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The Basics of Taking Care of your Dog

This article is contributed by guest writer, Shawn (content writer at FeedFond)

The Basics of Taking Care of your Dog

All dog owners sure love their furry little friends. Dogs rapidly become part of the family and everyone’s favorite. You can play fetch or even make them learn cool tricks, and of course, feel a tad bit sad when you have to say goodbye to them while leaving for work or school.

Dogs are loving, cute, and loyal, but they also need to be adequately taken care of. Most of us adopt puppies and then raise them, but there are cases when we might adopt an older dog. Whatever the case may be, taking care of them is essential and your responsibility.

It’s not a simple task to take care of your beloved pet but taking care of them should not also feel like a burden. As a pet owner, you have to care for your pet genuinely. Giving them love and care they deserve completes half of the work! But there is still the other half we are here to tell you all about it.

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Quality dog food

Yes, like every other animal living on the planet, dogs also need food. Dogs are rather sensitive about it. The first thing to remember about your dog’s food is not to give it food rich in fiber or sugar.

There are variations when it comes to any pet food. For dogs, you will have to pick between a bunch of different types, like canned and semi-dry. There are also differences between dog food and puppy food. Be sure to do research on the companies you want to buy food from and also check on the nutrition value the foods promise to provide.

While giving the food, you also have to maintain a specific schedule with a particular amount and also keep track of your dog’s health when giving them new foods. You don’t have to buy the latest, high-end, or over the top priced food for your lovely pooches, but you should not compromise on quality either.

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Give them space to run around

Now, what else is required for dogs to thrive aside from a balanced and nutritious diet? They also need exercise. No, you don’t have to take your dog to the nearest gym. What you can do is play with them every day for a little while.

Dogs must burn calories and stay active to remain healthy. Let them run around in the backyard or take them out to the park and play fetch. Let your dog play, jump, and run around. It will be happier and healthier. You can also teach them cool tricks while you’re at it.

Give them their own space

As we mentioned earlier, dogs can rapidly become a part of the family. One day you let the dog sleep on the floor of your room; the next day, you might find the dog taking more than half of the space of the bed.

This just shows that they love being around you. When your dog is outside in the yard, you can make a doghouse for them, but it’s also good to let them have their space inside the house with their loved ones.

Also, it’s best to keep your dog inside during the winter season and times when it’s scorching hot outside.

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Routine washing and grooming

Now that your dog has run around the house, went outside, played, and had fun, it’s time to clean them up.

Cleanliness plays a significant role in keeping your dog healthy. Dogs and so many other animals can get infected with serious diseases and even be attacked by parasites if they are not washed routinely. You should give your dog a good wash from time to time.

Then comes the grooming sessions. Using a brush to groom the fur every once in a while, helps in reduction in shedding dog hair. Regular grooming also clears the dog’s skin and keeps it free from bacteria, ticks, and other small insects.

You also have to trim the nails of your dog. Aside from the fact that long nails will contain more dirt and bacteria, they are also prone to break easily. That is very painful for the dog and makes it difficult for them to walk as well.

It’s not necessary to wash and groom every day, but you should do it regularly. This will keep your dog healthy and make its coat shiny.

Dental care for your dog

Adult dogs are sometimes prone to various gum diseases. They can even break or fracture their tooth by accident. Dogs are also less likely to show signs of dental pain. So keep checking your dog’s mouth from time to time and look out for any signs of damage. Canine periodontal disease should be treated right away.

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Train your dog to be more socialized

The more time you spend with your dog, the more they love you back. An important aspect of taking care of them is to help them socialize. Take them out for a quick jog around the park. Let your dog befriend other humans and pets. But do not compel your dog to mingle.

If you feel that your dog feels uneasy around other people or pets, that is entirely normal as well. Sometimes it just takes a little while for dogs to be comfortable around others.

It’s best to get your dog socialized at an early age. The more they grow, the more they might become defensive. If you do fail to do so, in the end, there are always professional socialization classes you can enroll your dog in.

Take them to the vet

It is vital to take your dog to the vet for a regular check-up. Dogs also need vaccinations, parasite removal, and professional care. Dogs love to play around outdoors and often get dirty while they’re at it, which means they become more prone to several infections. Proper vaccination should be done to keep your dog healthy. Vets can also suggest proper meals, diets, exercise routines, and so many more things that will keep your dog fit, active, and happy.


Dogs are lovable and they too care deeply for their owners. Taking care of a dog is neither a very tough job, nor should it feel like a chore. The points discussed above are just about providing them their basic needs. You neither have to spend tons of money on your dog, nor will it be necessary with a healthy dog. But you do have to give them the love, affection, and care they deserve because your pet dog is undoubtedly a part of your family.

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