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Happy Tails! July 2018 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in July

Happy Tails! July 2018 – Lost & Found, Dogs, Cats & Pets That Were Reunited in July

PawBoost loves to share happy endings! Read July’s Happy Tails to learn how these fur babies were reunited with their families.

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Found Dog Reunited in Pensacola, FL!

“I am a nurse and while I was on my way home from work yesterday, I was stopped at the red light at 12th Avenue and Bayou Blvd when a dog ran out into the road. Traffic was very heavy and I didn’t want her to get hit so I opened my car door and she jumped right in!

After walking up to five different houses to see if anyone knew her, I was losing hope. I took her to the Gull Point Vet Office and she was chipped! Unfortunately the chip was expired and the address nor phone number was correct.

A friend of mine was willing to keep her overnight since all of the shelters were closed. Luckily, before that happened we were contacted by the owners who saw the post on this website!

I cried with the owner when I reunited them! It was such a priceless moment that would not have happened without PawBoost! This website truly helps the community connect and come together to get these fur babies home!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared this pup’s alert. She had been missing for a month and was at least 10 miles from home. Who doesn’t love a happen ending? 🙂

Maizie: Lost Cat Reunited in Akron, OH!

“Maizie got lost when I had both cats in harnesses on my patio. The other cat got spooked over maybe a noise or shadow and started flipping out. Because I had a cat leash in each hand I had to let go of the calmer, Maizie, in order to help the other cat, thinking my husband would grab Maizie. He was unable to do so and we lost sight of her.

We located Maizie up on our neighbor’s roof after 20 hours. I found her by our little meowing call we do with each other, and God’s grace of course, because there were a thousand places she could have gone. So eventually after walking through our neighborhood like a crazy cat lady calling for her and looking in everybody’s yard, she mewed back at night from the roof. Getting her off the roof was another ordeal, but she is safe and sound at home and we are so grateful!

Knowing I could post the information on PawBoost and that it was out there was so helpful. People responded and were either encouraging, prayerful or gave wonderful suggestions! I will be recommending PawBoost because it is easy to use, gets in cyber space quickly, and has a simple poster template.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Maizie’s alert, sent prayers, and gave suggestions. She was only gone 20 hours but for an indoor cat to tolerate new noises, a windy day, rain, sirens, dogs and mowers, she is one tough kitty 🙂

Zeva: Lost Dog Reunited in Ocklawaha, FL!

“Molly and Zeva had their morning meal and their human daddy was going to let them out. When Bryan went to open the door and grab Zeva’s runner the two of them saw a squirrel and took off. He got in the car and started looking for them. We live out in the Ocala National Forest so there are a lot of little critters for them to chase.

After a few hours, he came back and we both walked around the yard to see if we could find any tracks, but there were none. My husband had to leave so we asked my son to go out looking. Meanwhile, I started making up lost posters to put up on the telephone poles and at the local store.

After 3 hours Molly came home, but no Zeva. So I went out and started putting up posters and I asked a few of the neighbors if they had seen her, but no one had. I put up the last poster and met my husband at home to regroup before going out again. We stopped at a bunch of homes and asked if they had seen her. A couple had seen her earlier but it was when she was with Molly.

Night came and my husband got on Facebook and found a website that he could post our lost baby. That site gave him a bunch of other sites and PawBoost was the first one on the list so I created an alert. We couldn’t believe how fast our baby’s picture was put out there and shared by so many.

The next morning I got a call from a nice lady named Gloria. She told me that someone just posted a picture of a dog that looked like Zeva on PawBoost. About an hour later, a lady called about having my baby. When I got there, Zeva came running around the corner and her little nub started going when she saw me.

I have already started telling people about PawBoost. I can’t thank you all enough for the fast work you put into helping us find our baby! We are truly blessed to have found you.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Zeva’s alert. She is home and sitting in the sun with her big protector Bella 🙂

Sam: Lost Dog Reunited in Saint Petersburg, FL!

“I am active duty military and have recently returned from a 9 month combat deployment in Syria. We went to Florida on vacation and one of our outings was not fido friendly so I got someone to watch Sam from a pet sitting app. I made sure she did not have children or other dogs. Also Sam was the only fur baby for that night.

She sent pictures of Sam in the park and we thought everything was going great until she sent a text saying Sam had gotten out of her apartment and she couldn’t find him. We were devastated. We searched for him until 0230 and walked over 12 miles. I called the police and shelter, which didn’t open until 0900.

I prayed that he would be safe and we could find him. We called the microchip company to inform them and made sure all the contact information was correct. I went online to try to find ways to tell everyone about him and came across PawBoost and filled out the information.

As we were driving back to where he was missing we got a call from an animal hospital that was about two miles from us saying a couple had brought Sam in. They also said they were alerted this morning by PawBoost. I can’t thank your company enough for getting our fur baby back to us! May God bless your company, the couple that returned him, and the animal hospital.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Sam’s alert. A special thank you to the wonderful couple that took Sam to the vet clinic. General Sam is now home safe with his army nurse 🙂

Leo: Lost Cat Reunited in Burnaby, BC, Canada!

“Leo is such a good cat, but really wants to be outside. Because I live in a gated townhouse I allow this. He comes and goes for short periods of time and really enjoys this. The day he went missing it was raining. He hates getting wet so he was coming in every few minutes, until he just stopped returning.

When it got dark I was really worried because he always comes home for dinner. I went to bed with the window open, hoping he would be back by morning. Since he is microchipped and tattooed I assumed someone would turn him in somewhere. When no one contacted me I plastered my neighborhood with posters, had his photo on every social media group I could think of, and emailed all the local vets and rescues.

