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Useful Dog Grooming Hacks That Really Work Wonders

This article is contributed by guest writer, Kaylie (Content Creator at Dogviously)

Useful Dog Grooming Hacks That Really Work Wonders

Grooming your dog is extremely important, but it’s also quite difficult. And for those of us on a tight budget, professional grooming isn’t always the best option either. But don’t worry, you can still keep your dog looking beautiful and well-kept, all by yourself.  

I’m the proud owner of a mischievous Pomeranian called Nala and I’ve been grooming her at home since 2017.  And based on all the daily compliments she gets, I can safely say that she looks absolutely fabulous.

So, I’ve decided to share my special canine grooming wisdom with you. Keep reading to find out some amazing and simple dog grooming hacks that I follow.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Lehman via Pexels

Cornstarch Can Detangle, Degrease and Whiten Fur

When it comes to DIY dog grooming, cornstarch is a Godsend. Many of us have no idea that a simple ingredient like this can be of so much use. Did you know how it’s useful for grooming your dog?

I didn’t either until I decided to try one of those Pinterest hacks. And boy, was I glad! Cornstarch is now a fixed part of my dog brushing routine. It’s also very inexpensive and easily available, making it a great DIY dog grooming product.

Before brushing my dog, I always make sure to put some on the tangled hair. The cornstarch actually works to detangle and loosen the mess, making brushing so much easier.  

I also sprinkle it on her fur every week to keep away grease and brighten her fur. This way Nala stays clean and smells fresh even between baths.

Photo Credit: Caio Resende via Pexels

Coconut Oil is a Wonderful Canine Moisturizer

Coconut oil is all the rage now for the beauty world. But it’s also quite popular amongst dog parents because it’s an excellent moisturizer.

Now I’ll admit, it never actually struck me to moisturize my dog’s paws. But the last time I went to the local groomer, I was told to take better care Nala’s paws.

I initially thought it would involve some sort of expensive canine moisturizing product, but the groomer suggested using coconut oil. And trust me this, this was a total game changer!

I always put on some coconut oil on Nala’s paw pads and even her nose. This prevents them from getting all dry, scaly and itchy. It also serves as enjoyable massage therapy for her.

Photo Credit: mentatdgt via Pexels

A Tired and Distracted Dog is Easier to Groom

Grooming dogs can be quite a challenge, especially when it involves tasks like hair clipping, nail trimming or bathing. Luckily, over the years I’ve learned that a tired dog is a lot more cooperative.

So, before any intense grooming activity, I make sure I’ve taken Nala on an hour-long walk.

If that’s not possible, I try to at least play with her for 30 minutes before the grooming session. This way all her energy is expended and she’s too tired to resist. In fact, I also try to distract Nala whenever I’m grooming her.

I keep the television on when I’m trimming her nails, and that has really worked at calming her down. Sometimes I even smear peanut butter on the bathroom walls when I’m giving her a bath. This works like a charm! She’s too busy licking at the walls to focus on running away.

Photo Credit: SNGPhotography via Pixabay

Dental Chews and Supplements Improve Oral Hygiene

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is obviously the only way to give it the best dental care. But we all know brushing daily is not always realistic. In that case, there are still some other things you can do to keep those doggy teeth looking clean.

I personally like to use dental chews between brushing sessions because they keep Nala’s breath smelling fresh.  These chews contain enzymes that also work to keep away plaque from her teeth.

I’ve also started adding dental supplements to Nala’s water. This is just an extra measure I take so I don’t have to stress out over brushing every day.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are several in-depth grooming guides all over the internet that you can look into. I assumed that you already know the basics of grooming, so I didn’t bore you with all of that.

However, the tips that you’ve read are all tried and tested. They’re also religiously followed by yours truly and a number of my dog owner friends. So, feel free to take my advice, because it will make your life a lot easier.

And don’t forget to thank me afterwards!


  • thanks for all your tips…greatly appreciated 🐕🐶🐕🐶

  • i have a shih Tzu and I cant keep the gunk clean under his eye. I actually had to have him sedated by the vet and removed. the groomer couldn’t do it. is there anything I can wash the eyes with, that doesn’t hurt him, and keep that under eye area clean

    • Put coconut oil on those area EVERY DAY. use a Q tip to wipe the ickies. Also keep the hair next to her inside eye short. (Google how, I use a Long scissors that goes past her eyes so I can’t accidentally poke her eye)

    • Get Angel’s Eyes supplement or treats at one of the pet food stores. That gunk is a bacterial infection and Angel’s Eyes gets rid of it with regular use. There are also Tear Stain removers you can buy to clean the eyes.

    • Just clean the eyes everyday!

  • Our baby HATES grooming! It takes about 2 hours and she struggles and fights every second! We even have tried Vet suggested drugs to calm her down. Nothing works! Any suggestions?

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