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July Fourth 2018 Report

July Fourth 2018 Report

Over the July Fourth holiday, there is a spike in lost and found pets reported to PawBoost because of fireworks. Our fur babies become terrified and try to escape from the resounding blasts, but may not remember their way home. Check out this year’s infographic that breaks down important stats:

On July 5th, 3,479 lost and found pets were reported to PawBoost. From July 4th–6th, 6,988 alerts were sent out to the Rescue Squad. PawBoost alerts were viewed 32,738,853 times on Facebook. Wow! That averages 4,685 views per alert.

The good news is that 3,181 pets were reunited with their families. This wouldn’t have been possible without all of your shares!

Want to help reunite lost pets? Join the Rescue Squad by signing up for alerts!


  • Marzelle Hinrichs

    July 12, 2018 at 3:59 PM

    I really detest the 4th of July just because of all the fireworks noise & what the pets have to endure.Poor little things!!Their hearing is so much better than ours.Just think what they’re hearing!!They are just scared out of their minds,running,trying to escape the noise!!Really don’t know how many shares I posted,but it was an amazing amount!!

    • PEOPLE most often “allow” their pets to run away on the 4th or any other time.

      If people don’t have the common sense to keep pets indoors on the 4th, or buy “thunder shirts” or do whatever else they can to minimize the pet’s fear, maybe they don’t deserve to have a pet?

      • Wow. Judgemental much? The statistics don’t bear out your assertion that people “allow” their pets to run off.
        Pets who have never shown issues can develope them. I had a 50# lab mix crawl into a 20″ crate. A too close lightening strike during a storm is probably to blame.

      • I doubt people “allow” their pets to run around any more on the 4th if July than any other time. A terrified dog trying to find sanctuary wayl go to incredible lengths. I had a friend who found her dog crammed in a corner of her yard under a pile of firewood, dead from an apparent heart attack presumably from the fireworks. You shouldn’t be so quick to assume that the people who have lost pets can only blame themselves. We love our animals as much as our children- they ARE our children, and sometimes they get confused and run away. Instead of throwing shade throw a helping hand to reunite these families. Thank you.

    • I totally agree. My hearts bleed for the animals who are tortured on the 4th and New Years Eve. My heart bleeds for the scared animals who never reach home after those holidays.

  • Marzelle Hinrichs

    July 12, 2018 at 4:06 PM

    The 4th of July is the most dreaded time of year for me!!Just because of what the pets are forced to endure!Poor things!!Their hearing is so
    much better than ours.They are just running scared trying to get away from all that noise.It just makes me furious everytime I hear a firework
    and to see how frightened our little dog becomes.It’s just not fair at all that humans are torturing animals like this.

  • Marzelle Hinrichs

    July 12, 2018 at 4:08 PM

    This year was very busy on facebook with lost pets.I shared so many on my timeline just praying they would be reunited with their

  • Just Thank you for making this possible to help locate lost dogs and cats.

  • Fireworks were voted out years ago in FV & HB. Because of greed the cities have gone against the voters. Show these statistics to the council & ask them how much extra it costs for fire & police, not to mention animal control etc. allowing any fireworks just gives people a green lite to go bigger & all time of day & night. Fed up.

  • WOW! Amazing! What a wonderful site this is to help find our furry friends their families! Kudos to all those that help make this a great resource!

  • excellent success in reuniting owners and pets!

  • I hate the 4th of July too. I have a dog that just goes bonkers. She is terrified and our fireworks started on June 30 and lasted until the 6th. I write a letter to the editor of my local newspaper beginning residential people not to launch these illegal fireworks (Brevard County, Florida). I also sent a letter to the local Sheriff and my Congressman. Nothing is ever done. Law enforcement claims they don’t have the resources to stop people from breaking the law. I love your site and share all post that come to me. Thank you for all you do. Now, I anxiously await for the fireworks on December 31st.

  • Catherine Ford-Barbiero

    August 6, 2018 at 7:48 AM

    In the state of Utah we have two firework dates – Fourth of July and 24th of July (Pioneer Day / Days of ’47) — this year though the 24th was not as bad as the 4th of July — I believe that the on-going fires in our area curbed people’s tendencies to buy the Wyoming fireworks which are far closer to professional fireworks than the usual fireworks legal purchased in Utah. I adopted my dog 1/16/18 – and since she was a transfer from Merced, CA, no one at the Humane Soc. knew anything about her — so it has been a learning curve situation. I have discovered that thunder and fireworks make her extremely anxious – and lost her for a day during a thunderstorm while I was attending a meeting in the evening in May — came home to no dog. Luckily her chip got her back to me….. the 2nd time was during another thunderstorm but a neighbor saw her crossing across my yard to hers and caught her…. she suspected she was climbing the chain-link fence – a broken claw told me she was probably right. So the doggie door gets closed until the height of the fence can be changed on both sides of the house, when I am away from the house and at work…… I got her a Thundershirt and that does help, along with some scent oil to calm her down. She is also learning that her Mom is a safe spot during times like that….

  • No one reported of my dearest cat boy name Mont jr mix brown/ black line back long domestic hair neutered microp chip since middle of March..really heartbroken ..my bond broken ..i am his deaf mom.

  • Just please keep them inside and turn on tv,stereo, fans,whatever and babysit.

  • Fur parents need to understand that animals, especially dogs get so scared from firework noises. That is the day to keep pets inside and comfort them!!! If you have a pet it should be treated as a family member 🐶🐱

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