In the weeks that followed, I continued searching for him. Eventually I lost hope and figured I would never see Leo again. But then late one night, I got a text from someone who only caught a glimpse, but they were certain it was my cat. I went there, called out for Leo and I lured him with some treats.

He looked really skinny and could only crawl. While crawling towards me, his body got tense and started convulsing – I knew he needed a vet right away. A good friend rushed us to an overnight emergency clinic. In his carrier, Leo was still convulsing. At one point, Leo stopped moving, went stiff and laid flat on his side. We thought he was gone, until my friend noticed he was still breathing.

We weren’t sure if he was going to make it, until we got the results and everything came back better than expected. I went home, but barely slept. They were under strict orders to call me if the worse was happening so I could race back to be with him.

When picking him up I got a good report. I brought him to his regular vet for surveillance and continued rehydration. Leo was going to live! I brought him home and he was purring so loudly, I knew he was happy.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Leo’s alert. It’s truly a miracle he was found 🙂

Jabuti: Lost Tortoise Reunited in Ocean View, HI!

“I don’t know exactly how Jabuti went missing. He has a large area of my yard that is supposedly tortoise proof. Tortoises are very good escape artists, because they are extremely persistent, strong, and slow. They’re so slow, that you tend to get distracted when watching them and next thing you know they are nowhere in sight!

I have most of his area fenced in and/or closed off with rock walls at least 2 feet high, or higher. And then there are the other areas that look like natural barriers, so I enhanced them or left them the way they were. I believe that he climbed out of one of these areas; doing something that I did not realize he could do!

I will never underestimate him again. He is a lot tougher, stronger, smarter, and more capable than I was led to believe. I hung posters I made all over the neighborhood, the veterinary office and stores in town. A man picked up Jabuti and saw my poster. He called and happened to be less than a block away. He dropped Jabuti off at my house.

When he got home, he ate a lot of papaya, lettuce, weeds in the yard, and drank about 2 cups of water. Then, he proceeded to go around the entire perimeter of his enclosure, looking for a way out, then retired to his box. I am so thankful to the man who picked him up and called me!!!

I would recommend PawBoost, because every bit of info that you get out there is helpful. These days, just about everyone does everything online, so there is a very good chance that this could help. It’s great that PawBoost exists, and I will definitely use it if I ever need to again. Also, to help others find their pets.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Jabuti’s alert. 2 months and 10 days later Jabuti was found less than a block away! 🙂

Buddy: Lost Cat Reunited in Pittsburgh, PA!

“Buddy went missing after sneaking out an open window in our new apartment. He snuck down the fire escape and despite there being a 8’ drop-off, he managed to make the jump to the ground. I only noticed he was gone after I went to close the window and noticed he wasn’t around. So I went out searching for him in the dark with no luck.

The next day I did a Google search for ‘How to find a lost cat’ and PawBoost was the first thing that popped up. I decided it was worth a shot. I filled out the alert online which was shared across Facebook, as well as with local shelters. I also printed several posters, and started placing them throughout the neighborhood. I asked neighbors if they had seen him, with no luck.

There seemed to be no sign of Buddy anywhere, and I was beginning to get discouraged. Then, after a second whole day of searching and about ready to give up Humane Animal Rescue called me. They had seen my PawBoost alert of Buddy and believed they had my cat!

I rushed over to their facility to find my Buddy, safe and sound! He had been found early in the morning after his escape attempt. And because he wasn’t microchipped, they were able to provide him with one before returning him to me! I was so relieved and thankful to the staff at Humane Animal Rescue, who only knew about Buddy and how to contact his owner because of PawBoost!

I would absolutely recommend PawBoost to anyone with a lost pet. If it weren’t for PawBoost and it’s ability to network, I might never have seen my Buddy again. I am so grateful to PawBoost for helping me find my Buddy-Kitty! Thank you so much, PawBoost!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who helped and shared Buddy’s alert. Buddy is so happy to be home and his family is so happy to have him back! 🙂

Hopp: Lost Cat Reunited in Cleveland, OH!

“Hopp went missing on a Thursday. He tends to escape out our front screen door when we aren’t looking, but normally we realize it right away and get him back inside. This time we didn’t know until the next morning when he wasn’t doing his normal routine.

We put out signs and posted on every site imaginable, even putting an ad in the newspaper. Almost two weeks went by with no luck. There were lots of sightings of lookalikes but not him. PawBoost was the first site I posted on and I was encouraged by all of the shares and messages we were getting.

We were reunited with Hopp when a neighbor texted me a photo and where she saw him. It was only a few streets away so we ran out with food and called his name and he came straight to us!!

I appreciated how PawBoost got the word out quickly. It helped to know so many people were looking for him. We also used the printable flyer and put it up on telephone poles all over the neighborhood!! Ultimately it was large yard signs that the neighbor saw who notified us.

I highly recommend PawBoost when searching for lost pets as they can reach a vast network of people very quickly. We are just so glad he’s home safe and sound. A lot more snuggles are in our future!!!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Hopp’s alert. He was gone 13 days and is skinny and dirty but otherwise seems well. To pet parents who have lost their pets, don’t give up hope and keep looking!!! 🙂

Babe: Found Parrot in Rock Hill, SC!

“I first saw a PawBoost post with her photograph, and the finder was afraid of birds and had no way to care for her and nowhere to keep her safe. As an experienced parrot mom, I asked if she would like for me to care for the parrot until her family could be located.

