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How the Rescue Squad Helps Lost Pets + How to Join

Last Updated on October 5, 2023

How Does the Rescue Squad Reunite Lost Pets with Their Families?

The Rescue Squad™ is a group of volunteers, rescue owners, shelter employees, veterinarians, and pet lovers just like you.

How can you help local lost pets? Learn how to sign up for lost and found pet alerts below:

How to Join the PawBoost Rescue Squad

1. Follow on Facebook

Engaging with PawBoost on Facebook not only keeps you updated on local lost & found pet scenarios, but also creates a community of supportive pet lovers. By ‘Liking’ your local Facebook pages dedicated to lost & found pets, you become part of a larger network striving to reunite pets with their families. 

The more followers these pages have, the wider the reach of each post, increasing the chances of happy reunions. It’s a simple yet impactful way to contribute to your local pet community.

PawBoost supports a network of 800+ local lost & found Facebook pages with 3,525,432 Facebook Followers. ‘Like’ your local Facebook pages for Lost & Found Pet alerts in your news feed.

2. Sign up for Email Alerts

Subscribing to local lost & found email alerts puts the power of the PawBoost community right in your inbox. With over a million individuals already subscribed, these alerts provide timely information about lost or found pets in your area. This service allows you to be part of a virtual neighborhood watch for pets, where you can act swiftly to either report a lost pet or assist in reuniting found pets with their owners. It’s a modern, digital way to keep a caring eye on your furry neighbors.

1,024,312 people have subscribed to local lost & found email alerts. Start getting email alerts for your area today!

3. Download the Mobile App

Having PawBoost on your mobile device through the app available for both iPhone and Android enables you to stay connected with the local pet community on the go. The app provides real-time notifications and allows you to report lost or found pets instantly, making the process of reuniting pets with their families quicker and more efficient. 

It’s a handy tool that brings the power of PawBoost’s network right to your fingertips, no matter where you are. Through the app, you’re always just a tap away from assisting a pet in need.

Get PawBoost on the go and download PawBoost for iPhone and Android.

An Online Pet Rescue Group for Animal Lovers

The Rescue Squad™ is a wonderful online group where people who love animals come together to help lost pets find their way back home. In today’s world, we use the internet for everything, and PawBoost makes it easy for everyone to help lost pets using their computers or phones. 

By just liking a Facebook page, signing up for emails, or downloading an app, you can join in to help. PawBoost is like a big online neighborhood watch, but for pets. It’s simple and easy to use. And the best part is, it brings a lot of happiness when lost pets are found and get to go back home to their families. PawBoost shows how much good we can do when we all work together online to help animals in need. So, every time someone gets an alert about a lost pet and shares it, they are part of a big group of animal lovers making a real difference.

Together, we can create more happy reunions!


  • Vallejo's Lost Dogs

    June 21, 2018 at 4:17 PM

    We were curious why your search option for “PawBoost supports a network of 500+ local lost & found Facebook pages with 2,015,282 Facebook Followers. ‘Like’ your local Facebook pages for Lost & Found Pet alerts in your news feed.
    Find Your Local Page” does not list this page?

    We searched for it in Vallejo, CA and no results were returned.

  • Could you guys some how “team up” with https://www.findingrover.com ??? THIS IS FREE …If the rescues advertised it …it would become as common as chipping !! i dont understand why the rescues etc do not use this ,,,,if the rescues would use this and advertise it. i believe it would be a huge help to get dogs back home …even if someone doesnt have their dog listed before it disappeared, if a rescue would download the pic and advertise that its on the site, the one who lost the dog can download to check if its rescued in ANY STATE etc!!! (we all know the pets are found in other states often!) . i deeply feel this would be a huge advantage to the pets,rescues and owners ….we search for years. and even the rescues send them to other states, before the owner finds the ad. the rescue itself placed (dont get me wrong…i do understand why,and its awesome how they work together and make sure the animals are safe). And your site is awesome …but so many faces to sort through…this would help to drastically narrow the search. Please check into this ! i strongly believe there are sooo many advantages we could ALL benefit from if the 2 of you “teamed up” together !!!!

    • I was wanting to know the status of a puppy that was found recently. She is a female and was found around Lincoln and Rock. She looks like a boxer, but who knows! Thank you! Ellen. I believe Ryan has her!

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