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5 Best Small Pets if you’re Living in an Apartment

This article is contributed by guest writer, Emily G. (Author of Cattail Gardens).

5 Best Small Pets if you’re Living in an Apartment

Apartment living can be tough, especially if you’re an animal lover. Fortunately, not all of the great animals in the world are large. There’s a wide array of small animals that can worm their way into your heart… and your apartment. Read on to see what’s available to satisfy the need for a pet, while not taking up too much room.

Photo Credit: ivabalk via Pixabay

1. Betta

Of all pets, the Betta is perhaps the perfect balance of engagement while taking up limited space. These intelligent, beautiful fish will be happy to see you when it comes feeding time and they can exist in very small areas.

Of course, you shouldn’t just hop into it. A Betta really needs at least five gallons of water and regular feeding. Don’t be fooled by tiny tanks that say they’re Betta-friendly.

If you’re willing to commit to regular water changes, you can get away with just a heater. That said, a filter is still recommended and will make your fish much happier.

But it doesn’t get much better for space savings than a fish which can sit on a nightstand or desks without requiring a ton of work on your part.

Photo Credit: skeeze via Pixabay

2. Bearded Dragon

What many people don’t realize about lizards is that the majority of them aren’t big on being handled. Bearded Dragons, on the other hand, actually seem to enjoy people’s company once they’ve been tamed down.

These lizards reach about 20 inches long, and your tank should be at least 36”. They’ll also need a UVB bulb and a heat lamp. Fortunately, there are a ton of decent starter kits out there.

Bearded Dragons are very newbie-friendly. Their requirements for care aren’t very stringent compared to most reptiles and they’re very hardy.

Interactive, interesting, and tamable… the Bearded Dragon is an excellent way to get into the wide world of reptiles.

Photo Credit: sBeeki via Pixabay

3. Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs make for excellent companions, and they’re the perfect pet for tight quarters. They’ll spend most of the day confined to their enclosure, of course, and they’re relatively low maintenance.

All rodents have some basic care requirements, but many people are better suited to care for them than reptiles or fish. The latter need strict environmental control, which can be a bit more haphazard than just having a little fluffy dude around to pet.

As long as you can make those? Well, the two of you are in business. They’re non-demanding, small, and don’t smell as strongly as many rodents. If you’re wanting a fluffy companion animal, then it’s hard to go wrong with one of these fuzzy fellows.

Bonus points if you go with a long-haired variant. Guinea pigs have to be the cutest rodents around!

Photo Credit: Pezibear via Pixabay

4. Small Dogs

Many breeds of dogs are great for living together in an apartment. Small breeds, in particular, seem to do well when they’re given enough attention and care.

A dog is a lot of work and a huge commitment, so think twice before you go down this route. You’ll also need to be picky about the breed, not all small dogs are actually suitable for smaller living quarters.

Do your research before you decide which breed is the right pet for your family. Make sure that you have a vet, a dog-safe space in the home, and a good assortment of toys.

Of course, you’re not just limited to small dogs. If you have the physical room, then many larger breeds are content to sit around during the day. Just make sure that you walk them regularly to avoid weight problems and separation anxiety!

Photo Credit: sipa via Pixabay

5. Ball Python

Ball Pythons are the perfect beginner snake and their small size makes them well suited for apartment dwellers. A bit of investment in their habitat will give you a happy snake and scheduled feedings aren’t as big of a deal as you think.

The only real problem is that an adult ball python will have to be fed mice. Fortunately, many of them will accept frozen animals if you’re squeamish, and it’s actually a better idea if the animal is already dead since it can’t hurt the snake.

Ball pythons are generally docile and they’re really not capable of hurting you even if they get a bit aggressive.

If you’ve never thought of a snake as cute, then you might want to take a look. If you have the money you can even find them in a bewildering array of color morphs!

Small Home, No Pet Problems

While apartment living can keep you from having all of the animals you’d like… there’s a lot of them out there that will fit right into your home. Whether it’s a reptile, rodent, or even a fish… well, they’re all sure to become great members of the family. So, buckle down and take a look for your perfect pocket pet!


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