When I arrived at the finder’s home, Babe the parrot was sitting on the finder’s front porch. Babe was quite friendly and responded to my command ‘Up UP’ to get onto my arm and into the carrier I brought along. No trouble with that capture! I took her home overnight and settled her into a cage with the appropriate food, toys, and water.

I then made a new PawBoost post that included more information about Babe along with my contact information. Within hours, someone made a comment on my PawBoost post that a home near where Babe was found had a parrot cage on their front porch that used to contain two birds.

I went by that house and the cage was empty, with the cage door open. I left a note at that house and sure enough the frantic owner called me this morning. I was able to reunite Babe with her owner, and what a joyful, tearful reunion it was. Babe was very excited to see her owner. She started talking up a storm, playing with her toys and ringing her bell.

This wonderful reunion would not have happened without PawBoost. The owners lost a second parrot (evidently someone opened the cage door and they escaped) and I have already recommended that they put out a PawBoost alert for their second missing parrot. I would highly recommend using this service for lost/found pets.

It is very convenient: PawBoost notifies the Rescue Squad, has tools to create fliers and advice for those who find or lose a pet. It was well worth it to be a part of the joyful reunion today between Babe and her owners. Thank you so much PawBoost!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Babe’s alert. A joyful, tearful mom and an excited, happy Babe made this a very happy ending 🙂

Tommy: Lost Cat Reunited in Irvine, CA!

“The kitchen door was not closed all the way and it seems like Tommy pushed it open. He must have been outside for 20 minutes before we noticed that the door was open. It was already dark outside so we immediately went outside with flashlights, and were calling his name, but no result.

That night/morning at 4am and 5am we went outside again to look for him, but again without success. I started posting that he was missing on social media. I reported him missing at the chip company, I posted on Nextdoor, and I posted on PawBoost. The reactions were amazing, just what I needed. A lot of great advice and kind words like, ‘don’t give up, keep searching.’

The entire day we walked through the neighborhood, called him and put up some simple fliers. At home it had to be all about scent so I put his litter box in my backyard, hung our dirty laundry outside, and put out a bowl with food and some water. I left the garage door a little bit open too.

When we went into the neighborhood we always brought a flashlight. The light will reflect in their eyes, which makes it easier to spot them. The second night he was missing I got up at 2am, and went outside in the back yard and front yard. Because everything was quiet, I softly called him by his name and listened. I got nothing for about 30 minutes.

I decided to check my garage one more time before going back to bed. I called his name once and immediately I heard his meowing, and I knew he came home. I sat down on the garage floor and waited for him to come to me. It was a happy reunion for the both of us.

Through PawBoost I got to meet all these great people out there who gave me tons of advice, success stories, and they stood by me. I was not alone. I would definitely recommend PawBoost. I felt like I had a support team, and together we got my furry friend back home.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Tommy’s alert. Don’t forget you are never alone when searching for your beloved fur baby 🙂

Scarlet: Lost Dog Reunited in Pomona, CA!

“Scarlet was in the backyard after the fireworks had died down. Just as she went to the grass, an M-80 went off in the next block. She bolted around the back side of the house, tore her way through a fence, and by the time I ran around to the front, she was gone.

This was at about 10:30 on the night of the 4th. We searched until 4:30, and resumed the search with flyers and posters at 6:30 the morning of the 5th. I reconnected with my chip company and updated my information as my vet’s office manager instructed me to do. I also paid a nominal fee of 10 dollars to have her information become a primary at every emergency and chip reader outlet within 25 miles of the house.

After having about 70 people going door to door in the area, we got a phone call that she had been spotted about 5:30 on the night of the 5th. We actually wanted to believe that she had been taken in, and would be returned to the humane society, but the reality was she was picked up by a total stranger about 7 miles from our house who saw her almost get hit by a car.

The Good Samaritan drove her to a 24 hour facility near her house, where they ran the chip, called me on the updated information, and we were reunited with her. She had been at it for 18 hours. Paws a bit rough, dehydrated, but for a 12 year old, 10.5 lb dog, she was fine. We were well represented on a number of fronts, including PawBoost.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Scarlet’s alert. Scarlet is home safe and sleeping soundly 🙂

Daisy: Lost Cat Reunited in Castro Valley, CA!

“Daisy is our 9 month old kitten who disappeared on the 4th of July. The loud fireworks caused her to bolt. Her owner, my 6 year granddaughter, and her family were away on vacation. The neighbor who was taking care of the pets and the house called my son saying he had not seen the kitten yet. Friday afternoon my son asked for my help.

He told me that the Hayward Animal Shelter didn’t service Castro Valley, but they suggested to still check the shelter and surrounding ones. Another recommendation was to post flyers and go door-to-door to see if any neighbors had seen her around. Also, post lost reports on Craigslist, community Facebook pages, Nextdoor and PawBoost.

The easiest thing for me to do was to go on PawBoost. I was very impressed! People on Facebook began sending heartfelt encouragement, sightings of similar cats found and very helpful advice. After realizing the second found cat was not ours either, I was beginning to get discouraged. But one PawBoost member outlined several things to put outside to help attract our kitten home.

While looking in the basement for her adoption papers I heard a cat meowing outside the garage door. By the time I opened the garage door the cat scampered away, but the very smelly cat food I put in the back porch attracted her. As I dashed upstairs there she was munching away as if nothing had ever happened.

I would most definitely recommend PawBoost to others. Their heartfelt kindness encouraged me to continue my efforts and the sense of community was comforting. Thank you Hayward Animal Shelter, Animal Control officers and special thanks to PawBoost for your network of support.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Daisy’s alert. It’s amazing she walked right in with not even a scratch on her and was still well groomed 🙂

Angel Love: Lost Dog Reunited in Copperas Cove, TX!

