my beautiful male Dalmation “BLAIZE”…. because they used to ride in firetrucks!! He lived to be 15. He passed last November 20. Miss him terribly.

    • Thank you for loving your dalmatian! Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado has beautiful dally’s and dalmatian mixes when you are ready for another dog. I’m not associated with this group but my daughter recently adopted from them. Wonderful group, most of the dogs come from dumping grounds in Texas and desperately need homes as some shelters have to close their doors because they are so full. They can sometimes help with transportation and have dogs available in several states.

  • My pets have none of those names. My 2 dogs, Tux and Piper, my kitties are Mittens and Patches. As my pets are special, well to me.

  • In our 30 years of marriage, we’ve had Shadow, then Whiskey, Brandy (there’s a theme), Scarlett, Bonnie, Dixie (our southern girls), Big Dog (who took charge from Day 1), Meka (“eyes” in Hawaiian) and Pele (Godess of the Hawaiian Volcano) – our island girls. All are gone now except Pele, Lost Dixie to cancer on Aug 1 – just a month ago – at age 12 1/2.. All were wonderful dogs and long lived and were so well-loved. We’ll be looking for a new friend for Pele soon and who knows what the new name will be!

  • I have an elderly (probably over 12) redbone coon hound adopted from a Georgia county shelter 5 years ago. Due to her age, broken teeth and buckshot in her left shoulder causing nerve and muscle damage and a severe limp, she was scheduled for euthanasia. I named her Little Ann for Billy’s female redbone hound in the book, WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS. Everyone who meets her calls her a real sweetheart. And by the way, if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, it’s a real treasure of a story.

  • GG. Because she’s such a good girl & we couldn’t say Good Girl, good girl.

  • Lots of animals growing up Rommal, a German Shepherd police dog, to hyper to stay on the force we loved him so much,he gave us kids a run every day..He just had to have a partner Gretal,she was half St Barnard &half German Shepherd, she was a big dog and would drag us down the street. Rats Ben &Otto, bunny’s, fish and lots of cats. My mom’s most beloved was Kitty 21 years old he lived, my mom so sad.their was Saber , Sparky, Pasta, Ooper,Boots, Mr Grey Bones I rescued,happy story after 3 he was able to return home. Our other dogs Dinker, Bear and now Panda a sheep dog my dads best buddy who he rescued all had long spoiled wonderful lives, slept in the beds with us and we never listen to anyone who had training advice, because our training was always just love. I have never had a lost pet until now, I hope I can bring my Iliko home to have the happy life and ending all my other beloved pets have had. Sincerely, Lucy

  • My dogs that past away n my fav is misty, jodey n smokey. My dog name now is leah, tasha, Zoey n angel n none of those names r up there

  • My dog is a Westie/Bichon named “Kingston” after a folk music group my hubby loved named the Kingston Trio.

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