“We are not sure how she went missing. We can only make assumptions at this point of what happened. We were training Angel Love to be a well-behaved puppy and to know her boundaries as our two other dogs do. She may have seen an animal and chased it, or decided to go exploring. Or someone saw her and recognized her so they picked her up, not even thinking about it.

But the good news is I was trying to do everything I could think of to find her, including putting a sign out on my mailbox in hopes someone would see it. Since we live out in the country, a lot of people frequent our road as travelers. My thought process was that maybe the person would see that sign and talk to us.

As chance would have it, some people had just come home from the hospital with a brand new baby. They saw the sign and pulled up to it and saw the lost dog fliers that I put with it. They found her after she went missing and planned on keeping her if she didn’t have a home, but when they saw did and that she is in training to become an emotional support dog, they gave us a call.

That day, she was brought home. She ran to us and couldn’t stop jumping on us, she was so excited. She also wouldn’t stop wiggling when we held her. She is very happy to be home, even sleeping in her favorite window.

PawBoost gave me some amount of hope and support when I was starting to lose it. And I must say, that is what I needed. I will let my friends know about PawBoost if they ever lose a pet, though I pray that they never have to.”

Thank you to our partner Whistle for helping make this happy reunion happen by sponsoring Angel Love’s alert!

Rosco: Lost Dog Reunited in Fair Oaks, CA!

“My family and I just moved into our new home and did not realize there was a small hole under our new back yard fence. The very same day we moved into our home, Rosco decided to take a look around and venture out in his new neighborhood, unfortunately we did not realize he was gone until later that day.

I immediately searched around the neighborhood but just couldn’t find him anywhere. He was missing for two weeks! I posted him on Craigslist, Facebook and PawBoost. The crazy thing is Rosco wasn’t too far away!

There was a lady who owned many chihuahuas and one of them almost looked identical to Rosco. The neighbors called her and told her that her dog was out in the neighborhood. They tried catching him and feeding him but he would always hide behind a bush.

After a while he made friends with another dog named Boe. The kind man that noticed Rosco playing with his dog Boe was an elderly man and did not know how to work the internet so he reached out to a friend. His friend searched for lost dogs on PawBoost and found the picture I posted and called me immediately.

When I pulled up and opened my car door we both ran towards each other and Rosco leapt into my arms. He started kissing me everywhere as I cried tears of joy and thanked the neighbors for helping me find him. I am so grateful for neighbors and PawBoost! This website is by far the most helpful site. It was a miracle to get ROSCO back and I am forever grateful! Thank you PawBoost!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Rosco’s alert. It took a little while for Rosco to feel better and get back to being his old self, but now he’s happier than ever 🙂

Duke: Lost Dog Reunited in Clovis, CA!

“Duke went missing on July 3 while my son had friends coming in and out of the house for his birthday. Justin came in to tell me so I got some food to coax him back inside. As I was getting a treat, fireworks were set off and when we got back outside he was gone.

We walked around and called his name, then we got in the car and drove around, but still couldn’t find him. I told a few friends around my neighborhood and asked them to keep an eye out. Around 3:30 AM, my son and his friend went for another drive around the 4 main intersections, but nothing.

The next morning, I went to the Clovis SPCA and inquired about him. There was a moment they thought they had him, but it wasn’t him. When I got home I started accounts with every pet finder site I could find and my son made fliers. I was worried, because fireworks scare him so much he shakes and cowers. Plus, we are right across from Clovis High which has the fireworks.

I hoped someone picked him up and was just waiting for Thursday when everything was open. We didn’t hear anything until around 8 PM Thursday night. I received a message from a woman who was positive she had Duke. Since our photos were pretty much identical, I identified him by the moles on his tummy.

When I shared Duke’s name she expressed that was their dog’s name whom they had just had to put down. She was almost in tears. She then explained her son was riding bikes by the high school and saw Duke running in and out of traffic. He managed to grab him and brought him home.

I am just so grateful for his rescue family who took the time out of their life to help us. Even though Duke has a chip, he still didn’t have his ID collar on which would have been helpful. This family was going to take him to the SPCA to see if he was chipped soon.

Thank you! I will definitely recommend PawBoost to friends and family.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Duke’s alert. It’s because of great neighbors that Duke is home safe 🙂

Barbie: Lost Dog Reunited in La Puente, CA!

“After the Fourth of July, Barbie was scared to be alone. On July 7th, we were gone for a couple hours and she managed to get outside and when we got home we could not find her. She had just gotten a bath and did not have her collar on. We searched for hours until 3-4 AM.

The next day we went knocking from door to door and posted flyers in a five mile radius. I visited the Baldwin Park animal shelter everyday, posted all over social media, and had more than 30 relatives searching. She is an older dog, 8-9 years old.

On the second day, someone who saw my PawBoost post and sent me a picture of her dehydrated and walking two cities away. She was drenched in sewer water and looked disoriented. I sadly did not see the message until 6 hrs later given that I was checking every other site.

We knew it was her and that she was still out there. We were frantic because 6hrs had passed and before the message I kept telling myself that someone had to have her and that she was ok. Luckily, her animal instincts saved her. I know she would have not survived another day out in this 100+ degree weather without food or water.

We searched in three cars that night and my fiancé found her. She was disoriented and scared. Her paws were burnt and she was covered in dried mud. We made sure to feed and bathe her. She is getting medical care now because she had trouble breathing and walking. She could not stop crying and was so relieved we found her.

We could not have done it without the support of everyone. God bless you all! Our family is complete and we are all just happy to have her back. I would recommend PawBoost to any of my friends or relatives who have lost or found a dog. The message got out there and she was found thanks to that. Thank you PawBoost.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work in sharing Barbie’s alert. A big shout out to Isabel who saw her. She is safe and sound with her family and will be getting an up-to-date collar 🙂

Gotti: Lost Dog Reunited in Racine, WI!

“Gotti was in our backyard and he was playing with my other dog, Pacino as usual. Suddenly he ran to the corner of our back fence where there was a small gap underneath and wiggled his way out. I ran to stop him with no success. The 9 day hunt began!!

Out of the entire 9 days there was only a total of 4 sightings! We knew Gotti was young and scared and would not come to any human. We then created flyers and created a PawBoost alert. We were out during his first 3 days missing as it was pouring rain, windy and cold.

After all the searching, there was one final sighting on Saturday morning about 5:30 AM from a neighbor a mile away stating my dog was seen in her back yard. I decided to go look for myself so I took my other dog Pacino and walked in the field. I finally saw Gotti sniffing along the tree line. He stopped and saw us but never even came to me and kept going.

I then sat down and waited for Gotti. He came as close as 3 yards to finally see me and I called his name and that was it. He ran and jumped on me howling, barking, practically screaming and whining!! Finally I grabbed Gotti’s collar, Pacino and went to my car!

I took him to the emergency vet to find he lost 14 pounds in 9 days. His ribs were showing and he was full of ticks. I’m still taking them off and there’s been about 35 ticks so far. But his blood work and temp was good!

I am so happy to have him home! I’ve been nursing him back to health and we now purchased a GPS collar and filled in the fence gaps at home!! Gotti refuses to leave my side!! And if I even remotely step out the door for 1 second and not take him with me he screams, barks and howls like a wolf!

He is doing great and I’m so happy my baby is home!! Thank you PawBoost for having an alert site for folks to utilize in their time of desperation and need to get the word out very quickly.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Gotti’s alert. He is slowly gaining his weight back and is back to being spoiled! 🙂

Lily Pearl: Lost Dog Reunited in Grovetown, GA!

“Lily Pearl is only 1 year old and we got her because my 12 yr old son needed a friend when his dad left. She walks him to the school bus every morning and she waits for him when the school bus drops him off. The relationship between a boy and his dog is so beautiful!

I had to take a trip to Illinois for a week of training with my company. I was walking down the driveway to get picked up for the airport and Lily Pearl wanted to follow because she’s so protective. I told her to stay! She didn’t want to but she did it. She must have waited until I got out of sight and then went looking for me.

This was a Monday and all of us were crying so hard, especially my 12 year old son! He cried himself to sleep every night and slept on the couch with the front door wide open hoping she would come back. We were all looking frantically for Lily Pearl when I found PawBoost.

I read the article about what to do if your dog goes missing and different ways to look for her. One thing they said to do was to put flyers in all the mailboxes within a 2-mile radius and to go around the neighborhood knocking on doors and talking to people. We found Lily Pearl in someone’s backyard about a mile and a half away on Wednesday. They said she wandered up and they didn’t want to call animal control because they were afraid she would be euthanized.

Thank you PawBoost for your wonderful and timely advice and helping us go through the proper steps to find our precious pooch! I would definitely recommend PawBoost to anybody that needs to find their animal! PawBoost immediately posted our situation and we got immediate feedback. People shared the post, gave us encouragement and went looking for her. PawBoost rocks!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Lily Pearl’s alert. Within 3 hours of posting to PawBoost, Lily Pearl was returned home! There is one happy 12 year old boy doing the victory dance today 🙂


Romeo: Lost Cat Reunited in Nekoosa, WI!

“When the weather is nice, my children are outside basically all day, coming in only to grab a quick snack or use the restroom. On the day Romeo went missing, he was sitting to the left of the doorway when one of the kids came in and out he dashed!

We live on a small, neighborhood street and figured he’d come back when he got hungry, but he didn’t come home that night. My husband and I told the kids that Romeo is so sweet that some kind person must have taken him in.

Mama went into high gear! I created a missing flyer with Romeo’s picture and I emailed it to everyone in the neighborhood. We handed out flyers in the neighborhood and posted them on the bulletin boards of local businesses. I signed up with PawBoost and was amazed how many kind people shared his picture.

My husband and I posted the missing flyer as well as the PawBoost alert all over Facebook. I shared the flyer at work as did my husband, and the children shared it at their schools. My husband and I drove different routes home every day, looking for Romeo.

I was keeping up a strong front for my kids, but every night when they went to sleep, I cried for hours. The next night at about 9:30pm my husband and I were sitting down to watch a TV show when I heard something at the back door. My husband didn’t hear it, but I opened it up and in ran our sweet, precious, little Romeo!

I would definitely recommend PawBoost to friends, family, and anyone who will listen! Losing a beloved pet is one of the worst experiences a person can go through. PawBoost understands that and really works hard to get your fur baby’s face and info out there to as many people as possible.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Romeo’s alert. His family is so happy to have him back and are grateful to all the people that kept him in their thoughts 🙂

Matilda: Lost Cat Reunited in Schertz, TX!

“We’re not sure how Matilda went missing. She is an indoor cat but she thinks that she is part of the pack. We have three dogs that she follows. We think she slipped out quickly when we opened the back door to let them out.

The alert from PawBoost was posted on Facebook and drew a lot of comments. Someone following my daughter’s thread saw a flyer posted by the people who found her. They shared that flyer with my daughter.

PawBoost was easy to use and it helped facilitate the quick return. The people who found her were going to take her to check for a chip the next day. A holiday weekend made it tough, the shelters were closed as were the vets. Social media gave us a venue that overcame many obstacles and quickened our reunion.”

Thank you to our partner Whistle for helping make this happy reunion happen by sponsoring Matilda’s alert.

Baxter: Lost Cat Reunited in Mardela Springs, MD!

“One morning at 2 AM, my husband woke up because he heard two cats fighting outside. When he went to look, he discovered that one of the cats was our Baxter! He was wondering how on earth Baxter was outside. He then went around and checked all of the windows and discovered that one of the screens was ripped open by Baxter.

Then, we couldn’t account for our oldest 14-year-old cat and then realized she must have followed him out. My husband then took a flashlight outside and thankfully spotted our oldest cat Bianca huddled on the side of the house and was able to retrieve her, but Baxter was gone.

My vet told me about PawBoost so I immediately posted that Baxter was missing. PawBoost then emailed me such helpful tips about finding a lost cat. As a result, I decided to borrow a humane cat trap from my vet because I knew that was going to be the only way to find him.

After following all of PawBoost’s awesome directions the trap worked like a charm and our baby boy was ours again! When I saw him in the trap I have never felt such joy and cried happy tears. It was a great moment.

I would highly recommend PawBoost to anyone who has lost their pet. It gives you a free listing and is able to reach a lot of people. The tips that they provided were the key in reuniting us with Baxter. We are so thankful for the great service they provide. We have our baby back!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Baxter’s alert. Baxter is home safe and sound and will be staying securely inside from now on 🙂

Jazzy: Lost Cat Reunited in Gainesville, FL!

“We moved from Spokane just a few weeks ago. Smells, sounds, everything was new to Jazzy. She’s not allowed outdoors as she’s so old and she’s showing signs of dementia, hearing loss and is in renal failure. It would be dangerous for her. Our vet gave her less than a year about 1 1/2 yrs ago! Prescription food and lots of TLC and we brought her to Gainesville with us.

Our front door was left open by accident while waiting for our Uber. We keep her in a gated area between the kitchen, dining and outside patio and we believe her gate was left open by accident too. We came home to find her missing. After searching the entire house, we went outside to call her.

I didn’t sleep at all and I was heartbroken. Too frail and vulnerable I didn’t think she would make it home, but I still made flyers for my neighbors and introduced myself to everyone. They know the crying cat lady now!!!! We searched for 2 days.

I posted on FB Lost and found Pets Gainesville and PawBoost. Someone posted that a cat was brought to a local vet, but I didn’t know anything else.

I got a call from the vet that they had a kitty that matched my description and picture! To confirm that it was her, they sent me photos!!! Jazzy made it home!!! I still can’t believe it.

The vet said a Good Samaritan saw her in the road and she wouldn’t move. He stopped and thought she was a kitten. She’s tiny and frail and I had her shaved because she couldn’t clean herself anymore. He brought her to his vet. Great story! GOD IS GOOD. Thank you for your website.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Jazzy’s alert. A special thank you to the Good Samaritan who saved her off of the street. Jazzy is 18 years young and her family couldn’t be happier that she made it home 🙂

William: Lost Cat Reunited in Hubert, NC!

“William is a very shy rescue who typically hides when unfamiliar people come into the house and wanders back out when the coast is clear. One Thursday we were having some plumbing repairs and as usual, when the plumber arrived William headed straight to his safe spot under my bed.

This time, however, the noise and stranger in his house forced him into flight mode and he slipped out through a floor access behind one of our showers and left by way of the crawl space under the house. The support of the wonderful people at PawBoost kept us going and every time I felt like giving up, a new post about a happy reunion would bring more hope.

Two weeks to the day after his disappearance, I started out to do my usual morning search through the neighborhood and found him sitting on the front porch. He was understandably scared and it took some coaxing to make him realize that he wasn’t in trouble and that it was okay for him to come inside. I credit a suggestion from another PawBoost member (placing his dirty litter box on the porch) with luring him home.

Please, if you have a pet that is skittish and normally hides when others come over, DO NOT take for granted that he or she will never be scared enough to bolt. William was so traumatized that the outside looked less frightening than his normally quiet and safe home. Take precautions and make sure your family member is safely secured beforehand, even if it means a pet sitter.

I recommend PawBoost to anyone who is looking for a family member. The support, excellent suggestions from experienced pet parents, and sharing helped us remember that we were not alone in our search. God bless everyone and thank you for helping William get back home!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who took the time to share William’s alert, pray, offer suggestions and help with his search. William is home safe and sound and his family is so grateful! 🙂

“Ginger went missing on a Sunday when we were going on our morning walk. He loves to take his walks around the neighborhood and get some fresh air. He is walked on a leash. While on our walk, there was a very bad car accident right up the road and sirens went off.

The very loud noises scared Ginger and he ran so fast he took the leash right out of my hand. He ran so fast that by the time I got behind the buildings he ran behind, he was nowhere in sight. I ran home to get his bag of treats to hopefully calm him down and get him to come out, but it did not work.

I walked around for nearly 22 hours straight looking for him. I covered just about every inch I could within a 5 mile radius. There’s a lot of woods, fields, tall grass, and swamp that I had to go through to try and find him. I made posters and put them up everywhere. I also reached out online where I could and PawBoost was one of those places!

PawBoost helped so much! I was given great advice, which gave me the hope I needed to not give up. I set his litter box, food bowl, favorite bed, and my pillow case so he could smell where home was.

I knew that if Ginger was okay and was going to come home it would be at 4 am, breakfast time. I got up and had the feeling to check the back porch and as I turned on the lights there he was! Standing there, leash and collar still attached, waiting for me to come.

He ran so fast and jumped right into my arms. It was such an emotional moment. I was so beyond happy to have him back safe and sound. He will forever have a home that is filled with love and joy! Thank you PawBoost for everything you have done to help aid our reunion! There are no words to express the level of appreciation we have!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Ginger’s alert. He is very happy to be home and his family is beyond happy to have him back. He will continue to be spoiled 🙂

“There was a huge storm the night before Doris went missing with horrible wind gusts. During the storm, some fence pickets broke and left a large hole by our side gate. We didn’t realize that happened and let Doris out the next morning. About an hour later, we realized how odd it was that Doris was not trying to come back inside. After looking around the back yard, we saw the broken fence.

We drove through our neighborhood for about an hour searching for Doris, with no luck. I posted her photo on Facebook and also thought of PawBoost. I had seen PawBoost alerts for missing pets in our area in the past. I figured the more coverage I could get, the better the chances are we would find her.

About an hour after I posted on PawBoost, someone that lives in the same area brought Doris home to us! They had seen the post and went out to search the neighborhood.

I would definitely recommend PawBoost if your pet goes missing. Even posting on my Facebook page with my friends sharing the post, I don’t think I could have reached over 5,000 people in my specific area in that short amount of time. Thanks PawBoost, you get 2 thumbs/paws up!”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Doris’ alert. Doris was found! Thank you Shelly B. and her daughters who found her and brought her home 🙂

Toby: Lost Cat Reunited in Oakland, CA!

“Toby is an indoor/outdoor and has been for 8 years. He is a strong, smart cat and has slept with me nightly since he was a kitten. One Friday he did not come home. I remembered reading a post about PawBoost on Nextdoor a few weeks earlier and that it helped her find her dog.

The first thing I did was report him as lost on PawBoost. I felt a lot of comfort knowing that while I was out putting up fliers everywhere and going door-to-door that PawBoost had already notified people via Facebook, email, and on their easy app.

Two and a half weeks later, I was going door-to-door in my neighborhood passing out letters. I came upon a group of women and when I started to hand them the letter they told me they already knew about Toby and that they had been searching for him.

They were trying to catch a black cat in this backyard and they thought it might be him because they had seen his PawBoost alert, but it wasn’t. Knowing so many people were looking for Toby really restored my faith in finding him when I needed it the most.

That Friday a neighbor heard a cat meowing near his neighbor’s basement and thought that it was likely Toby. When they opened the basement door Toby ran out. I rushed home to be with my little guy. After 22 days locked in a basement, Toby was home.

I would recommend PawBoost to everyone who is looking for a lost pet, or people who have found one. Searching for a lost pet is emotionally exhausting and there is just too much ground to cover. When our babies are missing, there’s no such thing as too much help.

Having PawBoost help felt like having an army of pet lovers searching with me. So much more ground was covered. It was also reassuring to see all the pets that have been reunited on PawBoost. In addition to reaching thousands of more people, PawBoost helped me not lose hope.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Toby’s alert. Other than losing 2 lbs, catching a cold, being very dirty and hungry, he is doing very well 🙂

Friday: Lost Dog Reunited in Downey, CA!

“Friday went missing on a Monday around 1pm. My husband was working in the garage and Friday sneaked out. I checked with SEACCA everyday until someone told me a few days later of the many options of posting lost pets. So on Saturday I posted on PawBoost.

We posted flyers and knocked on many doors. About two weeks later, I received a call from Lost Pets of Whittier and Surrounding Areas indicating someone had found Friday. They recognized her from the PawBoost post.

The woman that found Friday said she found her wandering the streets yesterday. Thank you so much for reaching out and spreading the word. I am super delighted and grateful to be reunited with my wonderful dog Friday. My family and I are very grateful.”

Thank you to our partner Whistle for helping make this happy reunion happen by sponsoring Friday’s alert!

Catnip: Lost Dog Reunited in Williamston, SC!

“My daughter went to check the mail one Thursday and when she opened the door, Catnip ran right out. My daughter tried to find her but she ran into the woods across the street. We looked all night and immediately started posting on social media. We continued to look for her everyday after work and school to try and get her home. It was meant to be for her to come back home, and I do believe God was definitely at work here.

Five days later, we came home and my youngest daughter wanted to play outside and try to find the puppy again. She wanted to wear a certain pair of flip flops that were in the car. I was in the middle of making dinner so I went to the window and watched her get them.

I noticed the neighbor’s teenager and her friend walking down the street and then I saw a dog run out into the road. I thought to myself, ‘that dog jumps just like our baby.’ Curiosity kicked in and as they got closer I noticed the dog was black and white, just like our Catnip.

I started to walk that way, wondering if it really could be her. It had been 5 days, and there had been several bad storms, so I was trying not to get my hopes up. As I approached, my daughter looked up and saw the dog as well. We hollered at the teenagers to please pick her up.

They were able to pick her up, and as we got close enough to really see the dog, we realized that it was our baby. She was safe, alive, and back home where she belonged. We both started to cry, and thanked the girls 100 times for grabbing her. She had a couple of scratches on her belly but no major injuries, and smelled horrible after being out in the rainy weather all this time.

PawBoost is amazing! The ability to have a place to post our lost baby and get the word out is invaluable. Every time I see someone else post about their missing fur baby, I let them know about your site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Catnip’s alert. Her family is so glad she is finally home 🙂

Gypsy: Lost Cat Reunited in Clearwater, FL!

“We moved to a new home in Clearwater in March. Gypsy was always known to slip out when you opened the door at our old house when he was younger. He was originally a stray that showed up emaciated on our back porch and we took him in. He quickly became part of the family.

One Friday, my 6 year old went in the back yard and didn’t close the door all the way and Gypsy decided to go exploring. We were distraught but he had pulled a 24 hour disappearing act before and was on the porch the next day. He is neutered and has his claws so we never worried too much. Then the rain came for 6 days.

We drove and walked the neighborhood. I went to shelter after shelter searching but all with no luck. I went door to door with pictures and asked neighbors to keep a look out. I found PawBoost through an internet search. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try.

I posted Gypsy’s info and the support came pouring in. So many people messaged me with support, prayers, and tips on things to try. Most importantly they told me not to give up and shared stories of pets that had come home after long periods of time. Because of them I kept trying.

After being gone for 13 days, my husband and I sat outside talking at midnight. Calling him late at night and letting him hear our voice were two of the recommended strategies. There are many strays in the neighborhood who like to do their business in the yard so at first when a cat wandered into our yard my husband was shooing him away.

Then he looked at us and we literally froze. I said his name and he walked towards us. My heart was beating out of my chest but I calmly sat down and started calling my baby. We got our little man back that night after his 13 day adventure and he immediately took his usual sleeping place draped across my head.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Gypsy’s alert. No one can prepare for losing a pet, but communicating with your community is the best way to spread the word and get advice 🙂

Spanky: Lost Dog Reunited in Sunrise, FL!

“My father was doing yard work earlier in the day, it started to rain really hard so he pushed the gate door thinking it closed completely and ran inside. Later when we let our dogs out we heard them barking in the front yard. My other two dogs were still there but Spanky had ran off.

I spent the entire night looking for him. I made a Facebook and Instagram post and on there one of my friends recommended PawBoost. After I got the app and my post went viral, I found Spanky a few hours later. He was about 4 and a half blocks from me. A nice lady found him while she was feeding the local cats.

Someone who shared my post was friends with her and she told me she had found my dog. Within the hour Spanky was home safe and sound. It was one of the most relieving and happiest moments of my life. I got my fur baby back and my dogs were also very happy to see him.

I think PawBoost is very efficient and a good way to network lost/found pets. Everything has to do with the internet nowadays and this is a very public and fast way to find your pet. They people on here are actual pet loving people and that’s who you know will help. I would recommend this to anyone who loses or finds a pet. It’s honestly the best idea and a good way to spread the word. Thank you.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Spanky’s alert. He was on his way home with his Grandpa in this photo. It is a horrifying experience to lose a fur baby, but with the help of so many people it can help create more happy reunions 🙂

Sammie: Lost Dog Reunited in Wylie, TX!

“Sammie is a dog that doesn’t run away, always stays in the yard and near the house. While crossing over to go visit my neighbor who gives her treats, she got slightly bumped by a passing car. It spooked her so much that she took off running and we couldn’t catch her. We got in our cars to go looking for her, but 5 hours later, she was not found. She was not wearing her collar, but is microchipped.

After 3 weeks of relentlessly searching the streets, putting up posters in about a 3 mile radius, posting on the neighborhood sites and every lost dog site we could think of, it was becoming a little hopeless. On a whim I went to go check out a dog at a downtown Dallas shelter.

I walked about 8 rooms with 30 cages of dogs each and just happen to find her in one of them. The shelter missed scanning the chip on her when she first came in and rescanned her again, and we connected. She got picked up about 5 miles from our house and was at the Dallas shelter for 11 days.

If there is any kind of message I would send to those who have lost their dog for a long period of time, it would be to go in person to the shelters as there is a chance they could not read the chip or possibly describe your dog incorrectly on their site.

I would recommend PawBoost! PawBoost provided a lot of good possible leads in the search. The leads were selective within my search area and their website is easy to navigate.”

Thank you to our partner Whistle for helping make this happy reunion happen by sponsoring Sammie’s alert!

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    August 1, 2018 at 4:42 PM


  • Yay!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks to this website, all the shares and wonderful animal lovers EVERYWHERE!
    On July 28th 2018, my dog, Bond went missing in Olive NY.
    What a wonderful team of people, The of NYCDEC Officers especially the woman officer who took my phone number, The loving family in Olive, NY
    All of you helped bring Bond back home!
    So much gratitude!
    THANKS ❤️❤️😎✌️🎶👀

  • When my cat was lost (and she is microchipped and was on PawBoost) I visited local shelters because they all told me I had to…in other words they would not GUARANTEE that they would recognize or be able to help reunite a lost pet by over-the-phone description.

    I would say it would be the best and safest thing to do!

    (My cat was found!)

    • Elizabeth W Madlener

      August 3, 2018 at 2:19 PM

      All of these stories give me hope that Tommy will be found. They really ive me a boost.

      • I had lost my cat Gizmo. He was gone for over three months . Then one day I received a text saying they saw him about five minutes earlier. As God would have it we went to where he was spotted and there he was. Ran under a house crawl space. I sweet talked him and he was crying but he poked his head out I tried to pet him but he ran back under I talked him out again and just let him smell my hand and was able to pick him up he was so skinny and I could feel his backbone he got scared when I tried to get in the car and jumped out of my arms so my friend went and got a can of tuna and I was able to pick him up again with tuna in one hand and him in the other I got him back I was so happy and so was he. I just want others to know never to give up hope Paw Boost helped so much in his return. I always recommend them to anyone who has a lost baby.

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